February 03, 2018

Encountering BD

I took the regular weekend cycling this morning too.

This morning, it was warm than few days ago.

But air temperature was actually below zero degree in Yoshino, the mountainous region.

I took around Yoshino, Usuki and Saganosek, got distance eighty-five kilometer.

The Shiraki tunnel has been opened though partly under construction.

And I was surprised got run into BD-san suddenly, on the Ohno river-way.

long time no see!

I'm happy encountering ourselves.

He seems to be fine and lifes in happy.



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January 21, 2018

Freezing air

I went for cycling early morning.

Climbed OZURU pass firstly, next arounded YOSHINO and so returned byside Ohno river.

It has been in freezing that was under minus four degree during cycling.

Recently, I'm sure that my average speed of cycling has slightly got degrade.

Approximately, Moving average speed equal 22km/h, gross speed is less than 20km.

I hope that cause is because of only winter season.



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January 09, 2018

time with TIME

I took a cycling that was first time of 2018 with TIME bike, this morning.

I went for Saganoseki, Usuki, Notsu and Yoshino, and got over 100 km distance.

It was cloudy while cycling and the air temperature in the inland area was lower three degrees than seaside line.

So I felt cold in the mountain area especially.

After cycling, I has got pain in my leg muscle and buttocks skin, even though I only ride 100 km.

Moreover, I have pain too in outside bone of right knee always after cycling.

It might because of lower temperature.


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January 08, 2018

Review 2017






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December 09, 2017

Cycling Chatting

This morning was so cold too, and was  regular weekend cycling.

Even though I wasn't alone.

We traced route 618, 690, 412 and 442 after us joined.

Our break point was closed so re-headed next shop, got some breads and took chatting at somewhere.

Thanks Yuko-san.



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December 08, 2017

Got a new notebook

This year, 2017, will end during less than a month.

I have already got a my favorite notebook for next year.

That is "My Personal Planner" for English diary and this one is third.

This year, I achieved to write diary with English on the full pages.

I hope can do that in 2018 too.


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December 03, 2017

With D

I joined team ride today and was run leg out.

I got solo ride about 20 km shortly before that joining.

Then we came hill-climb up the Kurokui-pass.

It was a long time since I previously climbed there and every time is tough.

My climbing time was one and a half minutes later than my best record.

After that we headed Usuki, Notsu and Mie,  and my leg was lost by up-down route and we took a break at the Imono-chikaraya.

After all cycling with anotherone is very good.

distance 115km 1050m-up




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November 26, 2017

short cycling and BBQ

Yesterday, we had a year-end party with team Daito, and enjoyed BBQ time.

I was able to spent a nice time with compatible friends.

Then I took a short time cycling, got distance 50km, before the party.



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November 24, 2017

bye-bye and welcome

I'm in Nagoya today for EMES Lab.

It is chilly because I've been wearing only thin clothes.

I heard that Dr. O will get a job for private enterprise and start to work in February.

It's a nice for him, I think.

Besides, a researcher from Vietnam became our new colleagues.


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November 17, 2017

beginning the winter

In this morning, air temperature was about 5 degrees so it was coldest of this season.

I adjusted my bike clothes, such as changing short sleeved jersey into UNIQLO's long sleeved cotton shirt, adding a inner gloves, overlaid another socks.

Winter has finally come to full swing.


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