May 2005

May 31, 2005


when tiredness almost eats me up, i long for your voice.
staring at my phone i think of you guys.
ive never understood love affairs but
i always want my friends with me and like me.

i never want everyone like me
but i always want you guys around me.

cant say anything useful i will
but please
i need you guys,
i need you guys need me.

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May 28, 2005


050528_0036~001.jpgoh shiiiit!!!!!!!
i don know how i can be so stupid...
i have quite a little chance to score well this time. but still i have at least a few chance... if i can overcome this tiredness of the 'period'...
its unavoidable....
i want to be a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 23, 2005

fuckin rain!!!!

last night me and my friend practiced pipes under a small shelf, cos it was rainhng. everyone seems fuckin busy and we are not the exceptions but its important i think to have time to have some time to practice. im not bothered at all when i go play pipes after 10hours' study coz i love it.

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May 21, 2005



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May 19, 2005



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jailed alive

050519_1818~001.jpgcool title, isnt it?but i don really have any idea about what to write on this just forget it.
its thurs night already, that means just less than two days left before weekly exam…how frastrating! but i don wanna be a loser…
i will survive even if jailed! jailed alive!!!!!!!!
うまく収まった 笑

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May 17, 2005


なにをやるにしても、not to retire! ほんきになることが怖くて逃げてしまうことっていつの間にか普通になってる。本気になったらたくさん傷つくし悔しい思いもするし全部いやになっちゃうこともある。だけど本気になれずに傷つかないように生きてたってそれじゃあ何も感じることができないし何もできない。果たせるか果たせないかじゃなくて、どれだけ本気でやれたかどうかで人は変わっていくと思う。理想と現実は違うけど、i will go everywhere i want. i wanna be like them.

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May 16, 2005

monday still it is

05140004.jpgim actually payiog loads of cost by playing pipes, coz im cutting down on my time to study and time to sleep. on monday i always find myself in trouble having so many things to cover.
but i still wont stop this coz without it i cannot stand weekdays. two of my friends play the pipes as well, so i sometimes go play pipes together with them. im sure ill fall ill without them who share the pleasure of music.
by the way the picture is a guy who is playing with lots of making noise stuff.

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May 15, 2005


child kid nappersはあれです、オールスターです。反則ギリギリです。もちろんかっこよすぎるわけです。


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May 14, 2005


05140005.jpg出番めちゃ早くてあたふたした感じでのライブになりました。なんかいつもと違ったのりで、ちょい違和感ありやったし私はリハの時点でへこんでテンションおちこみまくってビールで無理矢理あげてやったから演奏は満足できなかったかも。でも新曲はかなりよかった!THE RIVER MARY。奴らは進化しているよ。それが私にとって励みにもプレッシャーにもなります。ほんまに感謝してます。もっと最高のライブできるようになりたい!やっぱ悔しいな…

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