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Diary of one Japanese field researcher

My life in the Philippines is about to end

Telemetry team in the PhilippinesTo date, I have stayed in this country for almost a year in total in the last three years. A lot of happy and unhappy events I experienced here. But now all those are my precious memories. Sadly, this time will be my last long stay in the Philippines relating the project "CECAM" although I am planning to come back here in a few months for a short period to recover data from acoustic receivers which have been deployed in the sea. I know, however, any study cannot end by the time when all results were properly published in journals. I must continue to work hard for many people who kindly helped me without any complaint despite the fact that some missions we completed were really tough. Daghang salamat! & Malamin salamat po!

My life in near future will be a bit different from previous one and will probably be more difficult. Even so, since I finally decided to work as a researcher, I know I have no option but to overcome all difficulties at any time in the future, also for my family.

Good luck!

Welcome to this WORLD!!

DSC_0246I only wish him a wonderful life

breathing time

Now it has almost been three years since I finished my Ph.D. In addition to marriage and delivery of our first baby (second will be delivered soon), so far a series of studies regarding the project in the Philippines is going well. Studies of Sakhalin taimen are also getting finalized.

Now I am feeling I need to seriously consider next study topic. Where and what kind of study should I start? Because I have been always pressed to round up the results to date, this is first feelings of excitement and anxiety in a long while.


ICRS 2012

ICRS 2012
I visited Cairns for the first time in 9 years. The purpose of visit this time was to attend the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) 2012. This conference was the largest when compared to other international conferences that I have ever participated. More than 2,000 researchers who study about coral itself, organisms in coral reef or topics relating to coral gathered together at Cairns. In the conference I gave a talk regarding local interconnectivity among different habitats by studying migratory patterns of several fishery important fish species in the Philippines. To my surprise, even though number of published papers are still a few, a number of studies similar to our study have recently been conducted all over the world. We need to hurry up in order not to be scooped by anybody else. We never catch a break…

Cheers, mate

Happy fishing!!

We totally enjoyed trout fishing in the C. River on last Saturday. That was my first fishing in this year. The condition was almost perfect just like my daughter’s name :) To our great joy, white spotted chars we fished were all over 50 cm (max. 72 cm, Mr. T fished), and was unexpected great result for us.

I wonder how many more times I can go fishing in this season…

Cheers, Mr. anglers

Welcome to this WORLD!!

Nagi Honda
I only wish her a happy future

Always be blessed!!

We joined a happy wedding party in Okinawa last weekend to celebrate our old friend who was my roommate while we'd lived in Hakodate. Congrats, dear friend!! That was simply fun. We caught up with each other for the first time in years. I was also happy to hear that all of my friends enjoy their lives in different ways. I know they’re crazy but excellent. Surprisingly, we drank beers and Awamori (Okinawan traditional "shochu") for 16 hours without a break from 11am on that day… We’re still young (I’d like to think).

Incidentally, the temperature when I left from Akkeshi was less than -10°C, but that when I arrived at Naha was around 20°C although the temperature of the day was a bit warmer than an average day in Okinawa. That also made me realize the long distance between the two places even though both are in same Japan...



It did take a long time as is the case with southern bluefin tuna’s… Our manuscript entitled “Migratory patterns of exotic brown trout, Salmo trutta, in south-western Hokkaido, Japan, on the basis of otolith Sr:Ca ratios and acoustic telemetry” has been accepted. I would like to sincerely thank you all for staying with me till the end.

Yeah!! I’m gonna be a drunk tonight
brown trout2

We're improving!

As well as the past field work, we spent quite hard days for our telemetry study in northern Mindanao. At first, we had faced two big problems. Although I have no intention of telling about the problems here, these two were tough enough for me, anyway. I must appreciate Sir Willy, Kuya Darwin, Allyn from MSU Naawan and some local people in Barangay Tubajon for their kind support to resolve these though it has become usual. This time, we could confirm that two fish we tagged last May-June were still fine by recapturing or by seeing underwater. That was really good news for us. Surprisingly, the cut and stitched part of the recaptured one had been healed completely. before release

Siganus guttatus
The acoustic transmitters of tagged fish are still active. So, our study is going on even at this moment. I must brace up!!
Receiver with Darwin
From next week, the second half of this trip in which we mainly conduct visual census in the Philippines will be begun.


