Solo se que se nada

There's an accident last night in Bangkok, again. This time it's underground train. People were injured and some were killed.

The train driver was about to be arrested when i heard the news. People said becoz of his carelessness, this accident happened, everything was all his fault. really???

I have no answer for this question but I think there might be something more about this. I mean, the train driver must have contacted with people in controller room who told him what to do, so this is not all his fault and nobody wanna let this happened and this man 's injered a lot too and he's the last one rescued from the bogy. What about the security system then? Well, i dont know much therefore i can't say much.

MMM..i dont understand why laws are so weird.They tell you what to do and what not to do , they tell you this is a crime and that is not a crime, what is their value? How can they tell if something is right while something is not?

Why they don't allow people to do something they want to do with a reason "it's dangerous for you", yea we know it's dangerous but it's ourselves, if we dont harm anyone why not? Like some young men love climbing high buildings, the government just don't let them do it, they dont kill anyone they don't sell drugs! Why no prositution? Becoz it's harmful for the moral? And what is the gov's moral then? Why dont they ban tabacco smoking too? It's dangerous for both people smoking and people around them(secound hand smokers)

One thing i really disagree with is they don't let people being homosexaul! Why not? It's their life and they can choose the sex they wanna be! They are happy and harm nobody so why not?

There're a lot of questions that are still left unanswered. And im always curious as always.

The only thing i know is that I know nothing...............
Solo se que se nada.............................................  
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Thanks Luca

6bf6c549.jpgThis new year I got cards and some gifts from friends ...Im so happy and I feel bad too becoz I've been so delirium and too lazy and forgetful that I didn't send anything to anyone, spending my time day dreaming or sleeping hoping that i dont hve to wake up again.

Even I didn't drink anything, I feel like Im drunk all the time. Dont know why, hmm..today I got a mail from Luca and inside there's a chocolate, so yummy and it makes me wake up and so happy, Im now ready for school tomorrow!!!! Gracias!!!!

There's only one thing not ready ::::MY HOMEWORKS::::!!!!!

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Feliz Consumidad!

881d1776.jpgFirst of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Hope you guys had a great holiday!

It's been a long time since my last update and there're so many things happened. First of all, Tsunamis in sout asia that killed a lot of lives both local people and tourists. My friends are so worried about me and my family, thanks so much but we are ok.

My uncle lives right in front of Patong beach and he got a shop there, now he got nothing, luckily everyone in the family is safely staying in Bangkok.

There are a lot of Nordic people in Thailand and other countries affected by tsunamis and I heard that Sweden is now worrying about its population that is less,one of my swedish friends said he's so scared that the swedish might be extinction.

Last year at the same time there was a very big earthquake in Iran too. Im curious if next year at the same time there would be any catrastrophy(whatever how it spelled-_-)in somewhere. I've heard that after this there might be another big tsunamis again in somewhere in latin americas, i hope this is not true becoz it's my sukina destination and i havn't gone there yet!!!!

Another thing is, I heard that there's a rebel in Peru,it's like 4 years ago when they made Fujimori out of government, anyway I dont know much about this but i think it's interesting and wanna know more.

These holidays I chatted with a long-time-no-see-friend and got a new word "Feliz consumidad", or "happy consumerism" in english. Hmm, this is a very interesting expression,no? It implies something.

Hope this year there will be only good things and hope im not gonna be as dilirious like i've been so far.

May PEACE will break out through out the world! And may some assholes live in PIECES!

ps.in new year i performed a thai dance @ ap house and the girl looks so funny and weird in the foto is me-_- a beautiful girl next to me is my good friend^^  
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Korean food!



この写真は私とその友達の作った料理です。(料理の名前を覚えられないんですけど〜 誰か、知っている人、私に教えてね^^)

Well,gotta stop writing in my cra* japanese,thanks for your patience reading it! Not all korean food taste like Thai coz most of them taste more like Japanese, just like this food we made,but some like this noodle thing in the middle taste exactly the same with a Thai food,only add more more egg. And KimChi or some meat foods taste quite similar and our food are spicy and tasty^_^
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Havn't been here for such a long time, maybe too long. Gotta appologize for that but I've been so busy with my classes. I know everyone is also busy but they still do their duties as usual, they go to their culb activities, they write their diary,etc. Well,all my classes need a lot of reading since most of them are politics and laws and Im not a native english speaker so i need to re-read them so many times...still i don't understand a bit. And my Japanese class went all wrong coz I didn't study at all and the result is...-_-...bad score in test. Life is not as beautiful and easy as I'd been thinking.

Well, there is this shit happening in Thailand again. As some of you may have heard about the killing in the south of Thailand. I really hate the Thai state they never do anything to the poor- the majority, while they do everything to provide as much conveniences as possible to the rich! They try to make people do the things they want us to do and when someone doesn't do it then he'll become a weirdo, I know I know it's like this everywhere in this capitalist world! But wait until you hear this!

The government, to make it more spacific Mr. Taxin(should have been TOXIC) a prime minister of Thailand told people to make PEACEFUL PAPER BIRDS for the people in the south, he believes with all his idiot heart that this will slove everything...every shit he has caused. I don't know which part of organic he uses to think of this stupid idea. Then they just took these paper birds,which i will call as rubbish,to the south and distribute it from the blue blue sky in the south of thailand as if this is given to people in the south by the angles up high...angles who live in the blue blue sky -_- I don't think people in the south would be so happy to have these rubbishes Mr.Toxic is giving them since they will have to do a super BIG cleaning after these "birds from angles" are everywhere, in the street, on top of someone's house, in the garden, in the rice field, in the river and cause polutions,on a dog's head, in bushes,etc. This will cause more problem than PEACEFULNESS. If he really believe that this rubbish can be helpful then he should distibute it to the governments or to the state's officers since they're so discriminate, narrow minded and try to make people in thailand become nationalist, to be the very very far RIGHT CAPITALIST, these birds might help them realize that this crap should be stoped,stop killing people, stop torture people and stop discriminate people, let them believe in and practise their beliefs!

This situation is just like one incident in the past that we call "the 6th oct" When the state wanna make people become nationalist, right people killed left people and created a communist ghost, desciminated vietnamese people or any people that are not capitalist,trained school boys to become a murderer...seperate the state into two sides...these could be a great lessons coz so many lives were lost....I know it's no good to just complain like this and do nothing..but what can I do? I really wanna do something but I am no longer in Thailand,gotta do my best in my study and I hope when I go back I can change something..maybe only a little bit...but things will have to be changed. I can tell that this rotten world is not satisfying at all!

Pardon my English!  
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