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The representative of ETP Association is writing to communicate with international members in Spanish and Inglish that is not fluent, as well in English. If it is difficult to understand, please contact us by email. ETP is a group that studied how to use the power of conscience.

Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do


Japan in colour

The Aikido

An age old problem - Japan

The Wartime History of Japan. Preview

I present a film "Rin tosite Ai" which means "Our love with gallantry."

After the defeat of Greater East Asia War, Japan was occupied by Allied troops, and by the program of them all blame of the war was cast to the politician and military of wartime.

I want people of Japonología that will know why Japan began the war, how they fought. Knowing the history of modern Japan may understand more of Japan.

This will be the prologue and 7 parts. In total film will be like 70 minutes.

The tittle in japanese is "Rin tosite Ai" wich means "Being dignified and Love". The Wartime History of Japan 

Energy Technique Principles 


Wisdom of the samurai who wields the power to overcome.
Who controls the body to body combat, dominates the whole.
The form of etiquette is good manners and is a ceremony, but the Samurai always supposing a sudden attack, he was using the form of etiquette accompanied by defense and sword.

Taking measures as appropriate, responding witty, and trying seriously courtesy is posible to increase the capacity of the martial art and gain the supreme power.
The etiquette of the samurai, modeled on the etiquette of Ogasawara which follows from the Muromachi period, including therein the logical martial art is sublimated in a unique fencing etiquette.

The etiquette is composioned by motion of defense against the enemy while maintaining the original respect and dignity of their own, and is way that is common to the teachings of "in the sheath," which dominates the Victory without drawing the sword.

My impression about my trip to Peru.

In my Japanese blog I wrote my impression about my trip to Peru. And to complement my idea I write in this article.

Because I have lived in Argentina and have experience of traveling to Mexico and Peru think that my impression is not just another Japanese.

In short it is not only as a Japanese, I had an international outlook and feelings that the Japanese should be proud to the Japanese culture. And this trip also gave effect to my idea of how to live.
By chance I found some YouTube files with the same idea to me and upload it.

From 30 to 10,000 years ago the ancestors of the Indians are Mongoloid Asians、 crossed the frozen Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska and spread to various parts of the extended continental America. No unified identity was developed by indigenous peoples, and they are dispersions to nations of each tribe.

After Columbus came to the islands of West Indies, France to Canada, England to USA, Spain and Portugal to Central and South America, the Westerners began to explore and cultivate, to plunder the territories of indigenous peoples and to genocide. Other words that began the colonization of America by Westerners.

USA became independent in 1776, Colombia and Chile in 1810, Paraguay in 1811, Argentina in 1816 and Mexico in 1821. There are 14 regions that still has not independence but I think in these times there is no exploitation neither extreme violation.

In Asia were also developing colonization by Westerners. Japan also occupied a corner of the great powers and annexed colonized Taiwan and Korea. Having "process", Japan made the "Great East Asia War" which stipulates the existence and defense autonomous of Japan and the Liberation of Asia. But in 1945 Japan was defeated and Taiwan and Korea was liberated.

For the defeat, Japan withdrew from the countries that assault in Southeast Asia and come back those protector states trying to control as their colony. But the countries of Southeast Asia for trusting the possibility of independence through the Great East Asia War, its independence was made one after another.

Philippines in 1946 from USA, India in1949 from England, in 1948 Burma (Myanmar) from England, Indonesia in 1949 from the Netherlands, Laos in 1953 from France, Cambodia in 1953 from France, Vietnam in 1954 from France, Malaysia in 1957 from England, Singapore in 1963 independence from England.

Japan to be defeated country no longer has the right to say strongest which was the reason for the war, but the countries of Southeast Asia to know that Japan beat Russia in 1905 had hoped of independence, and the evolution of "Great War East Asia" they had the confidence in himself and conducted by itself their independence. I think it is no good to romanticize the past too much but also not necessary to think too much everything masochism.

Japan and Thailand which was not colonized in Asia, the head of state is the Emperor and King. And I think they played a role of unity in the country and raising the consciousness of the people belonging to the country, ie not dispersing the power of the nation.

While the "Great East Asia War," Thailandia in front the Battle of East Asia collaborate positively to Japan that the army of the place can move quickly, work logistics, supply and etc. ..

In the postwar continuing with Japan friendly exchanges and deduct the loan that arose in the war.

Flower Arranging at Japan style.

