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Cardfight!! Vangaurd GZ Anime news

Final battle between the Vangaurds
and the Dragon deity of destruction.

The new season will start from
8th October 2017
1. Dragon deity of destruction "GZ"
-Deity of destruction that controls "Void"
-Almost destroyed Cray in the past
-Suppose to be sealed...!?
2. 6 Apostles
Objective: Revive Gize
Link Joker: Chaos breaker dragon
-Tranvelled around the world during
 U20 to summon the Apostles as
-The fight in U20 was for "reconnaissance"
Kagerou: Dumjid
-Dumjid returned as 1 of the Apostles!
-Will be showing his speciality as a
-Have hatred against a certain fighter.
Megacolony: Gredra
-Queen of Megacolony
-Mother of all mutants and weapons
-Have a fearsome scheme planned
Megacolony: Dark face
-Loyal to the queen, self proclaimed
 strongest mutant.
-Moving in secret for Gredra
-Using the body's intellect and science
 for evil!?
Aqua force: Varios
-First Marshal of Aqua force
-Defeated GZ in the past
-Have connection with a certain
 "Sacred sword"
Dark irregulars: Gastil
(Leader of the Apostles)
-Mastermind that send Shiranui to earth
-Ruler of the soul prison"Links"
-Plans to defeat his enemy, Messiah
3. 6 Zero dragons
Forbidden G units created by GZ
Key to GZ's revival???
- Zero dragon of Purgatory flame, Dragma
- Zero dragon of ocean, Megid
Zero dragons are resticted by
nations instead of clans!!!!
Zero dragons can only enter the
field by Ultimate Stride!!


Ultimate Stride
Release date: 17th of November 2017   
7 cards per pack/ 16packs per box/  
20 box per carton 
Total card types: 110 (104 New + 6 reprints)    
(ZR: 2/ GR: 2/ RRR: 9/ RR: 14/ R: 25/ C: 58)    
+ 12 SP + 5 special reprint

Zero dragons are restricted by Nations
Zero dragon of Purgatory flame, Dragma 
Can be used by:
IMG_6231 2  
Zero dragon of ocean, Megid
Can be used by
Aqua force
ZR distribution is similar to SGR
ZRs are Zero dragon with special finishing
according to the Nation.(RLR type)
Special reprints
-Black shiver Gavrail
-Emperor dragon Daia emperor
-Blue wave marshal dragon Tetra-boil dragon
-One who surpasses the storm Thavas
-Great warrior Dudley Geronimo
Players will be able to build new
strong decks
 from this set alone
gbt13_point01_acen - Copy
New deck used by a new Diffrider and 
Boost for Maelstrom, Thavas 
Gavrail will be having a new G3 unit 
Overlord boost 
gbt13_point02_pow - Copy (2)
Gurguit boost 
gbt13_point02_pow - Copy (3)
Yasuie boost
gbt13_point02_pow - Copy
Gaia boost
Aqua force 
Angel feather
Gold paladin 
Spike brothers 
Cray elemental


