Once you've written your article you need to submit it to all those thousands of publishers. Yeeeouch! But don't worry! Help is at hand. There are also heaps of article submission sites out there. Do a search for "article submitters", then pick one which you feel suits you. Most article submission sites will allow you to submit quite a few articles each month as a free member. I cannot stress enough that this is one of the very best methods to use when it comes time to promote your affiliate product online.

Oh, and by the way, there will be a resource box or author's box on the article submitter's site. This is where you advertise your affiliate link to the product you are marketing. If your article is interesting and informative your readers will click through to your site - exactly what you're trying to achieve in promoting your product.

Blogs. This is the second free method that you should use to promote your product online. You must start your own blog and you should add to it often. You can add your published articles to your blog, plus add whatever other content about your product that you think would be relevant. Setting up a blog takes a little time to learn, but it is an absolute must and well worthwhile when it comes a great way to promote your product. You should also visit the other blogs on relevant topics and add your comments. Once again, no advertising, just your relevant comments. But you can usually sign off with a link to your product website.

Forums. Do a search for forums relevant to your product. Join as many as you can, then visit them daily, adding relevant comments. Once again, no direct advertising, but you will be able to put your product's website link in the signature area.

You must make the above three methods of promoting your product online an absolute habit - tasks that must be performed every day. Until you get the hang of it all, start out by writing one article per day. Set up your blog and update it every three days. Visit other blogs and add comment every day. Join forums and visit them every day. You must be absolutely focused here if you are to succeed when you promote your product.

Articles and blogs are particularly loved by the search engines, so you need to have a high profile in these areas when you promote your affiliate product online.

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