Helloeveryone! I'm Andrew.

Winter is well and truly here and with itbeing my favourite season of the year I am feeling very excited. The snowymountains all around Nagano never cease to amaze me each year. I’m reallylooking forward to enjoying days skiing in the mountains followed by soaking myaching muscles in some of the best hot springs found in Japan.

Let’s also not forget about Christmas and theNew Year. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to celebrating with family andfriends in this festive period, myself included.

 This time of year is the perfect opportunityto look back at the year as a whole. We can be thankful for the things we’veachieved, learned and experienced whilst also taking stock of the other thingswe can do to further improve ourselves and our lives.

 With the New Year almost upon us it is a goodchance to think about what we want to achieve in the coming year. We can takethe lessons we learnt last year and take them forward with us into the NewYear. The New Year can be a fresh slate for us to write a new chapter in ourlives and live the life we want to.

 Here at Earnest we have the Winter SeminarPeriod in which the Foreign Teacher team have created two new lessons forInternational Students and Elementary students to enjoy. Those coupled withprivate lessons for Junior High School students and High School students aswell as the regular seminar lessons offered by the Japanese teachers there aremany opportunities here at Earnest for students to prepare themselves for theyear ahead.

 So I hope to see many of my students over thisfestive period taking this great opportunity to improve and prepare for theyear to come.

 As always thank you for reading and I hope youall have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!