December 21, 2005

View popular videos Documentary On Japanese Sushi5

Guys, 99% of this documentary is a joke.
But it's very fun. Have a look at the link below.


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April 28, 2005

how to count in Japanese

As I got a request that she would like to know how to count in Japanese.

In Japanese, we don't have the plural numbers for a noun. For example let's count books, in English we can say "a book, two books, three books". In Japanese we can just say it as "a book, two book, three book". No "s" or "es" for plural numbers needed . Nouns are always treated same as the singular number.

Here is a note how to count numbers in Japanese.
1 - one - ichi
2 - two - ni
3 - three - san *pronunciation is same as "Sun"
4 - four - yon(or shi)
5 - five - go
6 - six - roku
7 - seven - nana(or shich)
8 - eight - hachi
9 - nine - kyu pronunciation is same as "Q"
10 - ten - ju(or tou)

When we count objects, we use the appropreate word after the number and the word is changed depends what we are going to count.

For example, the word "satsu" is used when we describe the number of the books(=hon). It's used like this.

One book - issatsu no hon
two books - ni satsu no hon
three books - san satsu no hon
four books - yon satsu no hon
five books - go satsu no hon
six books - roku satsu no hon
seven books - nana satsu no hon
eight books - hassatu no hon
nine books - kyu satsu no hon
ten books - jussatsu no hon

Another example, we use a word "hon (it changes as pon depends on the number)" for PENS.

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March 01, 2005


Sorry for shitty topic, but I've been wondering why the same meaning words are used in different language.
As you know a term Shit is used when someone feel vexed.
In Japanese, we say "Kuso!" in that case.
"Kuso" means Shit in English. Real meaning of this word is feces.
I have no idea why we use this word but it would be a interesting coincidence. I looked into this word in my dictionary, but there is not written about origin.

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January 29, 2005

play truant

Last year, I was so busy for my main work, so I could not take time for posting in this Japanese blog.
To tell you the truth, I must had forgotten posting. In fact I could take time at midnight.
In this case, I can say, "I've been busy so I [sabotta] for posting.

[sabotta] is the past tense of [saboru].
[saboru] means "play truant" or "cut a class".

As far as I know, the origin of the word [saboru] comes from the English word "sabotage". Now it became a very popular Japanese word.

Sentence in use,

A: Was Colo absent again? [Colo wa mata yasumi?]
B: He might cut a class. [Sabottano kamoshirenai.]

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January 24, 2005


catToday I found an unbelievable tool named CAT CARREIR.
I've never seen such a thing here in Japan.
Hope it is just a joke.

unbelievable = Shinjirarenai

"unbelievable" is a word connected with "un" + "believe" +"able"
In Japnese each word are discribed as follows.
believe = shinjiru
un + able (cannot) = rarenai or dekinai

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September 13, 2004


Chick hatches from supermarket egg

A woman who bought an egg from a supermarket was amazed when it hatched to reveal a newborn chick.

Raija Bennett, 45, had got the free-range eggs from Tesco so her broody pet hen Biscuit could pretend to incubate them.

But three weeks later Mrs Bennett was surprised to find the Oakham Blue egg had hatched, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Mrs Bennett, an adult education tutor, said: "I had told my father-in-law Biscuit was getting broody and he suggested getting some free range eggs for her to sit on.

egg = tamago

lay an egg = tamago wo umu

an omelet = tamago yaki
a raw egg= nama tamago

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September 02, 2004



3-Pound Cat Is World's Smallest

Clinic Doctor Says Cat Has Genetic Defect

POSTED: 1:11 am EDT July 21, 2004
UPDATED: 4:09 pm EDT July 21, 2004

A 3-pound cat in Pekin, Ill., has been verified as the world's smallest domestic cat, according to a Local 6 News report.

The 2-year-old cat, named Mr. Peebles, is officially listed as the smallest living domestic cat by the Guinness Book of World Records.

In Japanese, here is an important word to describe "MOST something". We use the word ichiban that means No.1.

small = chiisai

The smallest can be said ichiban chiisai.

the smallest = ichiban chiisai

the biggest = ichiban ookii

favorite = ichiban suki

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August 31, 2004


Man Drives Home with Headless Friend

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A Georgia man who drove home with a friend's headless body after a truck accident then went to bed while the remains dangled out the window faces charges including vehicular homicide and drunk driving, police said on Monday.

Friend = Tomodachi or Yuujin

You are my friend.
Anata ha watashi no tomodachi desu.

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August 24, 2004


Astronaut 'saw UFOs in space'

A Russian cosmonaut claims to have seen UFOs in space and accuses fellow astronauts of keeping silent.

