Hello, this is Matt. Cherry blossom season is almost here and spring has begun. 
I’m excited to go hiking as the weather warms and Nagano is a fantastic place to do so!

When I was a teenager living in America, I was in the Boy Scouts and went on overnight hikes into the wilderness almost every month.  Our most serious hike was in the mountains and forests of New Mexico, where we stayed on the trail and away from civilization for almost two weeks! One mountain we climbed, Baldy Peak, is a little higher than Mt. Fuji and we could have a snowball fight in the middle of July!

I don’t go on hikes that long anymore, but I do have my favorite hikes around Nagano. I live in Ueda-city, and it’s very easy to find time to climb Mt. Taro,which stands next to the city.  It’s not a particularly high mountain, but the trail is quite steep, so you get a workout when you climb it.  A few years ago, I went up almost every Sunday afternoon.

Another place I enjoy is Mt. Unnomaru,which is near Komoro City.  This is a pretty high mountain at 2,101 meters. It’s not too difficult, though, since you drive up to a ski resort and can even take a ski lift up the first part of the climb.

I’m hoping to explore some of the mountains around Nagano City sometime as well, but maybe you’ll see me on the trail if you try one of  my regular mountains.