The origin of Ikebana is the current of animism from the old age and is a performance of reconstruction of plants in the residential area that were collected abroad.
The plants to be different animals, even after to be cut if the plants is properly treated, are capable of sustaining life. This characteristic of these plants are considered mysteries.
 It is considered an attempt inclusive management on the vase mysterious power which is beyond human hands

Art of arranging flowers, in Japan are said in common sense IKEBANA and that contains spiritual training we say KADO.
KA means flowers and Do means way, then it will be The Way of Spiritual training by the Arrangement of flowers.
The Kado was instructed by the master to disciple. For the way not be disused, teachers thought not teach who is inappropriate.
By this idea the teachers teach and educate to his disciples severely. And not only on the art of arrangement, extended until thinking about how to live and as a human.
The culture of decorating with flowers began to offer flowers at the soul of the dead in ancient times.

After being introduced Buddhism as the custom of offering flowers to ancestor also started decorate in several places in the mode of life.
In the Muromachi age(1338-1573), began to arrange flowers in a vase in obedience to the rule and putting it in the sacred space in the room of a Japanese house.

Japanese flower arrangement should be arranged as to look as beautiful and elegant from the front.
The reason is because the vase is placed against the wall of the Sala. From that age grew the idea that herbs and flowers are the same as human life, and has perfected the Kado.


Tribalism (Collective Action)

The Japanese to be agricultural society living in the island nation have the mentality of collectivism.

Although each no has so much ability, when the Japanese work in group they deploy the perfect group ability.

Parents teach children traditionally do not disturb others and also puts pressure on the children saying "working so everyone will laugh at you."

I think that agriculture especially in rice cultivation of Japan can not do it alone because in most part need to cooperate and work with all people of the village, and for being insular country there is less transfer and be difficult to choose their neighbors, the Japanese reconcile and harmonize well with everyone .

I think in simple march the Europeans are smarter than the Japanese, but in this form of collective action the Japanese are more excellent.

They are students of Japan Physical Education University.

“Seeing is Believing”

Seeing is Believing”

It is difficult to explain exactly by word what is ETP, because each image extracted by reading or hearing is various and different.

Then it will be "seeing is believing," and in Japanese say "The evidence is eloquent than the theories." In plain terms will be "Proof of the pudding is in the eating."

   ★ Click on the Home Page of ETP Trail Kit


The Trial kits are various types of energy. Only who are for the first time, can select one kit. The price is ¥300(about USD$4.00-).

On the occasion of Trial kit the energy works for 45days only addressed to anyone who requests it.

[1] First, read the description of energy, and determine the energy of the Kit.

[2] Depending on how to play and where to hear the music, select the media and clik one of them.

[3]. When is difficult to select one, it has recommended MP3 of energy "The Super Luck."

[4]. If you select CD-R, you have to record your favorite music by yourself. And in case of MP3, you have to send your MP3 to ETP, and we will seal the energy and send it to you.

However, if you can not by yourself, and if you indicates to us, we will record some natural sounds in your CD-R before delivery.

Or if you refer MP3 will send you a file prepared in ETP after sealing power. Either way ask us outright.

[5] The amount of the shopping cart is limited to one. At this stage it is not necessary to register as a buyer, please click on "order without registering"

[6] Please complete the purchase order. Your name, address, telephone number and etc. The membership number, please fill in the following "0-000-5000".

[7] Payment can be by credit card through Paypal. Payment is in advance.

[8] People sensitive to energy will be able to immediately understand ETP products.

If you want to buy other products immediately, irrespective of the expiration of the kit you can join in ETP and buy it.

  When you receive the Trial Kid, record a favorite music, and listen more than 30

minutes by day and if possible every day hear it constantly.

No problem to hear a longer time but the effect is not proportional to time. Even a short time is heard every day constant is more effective than long listen for once.

  Even to buy the trial kit, it does not cause any obligation.

Except for one-time opportunity that will ask a survey, we do not will ask you to join the ETP.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so we will be happy to answer your questions.

When reproducing sound immediately any change does not occurs special.

Because the atmosphere will change little by little toward the purpose of energy, do not expect drastic changes and observe quietly.

Do not want the process to be changed as you want for yourself, please rely on the evolution of energy

The energy pick up your current situation, your environment and will guide to their goal in the best way for you.

Please enjoy your improvement process and monitor changes in their own environment.

