Hello, This is Matt. Summer has come and students are having their vacations.  The air is hot, junior high and high school students are doing their club activities, and elementary students are going to the pool at their schools.  Many people ask me if I can handle Japanese summer, but it’s actually quite similar to summer in my hometown of Atlanta.  That said, American summer for students is very different from what summer vacation is like in America.


First off, our vacation begins in early-June and ends in mid-August.  You may be jealous that it is so long, but there are a few bad things.  For one, once we go back to school we have gotten used to not studying and the first month back to school can be quite stressful.


Also unlike what we do in Japan, school is completely closed during the summer.  There are no clubs, no going to the school pool, and no teachers or students in the building.  So what do Americans do?  When I was a student, many would go to summer camp for a week or two.  I went to Boy Scout summer camp for several years, a camp connected to my parents’ church several years more, and a few years I went to both.  At summer camp, we would go canoeing, make crafts, try ropes courses, and more.


Back at home, I would spend a lot of time with my friends who lived across the street.  We spent our summer days watching movies, trying to make movies with a camera, and we knew about a rope swing over a river only about a kilometer from our houses that we would sometimes go to.

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The pool at Camp Mikell in Georgia, USA.  I attended several times for summer camp (as well as other times during the year).

No matter where we live, though, summer is a great time to get outside and have a fantastic time with our friends and family.