November 22, 2008

2008/11/22(Sat): 結婚記念日/ The anniversary of our marriage



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April 22, 2007

2007/04/22(Sun): 選挙最終報告 /Two weeks have passed

1) 立候補理由、2) 選挙期間の活動、3) ディレッタントについて、質問を頂きました。以下の通り、ご報告申し上げます。

1) 立候補理由

[*1] (2008.12.26) 選挙の際に最初に受けた質問は、「昨年度の納税額はいくらか」というものでした。当初、脱税の有無に関する趣旨と思い、「所得控除等の範囲内なので、確定申告はしていない」と答えましたが、過去の収入水準自体について聞かれた可能性もあると考え、念のため、上記の記載をしました。 
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April 09, 2007

2007/4/9(Mon): 開票結果/ Non-Inauguration

開票結果(速報)によると、1,373票(14位 /14人)となったようです。何よりも、まず、私の主張・提案にご共感頂き、新しいものを想像する意欲をもって頂いて、ご投票頂いた有権者の皆様に、感謝申し上げたいと思います。

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March 21, 2007

2007/03/21(Wed): 東京都知事選挙/ Candidacy for the Governor of Tokyo


[東京都選挙管理委員会 ガイドライン]
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November 28, 2006

2006/11/28(Tue): w''


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September 01, 2006

2006/9/1(Fri): 新刊! "born in novelist"

My novel, "born in novelist," was published. It is a challenge to a great work of 50 years ago on one aspect of it.

This novel was named after "Revlover" of the Beatles. The challenge, mentioned above, was not against "Revlover" but to a novel of Japan.

Check it at e-bookland!  
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August 31, 2006

2006/8/31(Thu): Hypotheses on Capital Market

Comparing Capital Market and Banking System, I presented hypotheses that Capital Market could be desirable for the coming age of new technology.
In addition, inconsistent with those hypotheses, I suggest new disclosure rules, Subjective Information and Information of Broker Dealer (Track Records).

Check it at SSRN!
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March 22, 2006

3/21/2006: Dr. Sun Zhongshan

Last night, I walked along Zhongshan Lu for a few hours here in Taipei. In this journey, I found many parks and roads of Zhongshan in mainland and Taiwan. I realised that he gave hope to the people of China in general and the effect's still alive.

I heard a Chinese song of beautiful voice in Hong Kong and bought it in Shanghai. The singer is Singaporean and the label is Taiwanese. I thought they are culturally unified.  
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March 18, 2006

2006/03/18(Sat): Seoul

After 16 hours in ferry (I met there an American who planed to visit Japam by train & ferry; not air!), I arrived at Incheon and then went to Seoul by subway. It was quite convenient!
Even though this is my first stay in Korea, I feel quite at home...  
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2006/03/17(Fri): The ruler of the oriental mind

The peninsula was the birth place of the great philosophy of the Agricultural Era, which ruled ancient empires and domintated the mind of oriental people.

"The frozen air was stolen its emotions beyond the water arc.
not knowing the continent sinking.
not knowing it's almost over.

The water eyes are closed.

Don't let the ancient fate rule over you.
Hold the truth through the transparent mirrors in your eyes and sail into your own journey.
You will be with the eternal wind.

The water eyes are closed."

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March 13, 2006

2006/3/11: a city of more than 15 million people

On 3/11, I arrived at Shanghai after 26 hours in a train. In the train, I communicated with an old Chinese woman, born in 1938, by writing Chinese. It was fortunate that she told even though she hates the emperor and the military people, but likes the Japanese in general. She was very kind and taught me on places in Shanghai and routes to Qing Tao.

In the subway station, a Japanse suddenly talked to me and taught me an Youth Hostel. Though its dorm was full, its room was large and comfortable. I decided to stay here. I thanked his fluent Chinese and experience in China.

I also decided to stay in Shanghai longer than originally thought because of the tasteful atmosphere of the city and the comfortableness that I found to be able to understand rough meanings of written Chinese. Pepople of China are also very friendly. I met a seaman from Team Jin in the town, who can speak English. He is very kind and taught me things on China.
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2006/3/9: the port of fragrance

On 3/9, I arrived at Macau and Hong Kong and felt that both cities have the smell of the sea. I thought they are familiar because I myself was born in Yokohama, a sea gate of Japan. As to Hong Kong, I cannot help remembering the decline of Peregrine, an Asia focused investment bank. Once I had a plan to visit here, but not by an accident.

In Hong Kong, it seems that Japanese music is very popular as well as in Singapore because they have Japanese corners and ranking charts in the Music Stores.  
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March 07, 2006

2006/3/7(Tue): city of angels

On 3/5, I arrived at the border of Malaysia and Thailand. Thailand is one of those countries where I am keen to visit but, unfortunately, this is the first time because of an accident before. I crossed the border this way and was able to see how the rural area was.

Today, I got an air ticket to Macao. My room mates in dorms recommended me to do so. Korean boy taught me about cheap airlines and british girl taught me it is just one hour from Macao to Hong Kong by ferry. As a result, I was able to buy one at approximately 1/3 price.