  Not later than 30 days you can feel the effects of energy, at least you feel the


After understanding the energy ETPwe will be glad for you to join us and enjoy the energy and products that try to overcome your trainer.

Japanese traditional tune by electric guitar

Here are Takeshi "Terry" Terauchi & Blue Jeans playing their signature Japanese traditional tune "Tsugaru Jongara Bushi". This mind-blowing performance from 1976 is at their very best.

At this moment I did not like electric guitars bands because I was feeling loud.

But when this group came up with Japanese traditional melodies I felt very energetic and I liked a lot.

Later I knowed that all were origin of martial arts as Kendo and so on. Let's see if the energy is transmitted from them.

In short, to explain briefly the ETP?


In short, to explain briefly the ETP?

Only listening to MP3 files or CDs you can get the energy to achieve your  aspirations, to solve your problems, to overcome your capable.

As is said "Seeing is Believing", "The proof of the pudding is in the eating", please judged it by "Trial Kit" of ETP.


The sword of samurais.

En este momento es testimonio.
Aver si esta bien pegado en esta pagina.

Compendium of various techniques of Karate Do.

This is a testimony.
 It is a propaganda of a company that sells DVDs related to Karate Do of WKF and  JKF.
 The content is as I like because it shows compendium of various techniques of Karate Do.
 Perhaps if a person who has experience of participating the Karate tournament in the past and he will admire thrilled to the  advanced techniques of assets samurais .

Welcome to the official blog of ETP


ETP has a concept that our little consciousness is linked to the “Vast Consciousness.”  which is "collective consciousness" of all humans of past, present and future. And every our consciousness are a part of the collective consciousness. But because ETP is not religion don’t have religious doctrine and holy book.
ETP directors accessing to the vast consciousness, download the necessary energy and seal it to the environment (products ETP).

The members of ETP taking advantage of the product ETP improve their circumstances of health, of work, of economy, of human relation and of capable as necessary.

Taking cognition of the existence and effect of energy ETP will begin to use not only for himself, also to improve his family, his companions and surroundings.

And to enjoy the energy and able to overcome their ETP not need to train hard. Just listen to [play] music files or wear wristbands.
For people who have time will also be good to do meditation

The ETP Association strives to serve society through the improvement of management ability, intelligence and human relationships, to help serve the development of human ability, and to provide care for a healthier mind and spirit.

I like many people go to ETP and overcome both materially and morally.


We Japanese have the idea of "Bring own consciousness to something" from old age. An example would be like samurai put at his sword and as traders put at their "Noren" which is a screen with the logo of the store that hangs at the entrance. And another will be the Senbazuru.

"Senbazuru (thousand paper crane birds)"
The bird of the crane (Tsuru) has been a symbol of longevity together with the torroise (kame) for a long time. The previous one was created that live for thousands of years, and the back as ten
thousand years.

Senbazuru is to the chains of folding paper (origami) bird of the crane.

In our time the word "Senbazuru" usually refers a thousand small birds folded paper crane with a prayer wishing the early recovery of a sick person.

Birds folded paper crane is to show the maker's attention and concern for the sick person. When a thousand paper birds are the crane, are tied together with some chains and presented to the sick person, they hang in the room for decoration.

Fuegos artificiales de Japon

Estoy tratando de aprender como cargar el archivo de las que yo lo he agrabado pero todavia no lo entiendo.
Solo puedo poner aqui los archivos pero no son mi original. 

Un combate de Karate con aparato protector

Desde que me enseñaron como instalar el You Tube paso como 3 horas y voy a repetir para ver si lo he aprendiendo bien como subirlo a este blog.


Yo dependia a JKF [Japan Karate Federetion]cual no usaban protector como en este combate. Porque el protector facial y el guante grueso da mal efecto de acostumbrarse a la distancia que no es real y por el peso de guante da mala costumbre por ejemplo de dar estocada como blandiendo que es mejor golpear en linea directa.


Pero por otra parte para los principiante hay mérito de usar los protectos.

Pienso que en estos tiempos hay buenos protector facial , y en este combate esta bien aprovechado el protector.


Women can not directly touch the sword.



Because the models change over time, assuming speak about the Edo period.

The samurai had to carry 2 swords. Swords inserted to the left of the belt againsted

the part of the cut above.

Even when he got comfortable at home, except when is lying always he put his short sword keep inserted to the belt. They are always at war.

The inside of the pod has installed a small knife “Kozuka” is little and fine. In an emergency they can throw it in use as a weapon but daily is used to cut papers.

