aoty 2016 *in no particular order*

mitski - puberty 2
daughter - not to dissapear
angel olsen - my woman
big thief - masterpiece
wet - don't you
tenement - tenement
told slant - going by
florist - the birds outside sang
tegan and sara - love you to death
crystal castles - amnesty (I)
japanese breakfast - psychopomp
frankie cosmos - next thing
camp cope - camp cope
warehouse - super low
whitney - light upon the lake
diiv - is the is are
crying - beyond the fleeting gales
sad13 - slugger
tancred - out of the garden
free cake for every creature - taking quietly of anything with you
the sun days - album
oshwa - i we you me
bon iver - 22 a million
melt - riffer 
martha - bitters in the pit of my heart 
joy sam - turn into
white lung - paradise
izzy true - nope
muncie girls - from casplan to belsize
paws - no grace
mother evergreen - mother evergreen
dowsing - okay
oathbreaker - rhela
la luna - always already
temper & hold - the speed of travel
gouge away - .dies
mannequin pussy - romantic
forests - sun eat moon grave party
sport - slow
i love your lifestyle - we go way back
human hands / the blue period - split
praise - leave it all behind
arkless - arkless
old gray - slow burn
drawstring - cool
tiny moving parts - celebrate
signals midwest - at this age
posture & the grizzly - i am satan
fury - paramount
free at last - embrace you
true love - heaven's too good for us
renounced - theories of despair
fox wound - in passing, you too faded
joyce manor - cody
modern baseball - holy ghost
prince daddy & the hyena - i thought you didn't even like leaving
masada - masada
youth funeral - heavenward
tapestry - i hope you never find me
algae bloom - i am everyone i've ever met
mom jeans - best buds
i'm glad it's you - the things i never say
pup - the dream is over