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Angel of Music♪

I went to the theater last night.
I saw my favorite musical, “The Phantom of the OPERA”.

Japanese company of the musical is Gekidan-Shiki.
They have 3 actors who play The Phantom.

One of them is my favorite actor! He is Osamu Takai.

He’s been a great vocalist.
People said that he was the only one vocalist in ten years.
And he’d taught vocal music at school for a while.
When he was 37years old he decided to join the company.
Because he wanted to go on a stage.
He passed the company’s audition.
He became one great musical actor.

The reason he choose the company is very interesting.
He wasn’t young yet.
He has a wife. (I don’t know about his children.)
First of all he must get enough salary for his family.
“Stability” and “going on a stage” are his keywords.

He found very interesting information in the newspaper.
It was Gekidan-Shiki’s audition.

I’ve thanked him for his decision!!

Hearty Arty

My sister started her new job yesterday.
The job is a salesclerk.

She's been working for the shop from last month.

But yesterday was very special.
It was the opening night of the shop.

It was her first day as a salesclerk.

She will face some problems because the job is much difference from her previous one.

I hope she learns a lot of things through it and enjoys her job!

Because the bags she sells are so nice!
I like the shop's interior.
She's arranged the way how to show the bags.
Her job made the bags more wonderful!

Good job!



I watched a play in the theater.

Yes, there were 3 love stories.

I saw some kinds of love in the stories.
Between lovers, husband and wife, mother and son...

The play was interesting.
I've been thinking about "love" and "respect" after I saw it.

I'd like to see the movie too.


I went to a sushi restaurant with my friends.

The owner is my friend's friend.
We enjoyed the foods and chatting.

Every food was nice!
Especially, I liked this grilled scallop.


Not only the scallop but also the soup was great!!
We had a great time!! Thanks, Mr. A.

I've had a wonderful time with my friends.
I've been so happy!

I’m Japanese.


Last Saturday, I joined one event with a friend of mine and my sister.
We enjoyed very Japanese dinner at the event.
We ate a lot of kinds of Kome there.

There were some simple meals, Japanese pickled vegetables, miso-soup, grilled chicken and so on.
At first, I thought those were too simple.
As I ate the foods, I was sure that the menu they made was enough.
We enjoyed Kome itself.

I’ve been happy to be Japanese!

So sweet!!

A friend of mine gave me a special pumpkin.
The name is “Kuri-Marron-Kabocha!”
It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

I cooked it tonight. What I made was “Nimono” as usual.
But I put only a little sweet sake and salt in the pot.
(And of course I put water in it too.)

The taste was so sweet!
The color was so beautiful!
The smell was so nice!

I love it so much!

About a photo...sorry,
I’d forgotten to take a photo...
Now there are only 2 pieces of pumpkin in a bowl.

Next time, what do you want to eat?
Pie? Scone? Tempura? Miso-soup?
Anything else?

I've been enjoying thinking about it...kurimaron


I saw a musical today!
It was "RENT".
The company's come from US.

I have the DVD, but I've not seen it yet.

But I've listened the CD.
Some of the music have been familiar for me.

I enjoyed the stage!
I was so surprised that I couldn't stop crying at one scene.
It was "Go-kyu-".

Many people around me were in the same situation as mine.

I'd like to write some phrases I liked.

"I should tell you, I should tell you..."
"No day but today!"
"How do you measure a year?"

I love Nabe!!

yudouhuI ate Yudouhu Nabe last night.
It was amazing!!

We enjoyed not only the tohu and vegetables but also Risotto!!
I love it!!

Sorry, no photo(>_<). -> Thank you, Y-chan!!

a party at one Chinese restaurant


I joined a party at one Chinese restaurant.
The Chinese restaurant held the party to show their remodeling rooms!
(Telling the truth, they invited my father, not me.)
There were many beautiful and nice foods!
I enjoyed it so much!!
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