On the outer side of the pod has a built Kougai is a comb, and the battlefield is used as a substitute fork and chopsticks. Many were made ​​of silver because it reacts to the venom.

The samurai when he looks back, never again only his head,  the body goes to that address because if he is attacked lose one moment.

When a samurai is walking out on the street even as rain does not use the umbrella.

But be careful to not water enter between the mouth of the sheath, the handle is covered with extensive kimono’s under arms.

During the trip so it does not pale color of the threads of the handle of the sword is covered with a bag. And if he has bags hung on the back.

The samurai when enter to the residensia, in the first hall pull out the long sword from his belt and has in his “right” hand, directing the cutting to above.

When he lay or when is changing clothes leaves his 2 swords at trusting rack.

And this case put them as the courts are destined to above .

They put as the handles are looked at the left side and at right the pods.

The sword rack, is to place the two sword horizontally, the long and short swords in two parallel spaces.

When placed those, first the long sword in the space below, following pulling out his short sword from his belt and puts it in the top space what it can look the outer parts of the swords.

For the long sword is heavy put it in the space below, and because in the space below takes up space longer than above, feel visual stability by divergence. (Extension of the base)

Because sheathed swords have their faces and their crosses (creast), swords in the rack must be placed with the handle to the left and to right pods to show their faces to the front. And the curvature aimed upwards.
Should be put on the sword rack to show the front of the sword ie to show the “Kougai”of the sword.

Why is the samurai has two swords? The Japanese sword is very sharp but the battle may be chipped or fractured the court sword, or if you cut several, for fat is get difficult to be sharp is necessary to have in reserve.

Because the long sword there are cases to be deposited or stored separately is needed take at hand the short sword to be always at war.

When the samurai carried swords in his belt after changing clothes, first take the short, and inserts into inside of his belt, come out the hall, and his wife takes the long sword as handling and wrapping with her Kimono widely underarms without touching directly  and deliver the sword to her husband at foot lobby .

The husband receive the long sword and leads and inserts into inside of his belt,

after slapping to his abdomen to lift morale and goes out the street with a straight back

Women and children do not directly touch the swords. I think it happens a question of why so, at this time I say only “to be idea of energy.”


Estoy buscando colaboradores voluntarios que traduzca el japonés al español o Inglés, o personas que puedan corregir mi pobre español e Inglés para que los lectores pueda entender mejor mis frases de español e Inglés.
No hay recompensa pero puedo ofrecer informaciones y algo de productos de ETP.
Quienes tengan interes por favor de comunicarme a .

●The wife must follow 3 steps back?



So that you do not consider that this blog is just a bothers propaganda of ETP I will advance also introduced Japanology issues.

I myself heard the word "Samurai" the first film directed by Akira Kurosawa "Seven Samurai. Actually I was living in Argentina and that was the first Japanese film that I saw and the first time I met the existence of the samurai.

Starting from that moment I heard the point of view of outsiders on the samurai with wonder and mystery, I think I can help you.


To continue the sequence of the subject I will write about "Manners of the Samurai." The foundation of manners is "Always Be at War, " always ready to attack.

Samurai word was translated as "warrior" but they are official, ie government officials. Of course, in the battle fought like warriors, and in peacetime, but worked as an officer used to carry two swords in his belt.


Today ended the era of the samurai. Moreover ninjas do not be hiding but knowing the ways of samurai could raise awareness of self-responsibility, and prevent theft, accidents and natural disasters. Knowing the depth psychology of the Japanese will help and will be useful to understand the ETP.


When a samurai left the house with his wife, the wife had to walk 3 steps back. These manners have been regarded as a symbol of machismo, but really was not.
Imagine the scene from a movie of the Edo era, a woman walking behind the samurai and always following it with something wrapped in a handkerchief [Furosiki]


However, assuming that the samurai were attacked by someone that was a security system to ensure together with his wife. Although the wife had nothing to carry loaded, she always had something wrapped in a handkerchief (Furosiki) to use as a weapon replaceable. I omit the explanation. The wife of the samurai was not only submissive wife and devoted mother, was educated and to fight with her husband.


A teacher Japanese of Aiki-Do living abroad back to Japan with his foreign wife, and then shopping in department stores, the teacher walked with several shopping bags.

