Hello again. My name is Joe. I am a foreign teacher here at Earnest.

 In the past couple months, it has been very hot and I have to go to work by bicycle. Every day when I get to work I sweat a lot. I’m always complaining to myself “Why can’t I drive a car?”, “Why do I have to ride a bike 15 minutes to come to work?”

Sometimes when it rains, I also ride a bike to work. And again I complain. I keep complaining in any weather.Not only about commuting to work. I sometimes complain about little things like dinner; “Why do we have this food again?”, about my house; “Why is my room so hot?”And I keep complaining, complaining,…


  Couple days ago, I saw a news on TV about typhoon in Osaka. I heard that it was the biggest typhoon in the past 25 years. I saw many houses, buildings, bridges being destroyed.


  Many people stuck in a train. Many people have no place to stay. They had no way to go back to their houses. Many people slept in a train station or even in a train.


  When I saw this news I thought to myself that I am actually lucky that I don’t have to face that situation.


  Now I look back to my own problems, they are really small compare to those problems in Osaka. I should be grateful for what I have. I should not complain about my very tiny problems.
 So now I start look at my problems from different perspective. If those people in Osaka see my problems they would think my problems are really nothing compare to them. When I go to work in a hot weather, I would tell myself that at least it takes only 15 minutes better than having no transportation. Only sweat just wipe it out and it will be fine.
 If I look at my problems positively I would be a lot more happy with my life. I hope you,readers, try to look at your problems positively and you would have happy lives.