I use the conversion tables from rabbit age to human age from U.S. breeder "Three Little Ladies Rabbitry".

Three Little Ladies Rabbitry - Just How Old is Your Bunny

Because they are breeders, they have rich experiences raising rabbits. Moreover, since it can be observed carefully, I thik that the credibility would be high.

In this table, life expectancy is assumed to be 75 years for humans and 10 years for rabbits. However, it does not simply take 7.5 years a year in a year.  Rabbits grow until they reaches sexual maturity in 6 months of age. But human would not be able to give birth in 4 years old. People get to that point around 16 years of age. So it makes sense that age a 6 month old rabbits is equal to a 16 year old person.


And some more thought introduce this conversion table:

Rabbit AgePeople Age
1 week1 year
2 weeks2 years
3 weeks4 years
4 weeks6 years
2 months8 years
3 months10 years
4 months12 years
5 months14 years
6 months16 years
1 year21 years
2 years27 years
3 years33 years
4 years39 years
5 years45 years
6 years51 years
7 years57 years
8 years63 years
9 years69 years
10 years75 years

Plotting on a graph, the first 24 months look like this;


And whole years like this;