February 07, 2007

The Present I was given 5

"Present", the sound of the word makes people happy.

Which present I've got in the past should I talk about?

My mouse-shaped bronz bookstands!

Seven or eight years ago, I used to drop in a various variety shop.(雑貨店) after my work.
I liked the shop. There are lots of stylish import products.(素敵な輸入雑貨)
Place mats, tea cups, pot, notebooks, mini chests, etc, etc,

Especially I liked the mouse-shaped bronz bookstands. They were lovely, but expensive.
It costed 4,000yen. 4,000yen for bookstands. It's ridiculous to spend such money to buy the bookstands.
However, now in my room there are these lovely bookstands. Why?
Well, I didn't remember I had talked my husband about this bookstands. But I did, he said.
So he went to the shop and bought them as Christmas Present for me.
That's one of the stories on presents.

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1. Posted by ai   February 14, 2007 01:04
4 Hi.
I am going to write about"The season I like the best." and "The nice present I was given." today.

At first,"The season I like the best".
I like spring the best.
Because I like spring smell.
And I like flower.
So,I like spring.
But I don't like bugs.

Next,"The nice present I was given".
I was twelve-years-old,
I was sleeping at christmas night.
I got up the next day.
Glad bag put on next to my head.
Glad bag of mitten,mufflur,and ear pad.
I don't have them.
So,I'm very happy!
However,I am glad that I am getting present.

Tommorow is St.valentain day.
I am going to make a chocolate.
Furthermore,Tommorow is school holiday.

Oh,I should to study English..

Thank you ^^