I like poeple of Thai all the more by this travel; they are friendly (they talk to me and teach on places, ways, etc) and generally english speaking (esp. young people), foods are delicious (I was afraid they might be too spicy for me), fruits are also delicious, and so on.

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March 04, 2006

2006/03/04(Sat): the oriental pearl

I got up this morning and found myself in the oriental pearl. It used to be a center for the spice trade.

"The immortal wind charms me
with its eternal peal and fragrance of the infinite universe.

I saw the glorious traces overflown from a sudden tear of the heaven.
The tear floats me up to the infinite universe just for a while."

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February 27, 2006

2006/02/27: KL

MalaysiaI arrived at Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, yesteday after 7 hours in train. Malaysia is not only the most industrialized Islamic country in the world but also its people are very friendly to and taking pride in Japan.

In Singapore, young Malaysian workers (18 years old) told me how they feel about Japan. Today, in the middle of strolling around in KL, Malaysian women talked to me and paid for drinks just for short conversation (but almost in English).

Vice versa; in the dormitory, I met a Japanese boy (also 18 years old) to join volunteer for hadicapped children.  
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February 25, 2006

2006/2/24(Fri): Singapore

SingaporeSingapore was the second country in Asia I have visited in my life. Thus I tried to go to a restaurant where I ate the most delicious Chinese sauted pork but found it doesn't exist any more. Too bad... But anyway Singapore is a very comfortable country partially because most of them (71%?) can speak English.

It seems that Singapore tries to encourage its tourism, especially recently. I read in the Straights Times today that Minister Mentor Lee decided before to promote its restaurants, shops and airport in the sacrifice of Singapore Air by freeing its regulation. I found other facts regading this promotion; There are so many ATM machines at almost any subway station which provide us international cashing service. It is quite useful especially for the travellers who visit many counries and do not want to remain cash balances.

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February 24, 2006

2006/2/22(Wed): Asia Tour!

I began to travel around Asia. My ticket is Tokyo to Singapore (with transit at Taiwan) and Seoul to Tokyo (with transit at Taiwan). It's open jaw ticket, actually.

On 2/22, I stayed over at Taiwan. Taiwan is the first country I have visited in Asia 10 years ago. I met NTU students that time and they spoke English very well. I feel very unfortunate it is just overnight this time...
Recently, I saw an interview that a Taiwanese politician insists the people themselves should decide its independence. As to this, I asked the Taiwanese passenger next to me if the Chinese Taiwanese tend to agree its reunification and the Native Taiwanese tend to insist independence. She told me that it is right.

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February 09, 2006

2006/02/09(thu): the livedoor case; remember the principles!

As to the livedoor case, we seemed to forget the basic principle of criminal procedure; the presumption of innocence. He has not been ruled guilty by the court. There seem so many rumors without sufficient support of facts. Some of them could be crimes themselves, the defamation.
In addition, he spends 23 days of detainment. Again, we seemed forget another basic principle; I believe that criminal judgement should be based on public trial, not on confessions.
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December 31, 2005

2005/12/31(sat): memories of 2005

As to 2005, I learned many things after I quitted my job. Recent findings (actually, re-findings) are the roots of the Japanese. Some says the Japanese is homogeneous people but it may not be true.
Usually, the Japanese believes that they developed from the Jyomon to the Yayaoi (both in stone age) and then to the current Japanese. But some academics pointed out that the Jyomon and the Yayoi might not be the same race and their mixed breed might be conquered by nomad people (in most cases) peacefully.

Some say that the Yayoi were coming from southern China, possibly when Chu (楚) was defeated, and brought agriculture. Then some say that, in the middle of first millennium, nomads came (maybe, be pushed out) from Korea, conquered Japan and became the emperors of Japan. This people was said to be used to have yogurt and cheese in ancient times. In the course of these conquests, the Jyomons were crowded out into the rim of the islands like the Celtic were.

If these hypotheses are true, the Japanese are all losers...but are diverse and receptive people even though recent education emphasizes on homogeneousness and results in foreign phobia. This receptiveness might be the reason why the Japanese were able to adapt the Western culture and technology first and would be a strength in the age of big changes.

Another findings are on life style (I sometimes mis-typo as l'y'fe style because of the rhyme). I learned many things on how to realize my life style or improve effectiveness of it and some are on cooking.

I understood characteristics of eastern foods and western foods and food is one important aspect of cultures and thought on efficient ways of cooking using technologies (such as more frequent use of microwaves and frozen materials).

I believe that when the information revolution becomes fully in progress and the biotechnology revolution begins, life style would change dramatically.  
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November 15, 2005

2005/11/14(Mon): Korea & Japan

On 11/12 (Sat), I joined the wedding of my cousin (in-law). He got married with a Korean. There were so many Koreans as well as Japanese. The elder Koreans were not able to speak English but I believe we understood each other well because we sincerely tried to communicate.

It was really beautiful wedding.  
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