It is healthy that 17 kinds of homely dishes are matched unfavorably

1,Chicken nugget + Sesame

The sesame can nourish the kidney of liver, nourish blood and grow to soak, relax bowel, dark hair. But will be poisoned with chicken and food, serious poisoners will die. Can be treated to fry the clothes with water of licorice root.

2,Garlic + Shallot

Shallot of garlic is all the food stimulating the intestines strongly, apt to present symptom of suffering from abdominal pain, suffering from diarrhoea etc. after eating together.

3,Bean curd + Chives

Everybody should know this one!

4,Banana + Yoghurt

The yoghurt can reduce cholesterol. Drink yoghurt can acidity in stomach too strong, yahourth fungus survive while being very much difficult in gastric juice on an empty stomach, reduce the function of health care of the yoghurt. It is useless to the health with banana and food.

5,Red a date + Fish + spring onions

Red date is flat, can nourish the spleen and stomach, benefit nourishes blood angrily, will cause indigestion with fish spring onions and food.

6,Tea + Egg

Strong tea contain more tannin, tannin can make protein of material become solidifying the material difficult to digest, influence human body's absorption of the protein to utilize.

7,Pig hoof + Soya bean

The sour residue of aldose in the soya bean and meal fiber can formate chelates and interfere with or reduce human body's absorption of these elements with the mineral in the pig hoof.

8,Ox liver + Food containing vitamin C

Because vitamin C in the vegetables and fruits has very strong reducing, it is very easy and is oxidized by the copper ion in ox's liver, and lose physiological activity.

9,Carrot + White turnip

The carrot contains ascorbic sour enzyme, will destroy vitamin C of the white turnip, make the nutritive value of two kinds of turnips both greatly reduce.

10,Pale a turnip + Auricularia

Turnip flat and a little cold, have, clear away heat, detoxify, invigorate the stomach, disappear food, reduce phlegm relieve cough, pleasant profit, promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, fit efficiency such as being dirty mend. Needing to pay attention to turnip and Auricularia and food may cause dermatitis.
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11,Pork + Field snail

The pork is sour and cold and cold and oily, field snail's Great Cold, two things belong to coolly, it is apt to injure the stomach, so difficult and food.

12,Tomato + Fish

Will the inhibitory activity of producing has put to the analysing of copper element in the fish in vitamin C in the tomato.

13,Polished glutinous rice + Chicken

The main function of the polished glutinous rice is to enrich the spleen and stomach warmly, so some spleen and stomach were lost timidly, the person who often suffers from diarrhoea has eaten, can get up to very good therapeutic effect. It is uncomfortable to be but will be caused with chicken and food.

14,Black carp + Wax gourd

Black carp warm bad smell is sweet, and the stomach tonifies deficiency, subside swelling the poison, favourable water open milk, but if will make the body dehydrate with wax gourd and food. Handmade Bracelets| Wholesale Picture Frames| Beaded Bracelets Butterfly Brooches Hair Brush Unique Handcrafted Jewelry|Heart Necklace Handmade Earrings Handmade Jewelry Beaded Necklaces

15,Cucumber + Tomato

The tomato includes a large number of vitamin C, there is function of strengthening human body's resistance, preventing and curing scurvy, resisting infection etc.. And contain vitamin C and decompose enzyme in the cucumber, can make vitamin C destroyed with the food.

16,Cucumber + Hot pepper

The cucumber includes vitamin C and decomposes enzyme, will make vitamin C in the hot pepper destroyed, reduce its nutritive value.

17,Spinach + Bean curd

Contain chlorine magnesium, calcium sulfic acid and these two kinds of materials in the bean curd, but spinach this contains oxalic acid, two kinds of materials can produce magnesium oxalic acid and calcium oxalic acid to meet together, can't be absorbed by the human body.