Seriously. It can be done. You’d never know it from the overwhelming amount of spammy training programs available out there. I’m a strong advocate of white-hat, organic fan page growth, and I will not support or condone shady fan strategies.

The first part of the Facebook marketing puzzle is designing an overall strategy.

The second part is getting new fans.

The third part is turning those fans into customers.

This is why it is 100% vital that you fill your fan page with REAL FANS! Spammy, fake fans will not make you any money. They will not engage with you. They will not become evangelists for your products and services. We all need REAL fans who care about our topic and what we have to say.

Step One: Most people do not have a Facebook marketing objective.

If you create one, you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else.

When you have an overall plan, or strategy for your marketing efforts, you’ll get a much better result. Too many people are focused primarily on “getting more fans” without an understanding of what they will do with those fans once they have them.

Instead, you can take a few moments to consider your online business Facebook marketing strategy. Ask yourself “How does Facebook fit in with my overall objective?” Sure, you can get lots of fans, but you need to know what happens next.

Different business models will need different sales funnels. Be sure you create one that suits you and your objectives. Don’t just copy one of these and assume it will work for you.

A typical online marketing business funnel might look like this:

Fan > Email Opt-in > Engage > Webinar > Product #1 > Email list > Product #2 > etc.

A more direct method might look like this:

Fan > Email Opt-in > Product #1 > Product #2 > Membership

An offline business might look more like this:

Fan > Engage > Consultation or Appointment

Once you have a solid Facebook marketing strategy for your fan page, you’re ready for the next step.

Next week we’ll cover step two: Getting More Fans …

Jennifer is based in Melbourne and is a busy mother and internet marketer who has developed a strong reputation as a leader in this industry. She is always thinking about online business opportunities. Facebook ads caught her attention years ago in part because of the immense traffic and ability to target customers so well. She discovered PPC advertising and it wasn’t long before she became a specialist. In addition to running the FBAdsLab, she also maintains Through several years of trial and error, she has amassed an extensive body of information, strategies, and technical know-how. In 2010 she developed this unique Facebook Ads system that works for all kinds of businesses – online and offline, big and small.

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