Hello! This is Rob, your veteran Canadian of Earnest English Academy.

Spring is in full swing, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Did everyone get the chance to relax and appreciate the blossoms with family and friends? The burst of colour and beauty that comes with the sakura seems to perfectly mirror the atmosphere here at our humble academy. The new school year has begun, and staff and students alike are aglow with the optimism and enthusiasm of new beginnings.

In the spirit of the renewing season, our third-year junior highschool students are being treated to a revised curriculum from our Native Teachers; we’ve redesigned our course with a focus on practical application to natural conversation and useful practice for upcoming exams. I’m delighted with the effectiveness of the course, and the bright and talkative attitude with which our students are tackling the material. I hope our third-years out there will continue to look forward to these new lessons!

It’s also a real pleasure to welcome so many new high school students to their classes this year; our high school curriculum—which we’ve been diligently refining over the last two years—puts a heavy focus on student fluency and communication, so seeing so many new groups of students meet each other and form new friendships is both rewarding and exciting as a teacher. I hope that the warm classroom dynamics become even brighter and more amicable as the weeks progress.

Finally, the transition of our International students into their first-year elementary classes really ringstrue the coming of a new year. Most of them are taking well to the sudden leap in expectations and maturity, and it’s a privilege to be able to guide them in this significant step in their development towards becoming the exceptional adults they will one day be.

And so it’s a busy but lively season here at Earnest! I look forward to watching the budding skills and minds of our young charge blossom into the summer.