Mission accomplished!

Team fishermen I'm still in Naawan and will go back to Manila tomorrow. We ended all of days in the field here by yesterday.

I never forget these thorny days. It was really hard compared to any other field works I've ever experienced. But by virtue of that, I could learn much about that we must not discourage however terrible it is. Finally we could catch and tag enough number of fish. And so far, we've got good quality data.

Daghang kaayon salamat, Kuya Darwin, Allyn, Sir Willy, Manun Dionisio, Jojo and everyone who saved me


in northern Mindanao

mangrove jack One week has past since I came back here. I am still facing some difficulties. The problem is catching fish for my telemetry study here. No matter how much we worked hard, we have no luck so far.

Looking back, almost every time I faced difficulties and overcame them since I started studying fish migration. This time, too... I really have to be more serious than ever before.

However, particularly when I am in Philippines, I really feel I am a happy man because I have everything, actually. I may have to think of myself as having good luck. Here in Naawan, I met one very respectable guy. Even though he is hard worker, he never forget smiling at any time, and thanks to that, he is very good at getting along with anyone. I must emulate his cheerful personality and his (near-)perfect work. I have no option but to inspire myself.

OK. You bet I will.

The fish in the photo is mangrove jack that we tagged and released.

Good luck!!

releaseManila now again! One month has passed since I have been to Philippines this time. I was in Mindanao Island to study fish migration pattern in the first three weeks. Yeah, we have started field survey on acoustic telemetry targetting snapper, emperor and goatfish there. 

We could attach a transmitter to several fishes and released them at the end. At this moment, nobody knows ensuing their migrations or behaviors unless the data recorded by acoustic receivers which were deployed underwater were downloaded after a while.

Truthfully, the number of tagged fish this time was not enough. In paticular, catching fish was not as easy as I had expected. So I am plannig to be back the site to try fishing and tagging again in near future.

Daghang salamat, all warm-hearted people who supported me a lot

Honeymoon trip to Maldives

That was so much much fun. No more words are needed.

Gratefully yours


morayBluefin trevallyNapoleon

Honeymoon divingnight fishingore

WahooDid it!



   It was my first visit to Shikoku Island not just Kochi. I stayed in Kochi Pref. for a week from 29 November. The purpose of visit there was to learn how to analyze otoliths and stomach contents of tropical fishes which were sampled in Philippines and Ishigaki, and also to help one student who is responsible for the samples of his analyzing. However the processes of these analyses were much more complicated than I had expected. So all I could do in the lab was just learned how to handle samples and how difficult the analyses were… I am sorry and thank Dr. N and Mr. W for using their time. If I have another opportunity to go Kochi in the future, I want to help them by all means.

  Changing the subject, I completely enjoyed Kochi’s sightseeing this time. Not only ate some popular foods in Kochi but also ate both fresh skipjack tuna and Pacific bluefin tuna as sashimi. Thanks Dr. N, his wife and Mr. O. It was beautiful!! Moreover, I fished Japanese seabass for the first time in my life. I was too moved for words even though did not fish Lates japonicas that is my present icon. I really appreciate
Mr. O, Mr. S and Mr. W for staying with me till late and for perfectly supporting me to achieve a target.

Kochi is like a paradise for fish-happy people.
I am sure I will go back in near future!!


Manila now

89dab349.jpgThree weeks have passed since I came to Philippines. My purpose of visit this time is to study fish ecology in nearshore waters in three sites (Bolinao, Puerto Galera and Laguindingan) by way of counting fishes by visual census and collecting fishes by net sampling to compare the differences between pristine and disturbed environmental areas; collected samples will be used for the otolith analysis. Actually these are not so much related to my own territory but are very useful for me. Moreover I also have a opportunity to start new telemetry study targeting snapper or goatfish at the site in Laguindingan (near Cagayan de Oro) including not only both inside and outside of MPA (Marine Protected Area) but also three different habitats (coral, seagrass and mangrove) from the next February. I must prepare it very carefully.

I will stay in Bolinao for another two weeks. Much work to do has still been left. All I have to do is just go for it!


The Photo with our project members was taken in White beach, Puerto Galera.