Clan featured: Link Joker 
Total card types: 45 (Reprint: 4) 
(GR: 2/ RRR: 6/ RR: 8/ R: 13/ C: 16) 
+(SP: 8/ SGR: 2/ Special reprint: 4) 
Each booster box will consist of 12 packs 
and each pack will consist of 7 cards  
including 2 cards that are R and above 
Lady gunner of the neutron star
Dark metal chameleon 
Star Vader Colony maker
Star Vader Paradigm shift dragon
Special reprints:
Death Star Vader Chaos universe 
Star Vader Chaos breaker dragon 
Flowers in vacuum Cosmo wreath 
Blink Messiah
Boost for :
Star Vader decks  
Star Vader Chaos breaker Deluge
Messiah decks
Genesis dragon Harmonic Neo Messiah
Glendios decks
Deletor decks 
G-CB06/001 GR
G-CB06/002 GR
G-CB06/003 RRR
G-CB06/004 RRR
G-CB06/005 RRR
G-CB06/006 Delibrate Deletor Aodaen RRR
G-CB06/007 Star Vader Chaos breaker Crisis RRR 
G-CB06/008 Dark jet Deletor Grayend RRR
G-CB06/009 Lady fencer of mass transfer RR
G-CB06/010 RR
G-CB06/011 RR
G-CB06/012 RR
G-CB06/013 Star vader Meton axe dragon RR
G-CB06/014 RR
G-CB06/015 RR
G-CB06/016 Repelling Deletor Igorga RR
G-CB06/017 Nebula dragon Cyclic dragon R
G-CB06/018 R
G-CB06/019 R
G-CB06/020 R
G-CB06/021 R
G-CB06/022 R
G-CB06/023 R
G-CB06/024 R
G-CB06/025 Forbid Deletor Zakuerado R
G-CB06/026 R
G-CB06/027 R
G-CB06/028 R
G-CB06/029 Higher Deletor Falon R
G-CB06/030 C
G-CB06/031 C
G-CB06/032 C
G-CB06/033 C
G-CB06/034 Gravitate turtle C
G-CB06/035 Discontinued Star Vader Neodym C
G-CB06/036 Cosmosphere cat C
G-CB06/037 Flutter Deletor Zooze C
G-CB06/038 C
G-CB06/039 C
G-CB06/040 C
G-CB06/041 C
G-CB06/042 C
G-CB06/043 C
G-CB06/044 C
G-CB06/045 Rendering Deletor Efames C
27 PM
Delibrate Deletor Aodaen
G4/ POWER: 1500+/ GUARD: 0
[Activate](V)[Once per turn]:{Flip a
face down Gunit with the same name
as this unit to face up, retire 1 of your
Deletor RG}If you have a Deletor
Heart card, Delete all your opponent's
VG and during this turn all your units in
the front row gets POWER+2000 for
each face up card in your Gzone with
the same name as this unit. 
Star Vader Chaos breaker Crisis 
G3/ POWER: 11000/ GUARD: 0
[Auto](V):{CB1-Star Vader} When this
unit enters the VG circle or when you
stirde a Star Vader Gunit, you may
pay the cost. If you do so, your
opponent select 1 of his/her own RG
and Lock it.
[Auto](V): When an opponent's Locked
card Unlocks and during this turn no
unit got retired by this unit's ability, you
may destroy the Unlocked unit. If you
do so, draw 1.
35 PM
Dark jet Deletor Grayend
G3/ POWER: 11000/ GUARD: 0
[Activate](V):{CB1-Deletor, retire 2
of your Deletor RGs} Delete all
your opponent's VG.
[Auto](V):When you stride a Gunit
with Deletor in it's Original name,
reveal the top of your deck, if it's a
Deletor, call it onto a RG circle, else
send it to your drop zone, Select 1
of your unit, during this turn it gets
POWER+2000 and your opponent
Banish delete 2 cards from his/her
own drop zone.
Lady fencer of mass transfer 
G2/ POWER: 9000/ GUARD: 5000 
[Auto]:When this unit enters a RG 
circle or Unlocked and you have a 
<Messiah> VG, this unit gets POWER 
+2000 during this turn. 
[Auto](R)<GB1>:{CB1}When this unit 
attacks and you have a <Messiah> VG, 
you may pay the cost. If you do so, SC1, 
during this batle this unit gets POWER 
+5000 and lock this unit at the end of 
the battle. 
Star vader Meton axe dragon 
G1/ POWER: 7000/ GUARD: 5000
[Auto](R)<GB1>: When this unit boost
and your opponent have 2 or more
Locked cards, during this battle this
unit gets POWER+4000, at the end
of the battle if the attack hits a VG,
select an opponent's Locked card, it
do not Unlock during your opponent's
next End phase.
Repelling Deletor Igorga 
G1/ POWER: 6000/ GUARD: 0 
[Continuous]: Sentinel 
[Auto]:{Discard a card form your hand} 
When this unit enters the Guardian circle 
from your hand, you may pay the cost. If 
you do so, select an attacked unit with 
Deletor in name, during this battle it will
not be hit.
[Auto](Drop zone):{Banish delete this 
card} When your oppponent's VG gets 
Deleted, you may pay the cost. If you 
do so, select 1 of your Deletor unit, 
during this turn it gets POWER+4000.
Forbid Deletor Zakuerado 
G2/ POWER: 9000/ GUARD: 5000 
[Activate](R)[Once per turn]:{CB1-Deletor} 
If your opponent's VG is deleted, during 
this turn this unit gets POWER+2000 and 
「[Auto](R): When his unit's attack hits a 
VG and your opponent have a G3 VG, 
your opponent cannot Stride during the 
next ride phase.」.
08 PM
Higher Deletor Falon
 G1/ POWER: 7000/ GUARD: 5000 
[Continuous](Hand): When you discard 
this card as the Stride cost for a Deletor
Gunit, you may discard this card as a G3.
[Auto]:{CB1} When this card gets
discarded as the cost for Stride and you
have a VG with Deletor in it's Original
name, you may pay the cost. If you do so,
call this card onto a RG circle.
Gravitate turtle 
G1/ POWER: 7000/ GUARD: 5000
[Comtinuous](R)<GB1>: If your opponent 
have Locked card, this unit gets
「Intercept」and「[Continuous](R): This 
unit can intercept from the back row.」
Discontinued Star Vader Neodym 
G1/ POWER: 7000/ GUARD: 5000 
[Auto](R):{SB1, retire this unit} When your 
opponent unlock his/her lock card during 
your opponent's end phase and you have 
a Star Vader VG, you may pay the cost. If 
you do so, retire the unlocked unit. If you 
retired it, draw 1.
Cosmosphere cat 
G1/ POWER: 6000/ GUARD: 5000 
[Auto]: When this unit enters a RG circle, 
select up to 2 of your other units, during 
this turn it gets POWER +1000 for each 
Locked cards. 

