Hello! This is Rob, welcoming you to another exciting time for ushere at Earnest English Academy!

Parents’ Observation Lessons are in full swing, with the humblehalls of our school bustling in the lively energy of our young elementarystudents guiding their mothers, fathers, and grandparents to each of theirlessons. While some of our students are understandably nervous to be observedby their family, many of our pupils are eager, enthusiastic (and yes—earnest) to show off their fun and engaging lesson time.

For us teachers, we are of course thrilled to welcome parents tothis once-a-year opportunity; we take great pride in the quality of oureducation, the outstanding atmosphere of our classes, and the unique appeal ofour collaborative Dual Lesson system. Parents are treated to the opportunity toobserve their children in both Native Teachers’ and Japanese Teachers’ lessons,and it has been extremely rewarding for me to see their smiling and supportivefaces, laughing mirthfully along with us throughout the classes.

It is a real pleasure to meet so many parents. This time comes onlyonce a year; for my long-term students, it’s a wonderful opportunity to touchbase with familiar faces; for my new students, I am always delighted to make aconnection with the family for the first time. This week, I have beenthoroughly pleased to see some parents joining in with the class, participatingwith rapt attention and eagerness. I can clearly see the support my studentsreceive from home, and am immensely grateful for parents’ efforts to helpfurther their children’s education after school hours. I hope that all parents,inspired by their students’ performance here at the school, will continue tosupport and encourage their young ones’ progress through continued practice athome!

For those families who have already joined us, thank you for yourvisit! To those whose observations are coming this week or next, please lookforward to seeing your sons’ and daughters’ development. We’ll see you soon!