February 29, 2012

A Beautiful Photo Of The Day♪ / Official Winner's Portrait - Octavia Spencer with CB (HD Photo)

Winner's portrait - Octavia Spencer with CB_small
Winner's portrait - Octavia Spencer with CB
I just found/got this beautiful photo. Please do not add your/fansite's own watermark/tag. We must keep pictures clean for all fans to enjoy. :)


Winner's portrait - Octavia Spencer with CB
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He looked so beautiful in the Oscar's ceremony! This picture it is very funny! Thanks Falco!
Posted by Gloria at March 01, 2012 16:55
Falco, any info on the watch Bale was wearing this time around? (last year it was a Harry Winston which was a sponsored thing as far as I'm aware, this could have easily been his personal timepiece)
Posted by Adamska at March 01, 2012 17:13
Thanks for sharing this beautiful photo!
I rooted so much for her at the Oscar, she was amazing in The Help. Receiving the award from Christian - "the hottest guy in the room" - is like being awarded twice!
Posted by Annick at March 01, 2012 21:33
If I were Octavia, I would frame that picture and hang it high in my living room with pride! ;) He IS the hottest guy in the room! XD
Posted by Lauren at March 02, 2012 16:08