April 22, 2017

Visited new cafe

It was nice day for cycling, of course I went for cycling often.

I joined a bikemate at half passed 7 and headed to Eboshi park via Notsuharu, oh-tunnel and Yotsuji pass.

In the Eboshi park, wild cherry blossoms are full blooming, we took some picture and were photo model of a stranger for some reason.

I wonder how we seemed on him.

Then we visited new cafe and took a lunch.

I think it was not my taste frankly.

Ride for 91km 1200m-up





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April 17, 2017

Trip to Osaka

I went to Osaka where my son's family lived, with my wife this weekend.

First day, it was strange weather as raining off and on or clearing.

I was happy took a special dinner and enjoy talking.

Next day, we took shopping and riding a ferris wheel.

It was nice day in Osaka, but Oita seemed a strange weather according to Instagram.

I hope to go for cycling under the sunshine next weekend for sure.




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April 13, 2017

Got back my pace

I got back my pace from a few month ago, so I have gotten to be able to write a blog every few days.

That's with English though. ww...

However my English skill has improved not at all.


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April 11, 2017

Futago Temple

Additional topic of the day before yesterday,

I visited to Futago Temple with my wife after long time drive.

Futago Temple is in the central of Kunisaki Peninsula, a pair of Nio Guardians is famous and supposed a power spot.

There was just nobody by chance, so looked too mysterious.

I felt a bit inspiring in my heart.


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April 10, 2017

In a spring air

Yesterday, I went for a morning cycling to Chinda waterfall via Route 57.

It was warm enough so I wore a short sleeve jersey and bib shorts.

On my route, I felt happy, as beautiful charry blossom, warm spring air, bird tweets and saluting cyclists.

And I was glad to run into a friend Hirohiro on a way home.

But I saded to have lost a contact lans and I had to return home with my poor eyesight.




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April 07, 2017

Worn out glove

My winter glove using every day for bicycle commuting was gotten by internet auction in 2005.

Though it was reasonable at 2,100 yen, by using for eleven years has been worn out.

Therefore I replaced with new one gotten for 2,200 yen by internet auction, too.

So I'm able to do bicycle commuting also for next ten years.



April 01, 2017

Start April

It was supposed to be gentle rain yesterday according to weather forecast, but heavy rain actually.

I commuted to work by motorcycle instead of bicycle.

I got odometer for over 800 km on March.

Then I'm going to Nagoya for volunteer.



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March 30, 2017

Spring is in the Air

It's sunny and warm today, nice day for cycling.

Of course I went for cycling with CAAD8 bike to Zenigame pass around Hazama and Uchinari.

I was wearing a short sleeve jersey MIKU-jerjey which is first time in this season,so I was feeling great.

The songs of CANDIES repeated beat in my heart.

Though I felt bad in the uphill, because my gear 52/36 - 12-25 was short.




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March 29, 2017

Weekday holiday

I took day off in weekday today and tomorrow.

Because I have to take the holiday to transfer from some days that I worked for the year-end and new-year holidays.

In first day, I went for cycling for 108 km around Notu, Usuki and Saganoseki.

It's a smooth and pleasant when take a cycling on weekday, because there is small traffic.

It was almost cloudy with occasional gentle rain.





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March 27, 2017

Change the greases

I'm using the pedal system made by Speed-play.

There are some problem.

Their grease is leaking from the gap between pedal body and shaft.

That causes are probably O-ring deteriorating over time.

Before I replace the O-ring, I try to change the kind of grease from silicone-based to flare-based type.

Generally flare-based greases have resistance for heat, water and pressure.

I had difficulties to pump the grease into pedal system because flare-based greases are very sticky.

Then I'm interested whether it's effective.