I released new iOS app - "Dog's Age". This app is to convert dog's age to the age as human's. You can download it from App Store for free. Please try it if you keep your pets.

This app is for iOS9 or iOS10. Also for iPhone or iPod touch.

I've started to develop this app when iOS3 had be the latest one. I had some friends who kept pets. They were concerned about pet's life stage for pet's food and health care and even how to play. That made me start developing this app. It would be very useful if they knew pet's age easily.

But I leaved it undone because of my poor design skills. I could not make good icons, and so. After iOS7, Apple introduced "Flat Design" fo iOS apps. That was very simple, and I could design icons by myself. So recently I restarted to develop this app. And it was done.


Before I have started to develop this app, I only knew a vague concept that "Dog's age is calendar year multiplied by 7." As a result of examination, I realized that actually a little complicated calculation is necessary.

There are some life stages for animals, they are puppy, junior, prime, mature, senior, geriatric. They are corresponding to humans life stages. Therefore, it does not become a direct proportional relationship from the time of birth. Regarding the average life expectancy, human beings are definitely growing, and it varies from country to country. The growth rate also varies depending on the dog's breed and other living environments. Therefore it is difficult to decide strictly how old, but approximately this would be a good guide. 

Dog's breeds are quite large differences, then they separate dog breeds from small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, and giant dogs. I found age tables for cats and rabbits. So I appended their.