Flutter Deletor Zooze 
G0/ POWER: 5000/ GUARD: 10000 
[Auto]: Forerunner 
[Auto]: When this unit gets retired from a 
RG circle as the cost of your card's ability, 
look at the top of your deck and call it onto 
a RG circle, if it's a Deletor, send this into 
soul and CC1. 
Rendering Deletor Efames 
G0/ POWER: 4000/ GUARD: 10000 
Stand trigger 
[Auto]: When this card gets retired from a 
RG circle by your card's ability and your 
opponent's VG is Deleted, look at the top 
of your deck and call it onto a RG circle, 
during this turn it gets POWER +5000.

Card of the day (190917)

TsurumaruKuninaga -Hanamaru- 
G4/ POWER: 15000+/ GUARD: 0
[Activate](V)[Once per turn]:{SB1, flip
a face down TsurumaruKuninaga 
-Hanamaru- in your Gzone to face up} 
Select 1 of your RG, during this turn it 
gets POWER +10000 for each face up 
cards in your Gzone.

Impurity demonic dragon, Jahi Bariga 
Size: 3 
POWER: 8000/ Critical: 0/ Defense: 6000 
(Evil deity dragon) 
(Darkness dragon world) 
[Call cost]Put a card from your drop zone 
into this card's soul & pay 2 gauge. 
If there are no monster on your 
opponent's field, this card gets Critical+2!
When this card enters the field, select a 
card on your opponent's field, during this 
turn if the selected card gets destroyed, 
put the top of your deck into gauge and 
draw 1. 
[Double attack][Soulguard]
Attack on titan Booster 2
Symphogear XD Unlimited Booster 

Akashic record Booster

Luck & Logic
"Clean sweep" Chloe 
TranceUnion/Level: 4/ Cost: 0
POWER: 10000/ Limit+2
Limit: 3/ Green/ Covenant: Nataku taishi  
<Disfia><Talent><Battle spirit>
[EXsoul 3][Auto]When this member 
attacks and the opponent in battle is Level 
4 and above, select 1 of your opponent's 
other member, during this battle it gains 
"[Auto] when your member loses in the 
battle, send this card and all the souls to 
stock in any sequence.", this member 
gets POWER +10000 and the opponent in 
battle gets POWER +X. X is equals to the 
POWER of the selected member.

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