November 15, 2014

LOVE & HOPE Event in Odaiba

倉木麻衣のMai.K Diary : ☆151A LOVE&HOPE - ライブドアブログ Hey, Mai-K! What's up? You seem to have a whole bunch of things to do this year cos you have more lives and events than usual, huh? But don't be too hard on yourself! I'm been so busy these days I had no time to update my post. Besides, sth important is coming up next week. So at first I was thinking of cancelling the event in Odaiba. But I've just changed my mind; I'm coming to you on November 15! I don't wanna miss the encounter to see you at the event. Besides, I had the same feelings as the lyrics in Dynamite cos I've also been kinda stressed lately. So taking part in your event can help me let off steam. Otherwise, I might be sorry for the rest of my life. As a matter of fact, I already bought LOVE & HOPE but since I don't have a ticket for giving you a high-five, I gotta buy the same one again to join the event, which is the double-work and IS a waste of money, but it can't be helped. But I don't wanna dwell too much on this downside cos the thing is having fun comes first! In other words, having fun at your event is more valuable than regretting that I'll have to buy the album twice. Anyway, see U at Odaiba, Mai-K!! 
PS: I'll come to your live in Budokan, which is final!

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