October 17, 2017

comfortable free SIM

In this trip, I used a prepaid SIM in my own smart phone and it was reasonable, comfortable and very useful, such as to find restaurant, to research the map or to post to SNS.

So, SIM free cell phone and local prepaid SIM are indispensable for recent abroad trip.


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October 16, 2017

Report of Taiwan trip added

The third day in Taipei, to be free all day.

We met Yuya who is living in Hsinchu Taiwan and then had lunch at Yamu-cha restaurant.

It is Hong Kong style and is located in Ximending and recommended by tour guide.

Yuya has been learning Chinese and be able to communicate with local citizen.

I pride him.




The final day in Taipei, to return home.

In the before noon, we went for sightseeing the National CKS Memorial Hall and then had Tapioca juice.

It was so good.

Then we went to souvenir shops and bought something such as the presents for Kana and Masataka, sweets and packs of tea.

Our return flight had been changed the plane to B747 from A330.

Boarding in B747 was really long time ago.

Finally it was over midnight that we’ve got home.





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October 15, 2017

Report of Taiwan trip

Few week is passing though, I upload the report of Taiwan trip.

The Second day in Taipei, to join city tours.

First of all, we went to the National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine ‘忠烈祠’.

This shrine is Taiwan version as Japanese Yasukuni shrine, I felt especialy atmospher like as Meiji shrine though.

And we fortunaly were able to see the famous ritual of changing guards at every hour.

Next, we visited National palace museum, and was able to see a lot of treasures of old China.

They were beautiful artistic works with delicate and precise.

There, Chinese cabbage made by engraving jade is most famous though, I had no impressive.

We took lunch at Din tai hong where is famous of the world serving the delicious Xiao Long Bao.

That was really delicious as good reputed.

Then, we went to Shifen and got experience flying the lanthanum.

Finally, we went for sightseeing to Jiufen.

It was my second visiting though, I had more impression.

It was a full-packed day.







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October 07, 2017

Heading Taiwan

It’s first day in Taipei, to get in Taiwan.
It took eight hours to arrive to Taiwan since we left home early this morning.

On board the train was two hours, the airplane was about three hours and waiting time was totally about three hours.

Even though it is also tough for me to travel with long time, I got very tired because to be with elderly persons in this time.

After got in Taiwan, we took some city tours such as Taipei Xia-Hai City God Temple '霞海城隍廟', Longshan Temple '龍山寺'  and Dihua Street '迪化街'.

I have ever been Taipei though, every spots I saw today was traditional and wonderful.

Then we had dinner at Ami Hotel and went to the Shilin night market '士林夜市' most famous and huge in Taipei.











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October 01, 2017

Daito camping

Our cycling team has been annual camping within make friendship up and then it was done this weekend.

Of course I also participated the team camp.

It was for the first time in two years, because I was not able to join it since I was sticking in a hard job last year.

The destination was usual Nagayu-onsen via the Guernsey Farm this year too.

Our tourist consisted of three support cars and fifteen riders and then they ware divided to two group and heading off.

I was also in charge of supporting them while cycling with beginner or female riders.

The blue sky, autumn dry air, nice view, good route and fun chatting, It was fantastic.






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September 25, 2017

replaced to FC-7800

Last weekend, I replaced the crank of CAAD8.
Old crank is the grade 105, FC-5800, with gear size 52/36T.

And new one is Dura-Ace, FC-7800 that is about 10 years ago model, which was gave from Mr. Hiraoka.

Its gear size is 50/34T, compact model.
It is an upgrade, but means also returning to old model.

However I felt good impression when tried to ride after changing a crank.

It was recognized that compact gear was fit for my pedaling ability and that Dura-Ace was still excellent with getting old.

A good horse becomes never a jade.
An old eagle is better than a young crow.
A diamond on a dunghill is still a diamond.

Special thanks,  Hiraoka-san.


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September 24, 2017

strolling in early autumn

The season has became autumn, before I knew it.

It's bit chilly in the morning and night.

Because it will be in October soon.

The golden rice ear with red cluster amaryllis, smell of a fragrant olive or insect singing in the night, I can feel all of fall.

Of course I love everything of autumn that I feel during cycling.

Then I took a enjoyed time with cycling today and yesterday.



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September 19, 2017

Damage of typhoon

I took a day off and went for patrolling around my favorite cycling route, and found a lot of madslide but there were not serious damaged.

On the route from Notsuharu to Oh-touge tunnel, there were several dirty gravel on the shoulder of road, but that's no problem.

And the route from Oh-touge tunnel to Ohno, in the Chitose and Mie-machi have a little big mudslide and mud covered road.

And that Inukai to Takenaka, the road is divided due to the collapse of ground.

Everybody, we have to take careful, carefully cycling.


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September 16, 2017

Anxious typhoon's way

In this weekend, I'm going to Nagoya, T.T.I Lab.

However, the huge typhoon 18th is coming and maybe get closest when I'm going home afternoon on Sunday.

Shinkansen might be delaied or stopped operation.

At worst, I may have to stay over due to all traffic be stopped.

I hope the typhoon's way will deviate.


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September 04, 2017

New comere

The day before yesterday, my son’s baby was born and so I turned to become a grandpa.

He had went back from Taiwan according to his baby’s due to give birth.

And almost as soon as he arrived at the hospital, a baby was born.

Fortunately he was able to attend a birthing and to hug his new family.

Then yesterday, we went for meeting a newborn baby and mother.

I’m glad they are fine and my first grandson is so cute!


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