I was walking with the students, and they were carrying all my bags. After identified coming toward him, he gave all the bags to his wife at a time and came up to me, and we come to greet us with their hands free. The lady is of European origin, and nagging question "Why?" and the teacher told his wife "Either way, hold on a minute! ".

We greet and say goodbye with a handshake, only that was the thing.
He did not receive the luggage until I lost in my sight but sometimes it makes me remember and laugh.

Because in this situation, the judgment was a moment that I think came from the DNA of Japanese, but I'm not sure the cause is, because we do not get along or was it because he was uncomfortable giving too much attention to his wife.


He who is younger than me I do not think want to show dignity, forcing his wife to load all the bags. Or is it because it formed the view that being a warrior leaves his empty hands to protect my attacks?


The image of members of ETP



[Q]  ETP is an association that teaches martial arts?  If not so, ETP's invitation is only addressed to persons interested in martial arts?  If so I want to be taught specifically the image of members of ETP


[A]  ETP is not a dojo that teaches martial arts. However I trained myself to judo and karate Do, I would like people who are interested in martial arts to get the ETP ability. Even if you are not martial arts related, of course, is welcome.


What in ETP we refer to as "Energy of Consciousness" meaning is in English but in Japanese may be "chi." However, "chi" is a martial art image (such as enthusiasm, vigorous spirit, courage etc.), called "hard" with an intense sense (dynamic), so we use the word of foreign origin "energy" feeling modern and "consciousness " that feels more static image (or quiet).


Energy of Consciousness CHI ie, for us in Japanese culture the concept of CHI is understood in a natural conception in the subconscious. We believe that especially difficult to explain to foreigners

Therefore, for foreigners who have an interest in martial arts or people who are interested in Japanese culture will be easier to understand this idea of CHI and energy of consciousness.
So, irrespective of their membership in ETP, if you read this blog, you will find many topics on Japanese culture.


As I typed in the article 16th of February, the ideal of the Japanese martial arts is dominate (control) without killing his opponent, control your mind (to remove the fear and ego), discover the absolute truth that is common with the objectives of ETP.

But are not hard to think, understanding that the technique is to set objectives and be aware of these to achieve them.


The following is on the image of members of ETP.
Does not belong to a particular religion but have great respect for nature, appreciation and feeling nice things godly and noble, trusting the laws of the universe in real life participates as a member of society is an ordinary person.
They are people with great curiosity.


In addition to participants in the former type of use, there are people who want to use energy more actively. Without relying on ETP products are trying to overcome ability by training techniques ETP and ETP type meditation

After studying about energy in other groups such as Reiki, religious groups, acupuncturists, healers, etc. manage the ETP ability and improve further its own way.


The opportunity to register for the “trial kit” also joined ETP, buying products of ETP in fields that are not strong, to experience more. Although there were no major changes, supplemented in this direction, was confirmed to be strengthened in the fields to take their work and family in their own way. If one day the power is unnecessary forget to use the products of ETP, but when the situation returns to start using them again.


Of the people who want to enjoy the effects of energy products in real life be more or less 90 percent, and those who want to exceed the capacity of ETP will be 10 percent. 

El terremoto de Japon 11 de Marzo

terremoto bb6133ea

This is not real photo.

ETP mates and friends in Mexico.

 I have lived in Osaka, there are no effects of the earthquake, but north of Tokyo were destroyed many buildings, the tsunami rose to the land and cars, houses and boats were swept away by the waves.

Suganohara director who lives in north of Tokyo, I still I can not have contact with him. The director had to seal energy tomorrow many CDs and MP3 files but do not think he can. So please wait a few days more.

Thank you very much to whom consoled me and Japan by phone and email it. Thank you very much.

                                         Yoshitaka Nakama

Activities after joining.


[Q]  If I join at the training (ETP), in what activities I have to participate?

[A]  In ETP the partner is not imposed and has no debt. ETP has different goals in each energy, to support the ability of each to expand and eliminate the inconvenience. First of all keep in good condition taking advantage of these energy products.

No need to carry an ascetic life. Having a bit of desire to improve, work without exaggeration using the energy of ETP, and most importantly, contribute to society through work as a member of the society to expand its capacity.


In Japan there is a proverb that says "Well fed, well educated," you could say "One with enough food and clothing knows courtesy", it is first important to be happy yourself by the effect of energy. If you are not in good condition can not help other people, but when one is in very good condition, naturally think about helping his friends, colleagues and the society. So we do not need rules and moral teaching.

