When I was a student, my favourite subject was history. Even now, I love to read books about samurai, to visit castles and historical sites, and to watch documentaries. When I was at school, though, we mostly learned about just one time in history: World War II.

I was taught that Britain and America were the good guys while Japan, Italy and Germany were the bad guys. I never had a lesson at school about the fire bombing of Dresden or the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In British schools, we never learn about the terrible things our country did in India or to the native peoples of America.

211202 Luke

Despite all the time British and American students spend learning about Nazi Germany, we never learned the most important lesson; not to fall for the lies of people like Donald Trump and not to repeat Germany’s mistakes.

Now, I live in Japan and I have friends from Germany, Swedem, South Africa, the Phillipines and of course Japan. I can hear many different perspectives on both history and the world today. It improves my understanding and makes me a better person.

I hope that by coming to Earnest and interacting with myself and other Foreign Teachers from so many different cultures, my students can learn many different perspectives instead of growing up with a narrow worldview like I had.

Hello everyone,

This year has been quite the year so far.There have been so many things happening around the world. The biggest one, ofcourse, has been the COVID-19 outbreak. This has affected many people all over the world, if not directly, indirectly.

For myself, I have had to wear a mask everyday, limit my contact with other people and here at Earnest, teach online lessons for the first time.

At first I was a little apprehensiveregarding teaching online, but with through preparation and practice I believeI have been able to give fun and engaging lessons online. Having to think ofactivity ideas for online lessons has really opened up my creative side whichin turn has helped with ideas for in-person lessons.

Now with everything slowly opening up andrestrictions being loosened I am looking forward to teaching all my students inperson and trying out my new activity ideas. Hopefully they are as excited as Iam to go back to normal lessons.

We are now clearly in summer and with thatbrings the yearly preparation for summer school. The foreign teacher team arehard at work trying to create some awesome classes with great activities andcrafts to help engage, entertain and teach our students more practical anduseful English. We have four interesting classes that will really enthrall ourstudents.

Hopefully we see many of our students therefor a great time!























 今回の外出自粛要請のため、Stay homeで今までにない新しい体験をした子も多いのではないかと思います。私自身もお家で初めてクッキーを焼いてみたり、何年も捨てられなかった不要物をやっと捨てたり、Stay homeは関係ありませんが、自転車で通勤をしてみたり。その状況を受け入れ、それを最大限に楽しめるよう、常に考えていきたいと思っています。



 また、レッスン内で使用するコンテンツ作成にも携わっています。これも自分にとっての新しい体験です。Power Point を使用してコンテンツは作成していますが、Power Pointを触るのも初めて、コンテンツを作るのも初めて、と最初は「どうしましょう・・・」と途方にくれましたが、徐々に慣れてくるにつれ、不安はだんだん楽しみに変わってきました。どうしたら、生徒のみなさんに分かりやすいのか、楽しんでできるのか。普段のレッスンでも考えているところですが、より視覚的に表せるので、今まで以上にレッスンの内容を考えることが楽しくなってきました。



Our new experiences can shape the person we become. 



              Hello every one! My name is Joe. Iam a teacher here at Earnest. I hope you all are doing well. We are still in avery strange time that has never happened before due to the COVID-19 pandemic.We have been watching news about this disease for a couple months and I thinkmost of us might get stressed from it or get sick of listening to the news.


              For me, I still have my daily lifealmost like normal, getting up and go to work. Luckily, this situation does notaffect me much like some other people. I walk around the station coming towork, I can see the city in a different look. There are not many people aroundanymore. I look quite sad.



              I use a train to commute to work. Itseems like there is only me in the train. It used to be quite noisy at thestation and also in the train, but what I can hear now is only my breathing.



              At my work, we started having anonline lesson that we have to make a lot of new materials. Not only makingthem, we need to practice teaching online lesson to be ready for the reallesson.

              For me myself, I had to make somematerials for some international course. I actually found it fun. I actuallylearn many things while making it. I have to think more about students likewhat students might react when they see the online lesson, what would theythink when see the materials I make, or would they understand what I want themto do or to say, etc.


              I feel that I actually haveimprove myself more as a teacher. If there was no COVID-19, I would not have achance to get these skills. I can see a lot of good things in this badsituation like getting new skills, having more time to be with my family,having more time to be at home, realizing that interact with students in personis so much fun, etc. I can talk about it forever for what I miss.


I think every one might feel the same that wewant our normal lives back as soon as possible. We missing going out, interactwith other in person, etc. This situation make us realized that we should begrateful for what we actually have, even though it is not really special likewe have beautiful nature that we can go to, we have so many people we want to go hang out with.


              When we come back to a normallife, I hope everyone does not forget what we feel right now. We should appreciate for what we have.