Hello everyone. I'm Andrew. It’s getting to that time of year again with darker evenings, and colder weather. Christmas is just around the corner and, for us here at Earnest English Academy, Observation Week.

This season is a busy one for everyone, including us here at E.E.A. We are currently in full preparation mode for having some of our students’ parents come and observe our lessons. Throughout the year we are constantly training and trying to improve ourselves and our lessons, so that students are able to get the most out of the lessons whilst also having lots of fun. With many parents coming to observe our lessons, it’s a good opportunity for them to see how their child or children are doing, and also to see how much effort, passion and skill each teacher at E.E.A has. This is an important time for us here at E.E.A because we want our students and parents alike to be satisfied with everything our school has to offer.

 To be a good teacher you need to prepare, but sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you prepare when the students do or say something unforeseen. This is where each teacher’s true ability shines - being able to take these unforeseen occurrences and turn them into something that helps the lesson or simply doesn’t derail the lesson. In Observation Week, these occurrences can happen more often and it can really test a teacher when parents are watching.

 Working with students over the last few years has really opened my eyes to the unexpected things children sometimes say or do, and this can correlate with our own private lives. Unexpected things, good or bad, can affect us at any moment and how we deal with them will shape our lives going forward.

 The key is flexibility and a positive attitude. This is something that we try to instill in our students here at E.E.A.