When you are convinced of the existence and work of the energy, will be good to pursue the energy capacity of ETP meditating and practicing techniques to give direct support to the people around you, like the directors of ETP.

After associated with ETP and understand better, please make your own way of training.  

Take advantage of the "Trial kit.”


[Q]  I read the article "Short description of the ETP,” and if I feel interested in it, What I have to do concretely ?


[A]  If you feel interested in the explanation of the Association, please try first the "Trial kit.”  Clik on the following address:  and select an energy that you want to try. Then on the next page please choose the type of medium (mp3 or CD) preferred.


If you are indecisive in selecting any energy, choose the energy of "Super Luck" and the medium in file "MP3" and purchase it.

At only 300 yen, about 3.50 in USA dollars, you can pay through a PayPal account or credit card.


I recommend the medium MP3 file because it is cheaper and can offer a quick and easy.


By the equation of time we take 2 or 3 days to deliver the MP3 file supplied with energy by email. Please download the file by the URL written in the mail.

If ETP don’t contact more than five days, please contact us by email.


The energy of this MP3 file works only for the "applicant" for 45 days after receipt. These MP3 files can also duplicate, can also be transferred to another PC from the PC that was downloaded, during the term of validity.


About 30 minutes a day, please listen to the music constantly. The energy works regardless of the level volume. The energy works by play music. No matter what you've heard more than 30 minutes, and even listen twice as much time as power is not twice as effective. So you better listen every day constantly.


The objective of the energy is working on improving the condition and atmosphere of each, therefore not as quickly or how to improve each. If the situation and circumstance of the start is not very bad, in less than 30 days will notice the existence and function of energy, and at least feel the sign of the effect of energy.


After testing the Trial Kit, and be convinced of the explanation, understanding and agreeing with the concept of ETP, we invite you to join us and let’s train ETP techniques.

If everyday plays MP3 about 30 minutes, energy work all day, enjoy good luck and continue strengthening their conditions and environment.

The changes are not sudden, are little by little with the intuition developed by gathering information and expanding personal connections, managed to change.

You only have to play the music of the medium with a conscience to the subject of energy..If it were said to strongly please act dynamically and intuitively. Then, please continue to enjoy improving yourself. 

Japanese chess (Shogi)


[Q]  I thought the purpose of martial arts that the Japanese call it Budo is for perfect the martial art techniques and strengthen the mental strength to endure difficult and painful situations. But they have some other purpose?


[A]  It is a sharp question, but I will answer from my point of view.
Currently it can not say that all teachers in each of the martial arts feel the same way, but I think so.
The martial arts of Japan, but are naturally evolved from a technical fighter, in the Edo period after the year 1600 where there was no war, developed through the influence of Zen obtained.


Naturally, The Way of Martial Arts in Japan has evolved from a course in martial art technique, and getting Zen effect develops since 1600 years since don’t have war in the Edo Period. 


As I wrote at the conclusion of a special article ... the Samurai sharpened his intuition through Budo to stop an opponent, to let live or to take advantage of an enemy without killing it, practicing the Way of Martial Arts to attain enlightenment…..


In our time the Ways of martial arts from the point of view of hazard prevention Budo has become a sport, almost no mention to this level, but this concept is shared.


The origin of ajedres of India, and Japanese chess (Shogi) is the imitation of the war in a game but there are significant differences in the rules. In Western chess can not use parts that are taken from the enemy, but the Japanese Chess (Shogi) can again use the opponent's piece like a piece of him.


If you can not use the piece that has taken means that he has killed, but if the piece can be used again means that forced him to obey. In this case too, I think cultural differences are manifested between the West and East (especially Japan).


I have mentioned about the topic that teachers of martial arts do not mention so much, because I want people who strive in the Way of Martial Arts know that the concept of ETP and the martial art has commonality. 

Recruitment of volunteer translators.


■ Recruitment of volunteer translators.
Hoping to have a better understanding of readers, we are searching people who can translate Japanese to English and Spanish.
Or, people who can correct my poor Spanish, then translated into English.
No monetary compensation, but through the translation may well understand the idea of ETP, and may experience the energy of ETP.
People who are interested please contact us (

A brief description of ETP.

A brief description of ETP. There are several ways to discipline the human power, martial arts is one of them. ETP is also one of them, but only becoming aware of the lifting, is not hard trainings as the martial art.

ETP is not a religion, but we assume a concept of Conciencia Vast as Jung says "collective unconscious" (please read the explanation of HP).

