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今度と言えば、次はBBQです!いわゆる「QBBQ」です! この前初めてでまた出たい方も、QBBQのときは初めての方も、ずっと来てるメンバーでも、ぜひぜひQBBQ(何回書いてもあきない、これ)を盛り上げましょう!

行きたいならメールを送ってください!では、また11月13日でね ;-) 

This is Daichi again.

So yesterday was the first welcoming event, thank you all for coming!

We had 4 newcomers and 8 old members, to a total of 12 people there, including students, researchers and professors!
I was still getting messages of "I would like to go" until the very last day a couple hours before the event, so it was a bit messy for me, but in the end everything worked fine so it is ok.
I think we had 5 different nationalities (at least? didn't check), and we could hear a lot of Japanese and English. Also a bit of Chinese, too. One of the members was quite happy about talking with the Chinese clerk in Chinese, btw. Didn't understand anything, lol.
We didn't go anywhere after the first shop, but it was a regular week day so I understand it is hard for most people. I also had classes today morning, so we left it for the next time.

Talking about next time, it will be the Barbecue! Btw, If you write Circle Q Barbecue it becomes QBBQ, isn't it amazing? Lol. So if you came for the first time for the dinner yesterday and would like to come again, or if you are thinking on coming for the first time at the QBBQ, or if you are a member for a long time, basically anyone, surely come to QBBQ (I will never get tired of writting QBBQ) and let's make it awesome!

So send us and e-mail if you are interested, see you again at November 13th ;-)

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If you live on Tsukuba dormitories, Ichinoya, Hirasuna or Oikoshi, be sure to check your mail box, because after a long night of work the flyers are finally in!

So if you are interested in coming be sure to send us an e-mail or a message at Twitter! The first contact has already arrived, so don't waste time ;-)

Of course if you don't live at the dorms and found us by internet you are also more than welcome! So bring your friends and let's have some fun!

See you at 10/25 and 11/13 \o/Q2016aki

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第1回 10/25 (火) 放課後 飲み会 (場所未定)
第2回 11/13 (日) 昼    BBQ  (場所未定)




Hello, this is Daichi writing about this year Shinkan (welcoming events? I have no idea how to say it in English)

This is my first time at the blog so it seems I'm supposed to do a brief self-introduction (?)
- I'm not Japanese, Daichi is not my real name, don't get fooled. Lol
- I'm on Bachelor 3rd year but old enough to be in PhD. Life is tough.
- I love gymnastics. Both practicing and watching it. If you are interested in it be sure to let me know.
- I do know normal people don't care about gymnastics.

So, back to what matters.
This year we will have two events!
It is totally fine if you come just to check it out and later decide not coming anymore. Don't overthink it, no strings attached ;-)

1. 10/25 (Tue) after classes - Food and Drinks, place not defined yet
2. 11/13 (Sun) lunch time - Barbecue! I'm vegetarian but I don't care, let's have a Barbecue while it's not too cold and we can!

Any person belonging to the University of Tsukuba (why not Tsukuba University?) is more than welcome. Bachelor, Master, Doctor, Research, any program! Just join and everything will gonna be alright.

If you are interested in coming please contact us so we can tell you the place, meeting point, exact time, price, etc.
You can contact us by e-mail at
circleq9☆yahoo.co.jp or also by PMing as at Twitter, @circleq9.
Needless to say, both Japanese and English are ok.
(Well, you can possibly write things in German, Spanish or Portuguese too, but I can't promise you will be able to use these languages in the events too, sorry)

Hope seeing you soon, cheers!