Vladimir Kovalenok, who spent 217 days in the Soljut 6 space station between 1977 and 1982, said he saw a number of UFOs and even witnessed one explode.

"I saw many UFOs in space. One of them exploded into bits," said Kovalenok.

see = miru
saw = mita

mita is the past tense of miru.

Watashi ha anatawo mita.
I saw you.

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August 20, 2004


Infant has rare surgery to stop giggling fits

Associated Press
Aug. 19, 2004 12:40 PM

An 8-month-old boy was recovering from surgery in Phoenix to remove a benign brain tumor that gave the child laughter-like seizures which prompted his unknowing parents to nickname him "Capt. Giggles."

giggle = kusukusu warau
laugh = warau

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August 19, 2004


Woman escapes meteorite

From correspondents in London
August 18, 2004
MOST people would think they were supremely unlucky to be struck by a falling meteorite while out in their back garden.

But British great-grandmother Pauline Aguss is just grateful the rock only grazed her arm.

The 76-year-old was hit by a swiftly-falling fragment of rock while hanging out washing in her garden in the county of Suffolk, eastern England, the Sun newspaper reported in tomorrow's edition.,5744,10484319%255E29677,00.html

escape = nigeru, or kaihisuru

Anyway I'm glad she is okay.

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August 17, 2004


Man eats own toes

An Austrian man cut off his toes, fried them up and ate them between two slices of bread after getting high sniffing butane gas.

toes = ashi no yubi (or tsumasaki)

ashi = foot (feet)
yubi = finger

I cannot eat sandwich today... :-(

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August 16, 2004



Paris airport tramp unmoved by Hollywood fame

PARIS (Reuters) - Alfred Merhan has lived quietly on a bench inside Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport for 16 years, his few belongings stuffed into bags and boxes beside him.

Merhan's surreal existence under the neon lights of the airport's grim food hall has inspired Steven Spielberg's new blockbuster "The Terminal", starring Tom Hanks in the role of an East European who is stranded at New York's airport for months.§ion=news

airport = kuukou

Where is the airport?

Kuukou ha doko desuka?

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August 14, 2004



A MAN who mistook a sex line for a marriage agency is to make an official complaint to his local phone company after running up a £9000 bill.

mistook, make a mistake = machigaeta
mistake (verb) = machigaeru
mistake (noun) = machigae

Sorry, I made a mistake.

Suimasen, machigaemashita.

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August 12, 2004


Teens Arrange Street Fight On Internet

GARLAND, Texas -- In a computer-age version of "West Side Story," rival gang members battled it out in the street in a rumble organized over the Internet.

Fight = kenka (a noun)

or Kenkasuru (a verv)

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August 11, 2004


F*cking villagers vote against name change

Residents of an Austrian village called F*cking, have voted against changing the name.

The 150 or so people who live in the village debated the issue after roadsigns kept being stolen - many by British tourists.

Spokesman Siegfried Hoeppl, said: "Everyone here knows what it means in English, but for us F*cking is F*cking - and it's going to stay F*cking - even though the signs keep getting stolen."

against = hantaisuru

I am against your opinion.

Watashi ha anatano iken ni hantaidesu

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August 09, 2004



Toddler Weighs 55 Pounds At 15 Months

A 15-month-old child in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia weighs 55 pounds and is gaining nearly 5 pounds a month, according to a Local 6 News report.

weight = taiju

watashi no taiju ha omoi. = My weight is heavy.

heavy = omoi

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August 08, 2004

a dog

Drug sniffer dog dies of overdose

LONDON (Reuters) - A police sniffer dog has died of a suspected overdose while out hunting for drugs, police say.

Todd, a 7-year-old Springer spaniel, had been looking for drugs in a field and car in Preston when his handler noticed he was looking unwell.

He was taken to a vet and then rushed to an animal intensive care unit at Liverpool University, displaying symptoms of ingesting amphetamines, a Lancashire police spokeswoman said.§ion=news

dog = inu

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August 07, 2004


Some African Men Claim To Have AIDS When They Don't
Sociologist: Some Malawian Men Misperceive AIDS Risks

AIDS may be an undesirable disease in America, but many rural African men say they're infected even if they aren't, thinking it speaks well of their masculinity and sexual prowess, according to a new study.

masculinity = otokorashii

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August 06, 2004


Dentist breached rights by pulling row of woman's teeth

A dentist who removed a whole row of a woman's teeth instead of the four she wanted pulled breached her rights to informed consent and appropriate care, the Health and Disability Commissioner has found.

teeth = ha

Since there is no plural in Japanese, so tooth is also written as Ha in Japanese.

Anyway it's a terrible news.

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