Now I am studying English every day, every hour, and now.
Whether we can understand the contents depends on
wherther we like it or not.
And at finaly, it came to me. It's my time.It's about poem.

Tell the truth, I had no idea about poem.
I know just a little, Rhythm, Rhyme, best choice of words...
But how could I understand the meaning?
I tried to not think about it but feel it.

It was many and many a year ago.

In a kingdom by the sea,

That a maiden there lived whom you may know

By the name of Annabel Lee;

And this maiden she lived with no other thought

Than to love and be loved by me.

Edgar Allen Poe

I had to think about it at first before feeling it.
Now I feel like this,

In somewhere in this world,(maybe over the sea)
there is one person that really really love me.
and there is one person that I really really love.
How happy I am!!

How do you feel?
There is no correct answer. Every voice is every answer.
Please let me hear your voice.

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Time flies like an arrow.
So hard is it that I can't have the time to review today!
So happy is it that I neednot have time to depress it!
I can't have time to write words everyday.
It is a big problem for me.
I need time to seek new words.

Anyway I can't have time to think about my daily life.
I also have a lot of experiences this week.
I also have a lot of stories I want to talk.
But I can't find my words.

My body was pulled the front side.
My mind was ticking like the Morse code.
My heart was vibrating like electric shock.
My brain is decomposed like matrix.

Now I seem to be in my mind.
I can't translate my mind in the real words.
I need much more time to look for my words.

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I am back.

If you feel tired to read long English,please read only deep black words!!

The heavy dark clouds have gone away at last.
The kindly shine comes into my mind warmly.

Anyway so hard week was it!I was really lost my way.
It was a little difficult but I will tell you.
I wanted to take Creative Writing Course in this college.
It was my dream to study about writing.
I planed to study it for two years,1year-EASL(English course)+1year-Creative Writing.

This Friday,I have a presantation about our course we are interested in.
I studied about Creative Writing Course,and knew that I have to take another 2-year course before taking Creative Writing course.

I didnot know about it.I was shocked.
Like the enemy in Hokuto no ken, my head was likely to explode.I was pushed Hikou.

So, I could do nothing from then and could not concentrate anymore.
I was listening to everything with only half mind.
I could sleep just only 3 hours because I had to wake up at 5:45am on Friday.

I really hoped to go back to Japan,and I also understood that I can't do so.
It was so painful for me.

I looked for another way in the library.
but with my half mind,I couldnot find anything.

but everything had started to change from the afternoon on Friday.
I played billiard with my Japanese friends to refresh my mind after classes.
And at the night we had a drink at the bar.
The bar seemed to be managed by the gay.
I felt so relax and I had been boy-hunt
by Canadian, not gay.
i think it was the first-time for me.
Just a friend.Of course.

Nextday I heard from my advisor that he can help me and give some information.
My best friend,Ian, called me again and again.

Hitomi gave me so sweet messages for me.
I was helped by a lot of people.
I was thinking that there is no one who can hear my complaint and help me then.
but I knew it is no problem about the difference of nationality.

Today is a beautiful Sunday.Like kindly
smile of the goddess.

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It is weekend!!

I have never known that weekend is such a precious thing.

Everything was over.Free like a bird.
It is drizzling like the rainy season in Japan.But low humidity...no sting.
I may be natural-high...good oldy sound.

I need relaxation for my brain.
My mind was like a hut girdled by sharp thorns.
My heart was like a small boat waved in the mighty ocean.
Nowhere to go...noplace to stay.

But I found a tiny lamp far away.
I found a little shape of an island beyond the holizon.

All I have to do is
not losing track of the light,
pulling on the oars steadily.

Anyway today's presentation was welldone for me.
I arrived at the weekend safely.

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Up and down

Sheryl Crow sings...
Everyday is a winding road...
My life is repeating Up and Down.
Today was a steep downhill.

Everyword was gone away from my brain.
Nothing remained in my mind after listening 10 minutes news.
A bitter smile...

Everyword she speaked were like puzzles.
I was raking up the words but they had spilled out from my hands.

I recognized I was in the bottom of the world.
My heart was beating irregulary.
My mind was so crowded with
impatience,sorrow and frustration.

This is just the beginning of my life.
OK! I got it! I will start from the bottom.
But I will in the upper part on the end of this year...Absolutely.
If this is nothing but a bluff, I need it now.

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Where I am.

I lost sight of where I am.I was near to lose myself.
There was no one to encourage and say complaints each other.
There was no one to talk with.
It means there is no outlet of stress.
I have to wait 1 hour alone to get student ID. Overwhelming lonliness.

I was ready to accept the fact the study was so tough.Of course it was also harder than my expectation.

As I was worry about my life in Douglas College from tomorrow,I heard some voices from my shoulder........ita...
I strained my ears.......Keita!!
My new friends were calling me.

I could feel there is just a small place for me in this huge college.
Like a hole of needle.
But I found where I am.


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The fall winds can't take the heat of my heart off!

It was a really really cold morning.
Like a winter day.Someone wore a warm coat.
I went to the station rubbing my hands.
17minutes by skytrain...to Douglas College.
My heart was beating so loudly.
My legs were wiggling so busily.
It was me in this morning.

And how was I in the evening?
I was also riding skytrain to go back to my home,
but with a boy with a skateboard.
And in my bag there was a piece of paper
written 2 names,2 call numbers and 2 mail adresses.
I also had relief and hope in my heart.

The temperature was higher than this morning.
The confortable wind were blowing toward me.

This was my first day in Douglas

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Difficulty in English

Today I went to the shopping centre.
I of course dropped in at book shop.
There are so many books written by English.
I read a few books...but it didnot
appeal me.
Because I am not Canadian???

I can express the thing in 10 ways in Japanese.
But I can understand the thing only 10% in English.

For instance, I love Murakami Haruki in Japanese.
His expression is so beautiful and cute,
but Haruki in English is a little different from my ideal.

For two years, can I break the big wall?

But I have a good news.
When I found a picture book for child,
It is no difference between Japanese and Canadian.
It maybe because almost Japanese picture book are written by Overseas writer.
Or it may be selected the words very carefuly to express less words.
Or My English skill maybe just their level.
Anyway I am interested in picture book.

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From Vancouver

I arrived at Vancouver.
It was my dream from 10 years old.
The dreams came true,but I feel missing
hitomi,my friends,and Japan.

When I was in the sky,the memory reminded me.
Last song on last Karaoke..."Imagine"

The moment John Lennon sings in my mind,
my eyes were swimming in tears.
I coved my face with pillow and cried
without voice for 40 minutes.

John sang like this...probably.
"Above us only sky,,,no hell below us..."
But John in my mind sang like this.
"Above us there is a sky,,,below us there is a ground.It isn't different between Canada and Japan.
We are in the same place,not too far.
Close your eyes,she would be standing by you."

Lady from Thai was standing next to me.
She gave me a medicine for stoppage in the nose...

Many friends and people support and cheer me from Japan.
I have to try hard for my brilliant future.
The curtain rises!!

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