Hello, I`m Andrew Fitton, a 27 year old English teacher here at Earnest English academy. This is my second time teaching here in Japan and that`s due to my love of Nagano`s beautiful mountains – something we have very little of back in England.

  Being a keen sportsman, I believe that sports and exercise are key to having a healthy and enjoyable life. For me, that means running three times a week. But for you that could be anything from walking the dog to climbing a mountain, not to mention the variety of sports available in Nagano.

  By participating in these activities, we not only reduce our waist bands and build muscle, but we also improve our personal characters, determination, discipline, etc. The benefits of regular exercise are endless, so everyone should get out there and do something however small it may be. If you don`t like exercising on your own then don`t worry, grab a friend and enjoy even more benefit than someone exercising alone.

  If you`re looking for some inspiration to get you out and about, then look no further than this year`s FIFA Women`s World Cup. Japan made it to the final for the second tournament running, which is quite the achievement. I`m happy for them even though on route they knocked my team out of the tournament in the semi – finals. If soccer isn`t your cup of tea then this year`s Wimbledon and one of my particular favorites: The Tour de France should give you plenty of motivation.


 「フランス 自転車 レース」の画像検索結果「ウィンブルドン」の画像検索結果


  In the words of one of the biggest sports brands in the world and also a lesser known motivational video from Shia Labeouf, “Just Do It.”