First half of 2010


Hello! I just came back from Ishigaki. Akkeshi is pretty hot, too…

More than half a year has already passed in 2010. It was so quickly. In these several months, my lifestyle has been changed significantly because of lots of (happy) things such as graduation, start of new project in Philippines and marriage.


On 24 July, many of our families and friends joined our wedding party. I wanna take this opportunity to thank all of you once again. Especially, we’re grateful for some friends who had stayed with us till following morning. Now we’re getting along with each other in Akkeshi!!


Moreover, in addition to recent acceptance of two our papers, all payments of my scholarship which I’d received when I was student were absolved. Thank God for these! Despite some misgivings about the new life, I’d like to keep up the good work.



Last weekend, a wedding reception for soccer-boy who is my friend from college days was held in Yokohama. I joined it and could catch up with many friends. It was wonderful, needless to add. I cannot forget many pleasant days which we played soccer or fooled around with all. 

Next up is mine!!



More exciting than river rafting

忠類川Because I got the grant-in-aid from one foundation in this year, we just started new study in the Churui River (photo), eastern Hokkaido about behavioral ecology of adult masu salmon. The aim was to specify fish location and its environmental characteristics in summer, and also to know the timing of run to their spawning grounds. However, I cannot join this study all the time due to my employment terms, so I’m joining this as like an adviser. Two my junior fellows are now on a mission in the river.
This masu salmon is one of the most sensitive species in all salmonids, therefore we have to take care considerably when we attach an acoustic transmitter to it. Even so, it’s going well so far. Unlike the method of Sakhalin timen, because this river has many rapids, we locate fish positions by towing an acoustic receiver connecting man’s leg by rope and the man carrying a GPS is flowed with the river current during the tracking. This is pretty hard work but very effective.
I expect to get good results!!


4c31bcf6.jpgIn mid-June, I visited to Philippines again for a week in order to inspect our study site and join meetings with members of the JST-JICA project. This time we mainly stayed in Mindanao Island, south part of Philippines. Mindanao is commonly known as danger area because of the religious confrontation. But the place we visited was very calm and was completely different from that I’d expected. A professor and his students of Mindanao State University at Naawan showed us not only study candidate sites but also tourist sites. Especially the place called Sulawan has intact corals and many fish (see photo), here might be the most beautiful scenery of all coastal waters which I’ve ever been in this country. I may select here as my study site for the telemetry study targeting snapper species from next year.
The fun continued

Now I am...

anadromous Sakhalin taimenHello everyone!! I'm now doing postdoctoral fellow at Akkeshi Marine Station, Hokkaido University. Akkeshi is pretty small town and is locating in the eastern part of Hokkaido. Now I am living here with my wife (I got married this past April). Akkeshi was also the study site for my doctor thesis as I often mentioned in the articles below. Photo shows my target species of the thesis (Sakhalin taimen, Hucho perryi). This endangered fish inhabits in the Bekanbeushi River flowing in Akkeshi. I'm happy I can live in the same area with this beautiful fish (and my wife, of course) anyway.
In near future, I will talk about my new study here.

My website is opened but it's not funny at all yet.


Goodbye Hakodate

The time will come soon.  I will leave Hakodate on next Tuesday.  I've lived here for seven and half years. It was quite long, isn't it? A lot of water has flowed under the bridge. I met many people here and had pretty enjoyable time with them. I played soccer to satiety with my best teammates. Of course never feel bored!! I went Australia to do scuba-diving, too. It was lovely experience!! In recent years, I've been just a fishing happy... But looking back on the years, I didn't remember bad memories so much. I have been always happy. I'm just grateful to parents, friends, teachers, seniors, juniors and fish. If I hadn't been involved in studying fish ecology, It would have been absolutely boring.

I'll do my best even moving to Akkeshi.
Goodbye Hakodate

Next Stage

133f24a7.jpgIt has been a week since I came back from Philippines.  I'm still busy even though the work about my PhD thesis has been completed...  Japanese co-researchers and I had visited to the southeastern country for the inspection of our project sights and target species, and also for having a meeting with counterparts.  It was my sixth visit to Philippines but I was so moved by its hot atmosphere and the high biodiversity underwater... Because I got used to live in cold region. 

Until the project begins in earnest, I must prepare many things for the next stage such as studying about new territories, improving my terrible English and of course marriage.  I have little time to relax.



