January 10, 2016

Japanese course dinner

I and my mam went to MINO-SANSO

5th Jan~6th

5th is mother's birthday and 6th is mine.

We had a very good time.


Japanese full course dinner called [kaiseki meal]

There was the menu of course.like photo

and meal came line up.


I like this bowl
MINO is famouse [Water fall and maple]

We can enjoy meal and dish

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December 24, 2015

Izu GranPal Park Illumination

I went to Gran Illumi.
It took 2&half hour by car from my home town.

Illumination Before I did for House Tenbosh Palace.

I enjoyed both!

Izu Gran illumi has atraction.

And All of Park has illumi.



Last area is show area.
With another Christmas song, My Amazing Grace for Illumi was played with lighting show.


It is until 31th Dec.


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December 07, 2015

Amazing Grace on illumination

From Erital Christmas CD [Amazing Grace] will be on illumination of [IZU GRANPAL Park]

I rearranged for illumi.
It will be so fun!

From Dec.10~Dec.31
The illumination show at 15minutes intervals

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October 09, 2015

『erital Christmas Live 8th』

We will play many popular Christmas songs and from Erital Christmas CD.

Grapefruit-moon-sangenchaya Tokyo

open18:00  start19:00 charge\3000+1drink
Erital :Eri Sugai:Vo Itaru Watanabe :Gt,Vo

Tsutomu Ohira: Key 
Shigeru Okazawa:B 
Obawo Nakazima Per

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September 02, 2015

For searching [Kokoro no Niwa] iTune in your country

Today I knew the Artist name became Japanese kanji in overseas i Tune store.

That is why it is so hard to find.

Please enter CD title kokoro no niwa in searching mark.


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May 21, 2015

Rose Garden

I went Rose Garden today.
This is the first time I go.
The season of Rose is so short.


There are Royal Rose corner.
Many country's Royal rose.


Princess Michiko.

We had a happy time.


This rose smell like a tea.

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March 29, 2015


I wen to Niigata. my husband family homeAnd had a little trip.




From the top of Yahiko, we can see the sea and Sadogasima and rice paddy the other side.
Niigata rice is so famouse.

I like this kind of gift shop.


In these days there are so fancy and beautiful gift shop.
and there are no differentiation even we go to Hokkaido,Osaka,Kyoto Tokyo...

But this is not.
I can feel something.

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February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

When I was a elementary school kid, I got choco at Valentine from a boy.
Who played after school seat swing athletic ground of school.

The choco he gave me was not keep the form square.
He said [I hid this choco chest.so this was melt... and dry out.]

Maybe he felt awkward, and hid choco.

But!!! I did not know about Valentine.

I said thank you. Just it......

It is a good memory

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February 08, 2015

Erital Pops Live Vol.4

【Erital Pops Live Vol.4】

April 23 Thu Grapefruit-moon-sangenchaya Tokyo

open18:00  start19:00 charge\3000+1drink
Erital :Eri Sugai:Vo Itaru Watanabe :Gt,Vo

Tsutomu Ohira: Key 
Shigeru Okazawa:B 
Obawo Nakazima Per

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February 03, 2015


Today is Setubun

about setubun pageabout setubun in english

Today I went to Shinto shrine cause I did not go to shrine for praying New year.
But today is setubun.
So I could see the ceremony.


About 45 minutes, ceremony.
and after mame-maki began.
In these days, this event not beans, people throw sweets and little toys.

And famous sumo wrestler came this place.

While ceremony... few people come.
But before mame-maki time, so many people come.
Just they want to sweets, not for ceremony.

This event is so fun.

But I felt so sad...
I saw human is this.. human is very piggy.

Mame-maki began = takingwar began.


Why people don't have satisfaction Just one sweet.
They brought big bag.
Even there is child who doesn't get, adult don't care about it.

When I took the photo, instant noodle came to me.
My husbund got a ball.



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