June 10, 2018

Return road-631

I went for cycling due to confirm the recovery road, Prefecture road 631.

Going through this route is the first time after last summer, and it has been perfectly restored.

After that, I turned at Tinda waterfall, stopped at Ohno cycle-hub.

I visited cycle-hub in my first time, which has a foot-spa, information booth and maintenance space.

I wanted to try the foot-spa but was not able to do it because it would open at nine o'clock.

Today's weather was so humid but have slided with a lot cyclists.


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May 16, 2018

Weekday off

Yesterday, I took a day-off because I was not able to take one in G.W.

Of cause, I went for cycling due to check in Mie-machi station for the JR kyusyu appli., via Yoshino and Notsu.

The weather was so nice as too hot, so that I got a suntan.

distance 91km 


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May 05, 2018

Blue sky and storm

I was able to take an all day-off today for the first time in this big holidays period.

And could go for cycling with 60 kilometer, through passed Kawarauchi and Ura-Ozuru.

at Ura-Ozuru, felt me easier than last time.

It was stormy, and I felt like headwinds during both going and returning way.



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April 22, 2018

like as Summer

I started early morning to do cycling, and went around Saganoseki, Usuki, Notsu and Yoshino.

Today's weather was so nice and warm like as summer, so that I was able to be with short sleeved jersey and shorts, and then got a sunburn for the first time in this season.

I saw only few cyclist than I thought.

Where did they go to?

Additional note, 

Prefecture road 631 which had been closed to traffic since be broken by huge typhoon last year is going to be available from June.

I'm looking forward to the construction completion because be able to go Ohno region again.



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April 15, 2018

Under storm

I went for cycling though the weather forecast said it would be supposed to be storm.

It is North-West wind, I wonder where should I go.

After considering, headed for South, Yoshino and turned back from Usuki, via Ozuru pass.

At Usuki Sekibutsu, the moss phlox has been in season now.

And I passed through the new Ozuru route where finished construction.

There's sure increase traffic, so one of cyclist-friendly roads will be disappeared again.

Finally had distance about seventy-five kilo meter.




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April 01, 2018

April fool

In the early morning, I started for cycling, because I had frustration that I could not get on ride yesterday.

This route, crossed the Ikadai-hill from Kaku, againly climbed the K690 and downed to R412, so got 75km distance.

Oita-river dum has already water though not full.

Cherry blossoms are exactly blooming, and air  is filled by spring aroma.

So I was often stopped due to take a picture.

After that my Di2 battery has run out and I have been not able to shift gears.

The rear derailleur motor was stopped under ten percent of battery remaining and front motor was died when battery was all out.

The front gear was in inner and the rear gear was in low side, so that I could back home fortunately.




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March 14, 2018

Got off for cycling

Today is a weekday though,  I went for cycling because took a paid leave.

Though we are encouraged that take paid leave, I've had a lot of unacquired one yet.

I'll take one next week again.

As cycling, tripped around to Saganoseki, Usuki, Notsu and Yoshino, and got more than 100 km distance.

The air is full of spring, plum is blooming.

And it was so warmer than over 20 celsius and was comfortable enough to wear only short sleeved jersey and shorts.




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March 04, 2018

Spring air

I have invited Yuuko-san to cycling a couple days ago, and we did that today,  though we were worried about weather.

We firstly went ahead to Zenigame-pass.

I may appeared in Zenigame-pass for the first time in a year, and today's climbing time was behind about three minutes of my best one.

But this place gives me delightful.

Looking down from the pass, Beppu Bay was covered with the sea of ​​clouds.

That was really fantastic.

After that, through Beppu-city, reached to Giornos Bread and took a brunch and chatting.

Conclusively I got over eighty kiro-mater distance.




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February 03, 2018

Encountering BD

I took the regular weekend cycling this morning too.

This morning, it was warm than few days ago.

But air temperature was actually below zero degree in Yoshino, the mountainous region.

I took around Yoshino, Usuki and Saganosek, got distance eighty-five kilometer.

The Shiraki tunnel has been opened though partly under construction.

And I was surprised got run into BD-san suddenly, on the Ohno river-way.

long time no see!

I'm happy encountering ourselves.

He seems to be fine and lifes in happy.



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January 21, 2018

Freezing air

I went for cycling early morning.

Climbed OZURU pass firstly, next arounded YOSHINO and so returned byside Ohno river.

It has been in freezing that was under minus four degree during cycling.

Recently, I'm sure that my average speed of cycling has slightly got degrade.

Approximately, Moving average speed equal 22km/h, gross speed is less than 20km.

I hope that cause is because of only winter season.



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