I did finish my doctor thesis...  It was a great weight off my shoulders.  But I'll continue to study fish ecology.  Never stop, just keep going !!

I can't thank you all enough.


The manuscript about size-dependent distribution of southern bluefin tuna was accepted...  It took a really long time... I am so happy now. Thanks a lot

Time has wings


I’ve spent quite busy days because of my doctor thesis since the beginning of this year. Most days in April-June, I’d stayed in Akkeshi as well as the last three years to study migration ecology of Sakhalin taimen. Even in this month, I’d been Otsuchi (Iwate prf.) for a week for analyzing taimen’s otolith which is organ of balance. But thanks to these hard works, many of mysteries of the fish are getting revealed. It’s not finished yet… I’d like to take this opportunity to thank many people who helped me.

It’s not over till it’s over.



It was my first ‘wakasagi’ fishing even though I've lived in Hokkaido over 8 years. Doing is believing.... I and my friend went  lake Junsainuma and got more than a hundred last week. It was quite easy and the freshly-fried fish was absolutely delicious!!


I may be hooked on this fishing and the taste.


Thanks a lot, ‘rice-chan’


We spent so happy days in Tokyo last weekend. I and my girlfriend visited there to meet my special friends and to celebrate their marriages. It was really good opportunity for catching up with them and also for our refresh. I love friends who can respect others and have good humor. We appreciate all your hospitality!! Son of fisherman and his wife, thank you for keeping us company till late. It was much fan

The second day, we enjoyed old Tokyo-like atmosphere in Asakusa so much. There became my first favorite town in Tokyo. Many thanks wedded couple from gyouza-prf.!! Denki-Bran was quite nice


Anything and everything was great for us

Taimen survey 2008 Vol.1

イトウHi, all. I was in Akkeshi of Eastern Hokkaido until three days ago and studied Sakhalin taimen in a river called Bekanbe-ushi for more than one month. It was main work to track (pursue) taimens who were attached a transmitter. So, we’d spent our time in the outdoors from morning to evening almost every day.

Their habits are getting revealed. But because many of habits are still given a mystery, I feel big charm to the fish as the study target.


Many people helped me when I was in there. Thank you very much for their kind cooperation.


My study has only begun. I do my best from now on!!


90697f2b.jpgFinally, long winter is finishing... I'm eagery waiting for spring to come. From next month, I am gonna go to Akkeshi for the field survey of Sakhalin taimen. Because of my last chance, failure wan't be torelated. I'm now torn between hope and fear. I will do my best.
Auspiciously, I fished a 'Sakura masu' yesterday, which is sea-run masu salmon and an icon of coming of spring.
Thank you my junior fellows. Good luck!!  

Happy Wedding!!

c58d281f.jpgMy dependable, sweet, and esteemed senior at uni. got married on last Saturday. I would never imitate his lovely character. Over 100 people celebrated him and his wife who is also lovely woman. It was may be the best wedding in my life. I got great encouragement from the couple. I better do my best
I'd been taken into care by several people when I was in Tokyo. Thank you soccer-boy and his mother, the second generation president, and the childhood couple just married. The movie was so nice, wasn't it?

I hope...

9ba67f25.jpgHello, everyone. Happy late new year!! Are you all fine? Although I had an auto accident at the end of last year, I'm muddling through... I hope a lot of good things are coming this new year!! Recently, my parents came to Hokkaido and we enjoyed delicious dishes such as sushi or soup-curry. I really appreciate it!!

Changing the subject, in winter, we enjoy fishing of sea-run white-spotted char on the beach. It's relentless so much because of the fuckin' chills... However, nothing beats the satisfaction when I got the big one. That's what's keeping me going

Dinving in La Paz


In this trip, we went scuba-diving on a one day trip on our day off. We dived in three diving sights. First sight was El Bajo where is located further offshore from the Espiritu Santo island, and is a very famous for seeing a whale shark and a hammerhead shark. Under water, we saw schools of hammerhead shark!! That was an absolutely fantastic scene even though I got hyperpnea because of cold water and a bad-conditioned first stage. Their movements synchronized each other same as a school of small pelagic fishes. Second sight was a colony of California sea lions near the Los Islotes. It was my first diving with sea lions. They were so lovely that I tried to swim with one pup. However… when I turned swiftly following the pup, I whacked head on a rock….

