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日本酒 rice wine

Japanese sake is becoming popular all over the world.

Thanks to its delicate fragrance and refined flavor, sake is becoming popular all over the world. Through a complicated brewing process the main ingredients of rice and water are turned into sake. It’s often called “rice wine” because wine, too , is a drink made by fermentation. But while good wine depends largely on the quality of the grapes, its is said that a skillful brewer can make great sake even with rice that isn’t perfect.

世界中に広まりつつある日本酒。その魅力は豊かな香りと深い味わいにあります。日本酒の主な原料は米と水で、それが複雑な醸造工程を経て日本酒とへと姿をかえていきます。同じ醸造酒であるワインにたとえて、rice wineとよくよばれます。ワインの質は原料であるぶどうの質に左右されていますが、日本酒場合は出来が少々悪い米でも、腕のいい杜氏にかかるとうまい酒が生まれるといわれています。

The first time you sample sake, try drinking it chilled to around the same temperature you would enjoy white wine.

There’s no need to use a Japanese o-choko to drink sake: A wine glass or tumbler will also let you appreciate the distinctive bouquet. And sake goes very well with Western food.


Sake is classified by ingredients and by how much the rice has been milled before brewing. A nice, light sake for the novice drinker would be daiginjo, which is made from rice that has been milled down to less than 50% of its original size.




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