Because our small individual consciousness and the "Vast consciousness" is connected, the energy flows of Vast Consciousness to us and so it permits us to live.

However, the trauma, the impact of the environment where we grew up and experience, the confusion, the purpose of educating the energy flow would be impeded and we would have many inconvenience and difficulties.

ETP members finally have the idea to unite our small individual consciousness to the Vast Consciousness, ie extend the tube to which they connect.

Moreover, experts of ETP can supply power from the Vast Consciousness and transmit it to people, or they can seal energy to the due media and let it work when it is needed.

At first the members exploiting these medias selled energy they can confirm the existence and effect of energy and then shoot for each subject as its energy use of ETP.

Because we participate with several roles in human society, raise our every capacity by this energy, and we have to enrich both materially and morally to its surroundings, including his own.

I think it happens the question of "Why you can do so?, but please experience them before to think.

By only a small price the discovery will be great. No need to hard training.

Just listen to your favorite music daily every 30 minutes by medium audio and between about 1 month your situation will began to improve

There are a variety of energy purposes, and please you may try some of them for you can understand ETP. If you can feel the energy, then please continue to improve their lives by them.


understand without any reasons.

後光 _13751290_XS 

The teacher of that school chose C. It was not written the reason, but if is a Japanese would understand without any reasons.
I, myself, I grew my primary age in a foreign country, until I was middle and high school should think it was A.

After I was practing Judo through high school and then in college Karatedo, l could barely understand this. This issue at a later date, I will speak separately.


If I venture to explain, the more who showed his martial art technique was A.
B receiving the intuition was on guard and prevented the attack from the teacher.
C was absorbed, i.e. sensing the danger, but unconsciously, and C was integrated with the teacher, there was no winner or losers, and both was win-win.


Compared with businessmen, people of type A when there are problems they are saved with their judgment and actions momentary.
Type B that see ahead and proceed with care to avoid problems before they occur.
There are also people of type C that the problem itself is not think of any.

If the way of martial art is beyond the training in martial techniques, is to perceive the danger and to control one’s conscious and the ultimate goal is to discover the absolute truth, the way of ETP will be the same.


Now, one quiz about "the Way of Martial Art"


Let's talk with metaphor. In reality there is a history of the Edo era, I do not remember exactly the name of the school or the master of Kendo (Japanese fencing), but I come to my memory as follows.


One master of the school tried to examine the disciples of the three candidates because they have to choose a successor.
Suppose the name of the disciples were A, B, C, and the teacher called them inside his room in order respectively

The first who had called, he walked down the aisle and sat in front of the sliding door and asked "Master, I had called?"
The master said, "Come in !" and when opened the sliding door and tried to enter, the teacher threw a knife pointed at him. Then A throw the knife at the time with her fan. A returning the knife to the master said “It`s t dangerous!”

B Later he was called, walked down the aisle as A, but not in front of the sliding door sat the other side of the wall and said "I am B," had called me? " 

The master said “Come in!,” and B slowly opened the sliding door without showing his figure and delaying the time entered.

The master who lost the opportunity to pull the knife, left for examination.

The last C who was called just come on the side of the terrace and was in the garden where it is highly visible among them.

C asked " Master, what is your mission?"

For the master, C who appeared in the most unexpected, the teacher could not examine.

For these 3 cases, the master chose a successor within three.


Well, I want someone to answer my question "Who was elected by the teacher? 

About ETP and Marcial Art

kendou Fotolia_22617480_XS

Because our "small" personal conscience is deep within connected to the vast consciousness, we can continue being alive.

In addition, we are connected to the small consciousness of other people on a more superficial level.

In ETP, we take the energy of Vast Consciousness to satisfy our desires  by controlling our mind.


The “Way of Martial Arts” was originally a technique to kill the
enemy, but after the Warring States period was over (in 1867), 
samurais have been training on the Martial Arts as a way of spiritual exercise and it has been adopted by all public schools in Japan since the Meiji Era. 

In particular
samurais utilized the martial arts to pursue spiritual concentration, mind stability, selflessness, and religious wisdom.


Therefore, the samurai were trying to dominate the enemy without disconnecting the sword, to take advantage of the enemy without killing them, and to feel the danger ahead.

 ETP is not a martial art, but by integrating the "small" personal consciousness into  the vast consciousness or by integrating the "small" personal consciousness of others, we are creating a win-win relation.


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