73510d83.jpgThe last sight was coastal waters off western side of Isla Espiritu Santo. Before diving, I’d asked our guide to show us a jawfish…. Luckily and thanks to his good skill, we could meet a big one (ca. 35cm). We were really moved by its charming shape and behavior. These three diving were all fantastic!! I know I’ll miss diving in La Paz forever.


Nothing beats diving with wonderful living nature, does it?

La Paz

3553897e.jpgLa Paz is located in the Southern part of Baja California. There is also in the Northern Hemisphere, so now is winter. But the climate was warm enough compared to Japan, especially Hokkaido. In my staying in La Paz, I never had a complaint about its atmosphere, foods, and people. As you know, tacos is a popular food in Mexico. I and my senior associate had enjoyed it so much, of course with beer and margarita. Additionally, people are so cheerful that we had to consider our lives in Hokkaido. I hate to say this, but I prefer people living in a warm region to people in a cold region. I must change my life in a favorable way.

La suerte buena!!

CLimate Impacts on Oceanic TOP predators


conferenceI joined the international conference on CLIOTOP on 2-7 Dec. in La Paz, Mexico. It was my third conference abroad. I will talk about La Paz later. The conference was pretty interesting to me. Because… you know, I am fish mania, I love talking about fish. Most participants are studying oceanic top predators such as tunas, sharks, or marlins. So, it was a great opportunity to know their ecology. Oceanic top predators migrate fairly wide range relating with the environmental conditions. It is really interesting to think about that. I mean… always there is a reason that they migrate one special area.

I also had a presentation there about migrating ecology of southern bluefin tuna. Fortunately, most people had listened my talk with interest.

Muchas gracias

Shiretoko No.4


One and a half months have past since I'd come back to Hakodate….. Writing about the life in Shiretoko was a bit troublesome to me.


I stayed in Shiretoko for two months from the end of July to the end of Sep. to study two salmon species as well as last year. It was pretty hard work and long time anyway. We are studying their migration routs or a correlation between their behaviors and marine environments such as sea water temperature and strength of ocean currents. The most stressful job was not tracking salmons, but having a communication with local fishermen. Some of them were mild, but some was not. Although it was not always true, I learned that we have to socialize with our coworkers or people around us.


Because of being used to living in rural areas, I found the goodness and also badness of both rural and urban areas. However, thinking from a different angle, the life in rural areas is getting convenient compared to several decades ago. I cherish this sort of idea.

カワセミ 後田池のドラマ


はじめて日本語で書きます。この度僕の祖父母がカワセミ 後田池のドラマというブログ(http://ushiroda07.exblog.jp/)を開設しました。また,同タイトルのカワセミの写真集を最近出版しましたので簡単に紹介させて下さい。この写真集は,カワセミ観察が大好きな祖父(83)が,長年に亘りその生態を写真に収め,祖母(78)と共にまとめた二人の最高傑作とも言えるものです(全77ページ)。中には,カワセミの日常を捉えたものから一瞬の早業を捉えたものまで,カワセミ素人の僕でも目を奪われてしまうようなシーンが多数掲載されています。現在,愛知県豊川市の幾つかの書店ではこの写真集を購入することができますが,ネット上では販売されておりません。もし,興味を持った方がいらっしいましたら,こちらまで(fbmods@hotmail.com)ご連絡下さい。価格は\2,300(税込み)+送料です。宜しくお願いしますm(__)m

Like a Jungle


In Akkeshi visited repeatedly, tracking survey of Sakhalin taimen has been conducted over three years. These days, I’m riding on a canoe naturally. We went to the unexplored ground this time, in order to pursue taimen which may have ascended to the upper stream at summer. The canoe did not advance at all because of fuckin’ fallen trees and the grass. Although it was the last place we can go by canoe, we didn’t have the choice. Because we had to tow the acoustic receiver for taimen using canoe. When we went into a certain branch, the grass which grows luxuriantly obstructed our way entirely, and I thought we may be unable to return within the day. I felt impatience and fear from the bottom of my heart then.

I will never go to the upper stream in summer….

