August 19, 2017

Made a strange sound clear

It was a bit cool when I started 6 am to go for cycling.

Morning air get a bit cooler day by day.

Then I headed to Yoshino and got around Usuki and Saganoseki, got distance 100 km.

On the way home, I got drop on a shop and got fix my bike with strange sounds.

It was caused by loose crank bolts.

That's great a bike with smooth and silent!


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August 15, 2017


I took a day off today.

It was hot and too humid because likely to rain.

I replaced a saddle ARIONE to ARIONE CX at last.

The new saddle is more elastic and harder than torn old one that was used 10 years.




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August 12, 2017

felt autumn

I'm in a bit summer vacation.

Ofcause I went for cycling short time around to Kawarauti river pool this morning.

It was a bit cool air temperature, so I felt autumn.

Though I was in against wind on the way home.


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July 31, 2017

New bib shorts

I bought a bib pants made by PEARL iZUMi in this season.

Getting new bib shorts is the first time in five years

It has some my favorite technology such as fluorescent color prints or dimpled hem fabrics.

And its pad is comfortable and fit me.

Sure enough I like Pearl Izumi as a favorite.


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July 29, 2017

Sunflower field

It's a pretty humid and hot everyday.

I seem I've got exhausted.

But of course I went for cycling early morning today too.

Gone ahead to the sunflower field in Usuki via Yoshino.

That's a bit blooming unfortunately.

It may be best timing to see in next weekend.

On back my way, I lost a way in Sugao but found out a new interesting route.

and got distance 82 km.



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July 22, 2017

With Miku jersey

It's first weekend after rainy season.

I left from home at once without destination early this morning.

It wasn't a pretty hot because early morning, 6 am, and a bit cloudy. 

I headed to west for a while and turned back at Oita dam under construction.

Unfortunately, the bakery "HIDAMARI" I wanted to go wasn't opened.

After that, I took around Hasama and Minami-oita and got odometer 65 km.


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July 16, 2017

Got punctured

As last Friday,

I noticed my bike has got a flat tyre when I rode it for going home.

Oh my god.

It was the first time after two or three half years.

I immediately inflated it using a CO2 bomb and got restart.

I have used a tubular tyre recently, and have only used it 3000 km yet.

I thought the life of tubular tyre would be too short, though being a rear tire.



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July 15, 2017

Try for selfie

It's first day during the three off days.

I left my home early morning and went for cycling to look the lotus flowers at the Usuki Stone Buddha.

There were a lot of people at lotsu field, so I was not able to go near the flowers.

The blooming of flower has been almost over, even though.

So I gave up on watching flower and went back via Ozuru pass.

Then I got home before getting really hot, got on 65 km.



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July 01, 2017

Wonderful meeting

It's precious sunny today in the rainy season.

So I of course went for cycling around Yoshino, Notsu, Usuki and Saganoseki, got 103km.

Nice sunshine and summer air, I met a lot of cyclist

But It was pretty humid summer so I got a dried up and tired.

Then I ran into a rare character, av30, for the first time after two or three years.

And we enjoyed cycling together.

Thanks for wonderful meeting to you.



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June 18, 2017

Be in Nagoya

I've been in Nagoya since yesterday.

We wonder our budget of laboratory this fiscal year may be shortage.

So we need to curb spending as much as possible.

I think simply it seems to stop cohabitational research join me.

If it makes ture I was relieved because I thought want to leave off.


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