July 24, 2016

Horiday working

On this Monday, Mr. I didn't come to office without warning.

Mr. Y called him, but he turned off his mobile phone to disconnect from everyone.

He might be illness from mental fatigue, then he is off from work for a while.

Today, I went to office horiday working.

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July 23, 2016

Morning ride

I started riding six am, felt pretty cool this morning.

Go ahead to Inukai in the against wind,

around Asaji and Tinda fall.

I came back home at half-past ten am and then very hot.

Actually, I took 100km over riding that it's just 108km, this month too.

But, I took hard sunburn.




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July 18, 2016

Happy day

Yesterday, my son had wedding ceremony.

I shad many tears, scene ceremony gratitude to parents.




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July 16, 2016


I started riding TIME bike early this morning, around Notsu and Ozuru pass, got 69km.

Run into members of Kirin at the Ozuru, and met Mr. K after few month.

I climbed twice time Ozuru pass, felt good.

I sad I'm weak almost.


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July 10, 2016

Shain after Rain

I had been in Nagoya annually for resarch Lab this weekend.

In Nagoya, it was sunny and very hot, entirely different from Kyushu.

I went to Y's Road to try on shoes.

Though I tried on my interested shoes, it was not fitting.

Too bad.


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July 07, 2016

Under the Red sky

It was very beautiful twilight sky today evening.

I forecast that it is fine tomorrow, but unfortunately will be a rainy.

The rain is going to come from south.

I road bike 27km today, total on July is 211km.


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July 04, 2016

Strong yen

I bought some consumable goods as tires, inner tubes and chains, from Wiggle internet shopping.

They were really cheap because Japanese yen has been strong for Euro recently.

Welcome strong yen!!

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July 03, 2016

La Tour effect

The Tour de France has started.

We can watch the First and second stage on JSPORTS channel program free.

It's a exciting race last night.

I'm looking forward to watching the second stage this evening.

Before TV program, take a enjoy cycling around Kawarauchi get 51km.




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July 02, 2016

Summer soon

Today was very hot and humid, and 35 degrees Celsius.

I was just riding a bike felt dizzy.

Road for office 32km


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June 26, 2016

Lotus bloom

Today was precious sunny weather during the rainy season.

So, shall we go cycling!!

I started at six am riding around to Yosino, Usuki and Saganoseki, came home before ten am and got riding 88km.

Lotus bloom shines in the blue sky.

But it was a bit early in the full bloom.