Germany #2

e6b4dc84.jpgI had stayed at mother’s friend house in Karlsruhe. The lady is living with her husband who is German. They’d not only prepared everything but also taken me to various places. I fully appreciate it. They showed me the inside and the outside of Karlsruhe on the first day, and they guided me Black Forest and Freiburg by car on the last day. Freiburg was one of the most beautiful towns in where I’ve ever been.
    I met the Swiss friend in
Stuttgart on the second day. She is an old friend, and is always bright and friendly. We talked about our present situations and various reminiscences. We still cherish lovely memories in Australia. Pleasant time passed quickly. Thank you, friend!!
However, although it is also good for Japanese to pursue facilities, may be we should be conscious about aesthetic sense to a slight degree. (Do you believe the artitecture (photo) is a postoffice in Stuttgart?)


Germany #1


After the conference in Denmark, I stayed in Germany during three days, in order to meet my mother’s friend and my friend who has been a good friend since I’d lived in Australia. Although the visiting Germany was the 2nd time for me, but the 1st time was when I was a child, so I hardly remembered it. Unlike Denmark, Germany had much mountain and forests, and nature and the scene of houses had fitted in splendidly. I wondered very much why Japanese sights in almost everywhere are unwatchable? Have Japanese people hardly consider about the total balance, although we like to clean only small matters such as inside of the room or cars?

Danke schön



I have participated in the conference (http://www.fishtelemetry.eu/) held in Silkeborg Denmark from the middle to the end of June. Silkeborg is a quiet country town located in the central part of Jutland Peninsula, and was very suitable as a place which feels Europe. At this conference, participants who are doing research, such as attaching transmitters or data-loggers to fish and tracking them, which very related to my study, gathered from all over the world. A lot of precious talks could be heard from many people. And I also could make a good presentation as for the tuna migration. That’s the reason that I was able to spend really significant time. In all cities (Copenhagen, Silkeborg, and Arhus) I visited, since I had stayed at the youth hostel, it (is cheap but) wasn’t comfortable to prepare my presentation. However, since I had gone to fish to neighboring rivers with the license purchased when I had a free time, the fact, I didn’t need to settle down. Although a northern pike which I aimed wasn’t got unluckily, several perch had been fished. As it is, I was satisfied. Getting huge pikes will be next aim, anyway.

Mange tak

Marine science


I conceive that it’s an endless challenge to study the ocean. And I think that the science of the ocean means looking at the inside of it. I feel magnetism for the ocean or fish is to understand it. Although there is an unknown phase in my future, I want to pursue what I feel charm. And I would be happy if I could conclude what is ocean some day.


56c7da5b.jpgBy making scuba-diving into a hobby, I could see the completely different world from the world on land. Although it was described before, I think that it is very significant also in order to understand the world on land. This is because the feeling of fish can be understood in no small part by seeing the world where common sense of human is not accepted at all. You guys, please challenge diving, just for the heck of it. It is surely useful to make your world large.

pearl beyond price


The younger brother came for have fun to Hakodate. I took him to delicious restaurants and the pleasant places which I can introduce. If he understood any Hokkaido-likeness which I found, I’d be happy. The brother is sharing the gene of 1/2 with me. I don’t know its correct reason honestly, but I am also glad when I saw that the brother is pleased. But I suppose that the quantity of a gene is not important. I hope people who I love always are with smile, and I want to be with smile also for the people.

aim in life


People who are blessed understand their happiness by seeing people who have not been blessed. Goodness and badness of Japan are got to know only after seeing from the outside of Japan. We can understand our behavior after seeing animals. The thing of most worlds is taught by getting to know the different side. I want to apply a lifetime and to understand the structure of the world.

The child who met in Smoky Mountains (town made with garbage) near Manila.

for a change


It is long silence as well. I finished a master thesis safely and will graduate from the master course at last in March. For these two years, it passed in the twinkling of an eye. Although my future is still uneasy, but there is no way except having a positive view. I think that I will make a living positively from now on.

By the way, I’d been to the Bohol island with my family for dive-trip at the beginning of this month. It was very significant for me, although it was my first diving in almost a year. Marine wonderfulness cannot be measured only on a desk. We’re able to see many things underwater as you know. I want to increase this opportunity from now on. Thank you very much for offering me a pleasant opportunity.


(Flathead in a photo; which I met after a long time)

turning point in my life?

3f77fccd.jpg Best wishes for a happy new year!! How did you enjoy new-year holidays? I was in Aichi and relaxed with my family. I love to be there, because you know, I can eat whatever I want. Thanks.

Recently I went Mount Hakodate, and had a look at a splendid view.  It was my first time to look it. I went once, but the day was so cloudy that I could see only some blurry lights.

Well... I realize that almost five years will elapse since I'd moved to this small city. Umm......

I wish us both luck, also this year

2006 is almost finishing...

barusaHi guys. How's it going?  There are only three days left this year. This year went by surprisingly fast. I am still struggling as for my plan after graduate school. But, I probably continue studying about fish behavior. Because now I'm writing my master thesis, and I've  felt it's fairly fun for me. Especially, I'm really happy when I'm considering why the fish moves to unexpected way....
I wanna do what I like to do as long as there is a big goal!!

Recently, I went to Yokohama to watch the final match of Club World Cup between Barcelona vs Internacional. As you know the game wasn't so exciting, but then, I felt that may be obvious but there's nothing like seeing them live!  Although he didn't shine with fantastic play, I never doubt Ronaldinho is god of football....
At Tokyo, I could meet many friends after such a long time. They've absolutely matured. I have to do my best, too. Thanks you all for gathering, anyway!!

Have a good year's end.

Shiretoko No.3

eabe799f.JPG    In last week, I went to Shiretoko again to recover all receivers we deployed in the ocean. But thus far, we lost three receivers, which were set under water in two rivers, due to a major-scale cyclone. Yes, it pulled them out of the ocean. We didn't wanna give up to search, you can guess acoustic receivers cost very much and, in addition, there possibly are much data inside. So we decided to search them one more time. When we arrived at one river, we noticed there was a pile of garbage on the coastline. Therefore, at first from the river mouth we walked along the coast in different directions. Quite honestly we didn't expect we could find it, but they were washed ashore and we finded two of them out!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Although the last receiver wasn't recovered, we did an absolutely good job. Also much data were inside.... Nice!!
    And we found one more thing, there was a very fatty bear we met this time. When we encounter the first one on 27 August, I thought bear was fairly slim. However because of too much eating of pink salmon, they became fat. Probably they will hole up, soon.
Umm I envy a bit.

Shiretoko No.2

8a51525f.JPGHere, we say 'Sanctuary' of Shiretoko, you can tell here is Cape Shiretoko. We did salmon tagging twice on the small fishing boat using salmons captured by set net around here. First was on 3rd September, we inserted 10 transmitters in their stomach and and attached approx. 170 simple tags on pink salmon. You know it's just like a surgery. But it is said that this tagging way is the best reliable way for salmon species especially a prelaying salmon which never eat preys. Yeah, they don't use their digestive systems.
Second tagging was conducted on 26th Sep. This day was completely terrible!!! I can't remember how many times I'd vomited until arriving at fisherman's rest after tagging. Fuckin' wave.. If only the ocean had been calm.... Anyway we could complete our mission. This time we chose 10 chum salmon for tagging.  And it was much easier than first tagging, because we used an anesthetic and chum salmon is very tough and big compared to pink salmon.They don't die, easily.
The end of this month, I'm gonna recover all receivers. Until now about 10 % of fish were recaptured. In these days, however, I'm anxios about there is no data inside of receivers. Oh, it's my vice. I will stop.

Finally, I appreciate people who always helped me in spite of my no good.
And I believe the stay in Shiretoko made me grow very much.

Shiretoko No.1

64f75030.JPGHello, guys!! Are you all fine? Excuse me for very late update though it's very usual. Until yesterday I'd lived in Shiretoko you know where certified as World Natural Heritage, for one and a half months. At there I did salmon tagging twice, off course it was a part of my study. Target fish were pink salmon and chum salmon which very common species in Japan.
I wanna write many things about this survey, but today I'll write one topic. About Brown bear.
Actually six and a half years past since I migrated in Hokkaido. From the first year, I really wanted to see wild bears, but the dream hadn't come true at all. However, the dream came true at long last, but easily. Maybe I met more than 30 bears this time. There is a very famous river running at the middle of the peninsula. General public cannot enter the area....
Anyway when I saw them, I was so excited that I came to a complete stop. However once we got accutomed to see it, it became an annoying presence bit by bit. Then I thought as shown the past facts, it is maybe very difficult to live side-by-side with pretty bears.Umm perhaps we are all egoists.....
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