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VG-MBT01 Neon Messiah

Release date: 24th of September 2014
Prerelease in theatre: 13th of Sept 2014
Total 50 types
(RRR:6, RR: 8, R: 10, C:26) +(SP:7)+(LR:6)
5 cards per pack
15 packs per box
(Each box come with 1 RRR pack that
consist of 1 random RRR from this set)

3 times chances of Legion rare 
30 PM
38 AM
51 AM

Royal Paladin (updated)
Gold Paladin (updated)
Kagerou (updated)
Link Joker (updated)

MBT01/001 Seeker of light source, Alfred XIV RRR/SP
MBT01/002 Liberator of Blue flame, Prominenceglare RRR/SP
MBT01/003 Purgatory emperor dragon Dragonic Overlord the Great RRR/SP 
MBT01/004 Juxtapoz Deletor Zewil RRR/SP
MBT01/005 Star Vader Blaster Joker RRR/SP
MBT01/006 Star Vader Venom dancer RRR/SP  
MBT01/007 Seeker of willpower Maddan RR
MBT01/008 Seeker Bloomwall angel RR
MBT01/009 Liberator of destiny Agroval RR
MBT01/010 Purgatory dragonic NeoFlame RR 
MBT01/011 Purgatory dragon knight Satal RR 
MBT01/012 Star Vader Sword viper RR 
MBT01/013 Micro Star vader Mayoron RR  
MBT01/014 Refusing Deletor Webil RR  
MBT01/015 Contract Seeker Menprius R
MBT01/016 Liberator of invitation Heli R
MBT01/017 Liberator of passion Guido R
MBT01/018 Purgatory dragon Breakdown dragon R
MBT01/019 Purgatory dragon knight Taraaef R
MBT01/020 Purgatory dragon Petal flare Dragokid R 
MBT01/021 Star Vader of silence Dilaton R 
MBT01/022 Star Vader Turndown dragon R 
MBT01/023 Routing Deletor Ganowak R  
MBT01/024 Star Vader Bravefang R  
MBT01/025 Stirring Seeker Almil C 
MBT01/026 Liberator, Gigantech anger C 
MBT01/027 Meltgal Liberator C 
MBT01/028 Pleasing Liberator Lud C 
MBT01/029 Cheekgal Liberator C 
MBT01/030 Liberator Dulcet archer C  
MBT01/031 Purgatory dancer Eulalia C  
MBT01/032 Embodiment of Purgatory Sa C  
MBT01/033 Purgatory Berserker Manasa C  
MBT01/034 Embodiment of Purgatory Majid C  
MBT01/035 Purgatory wyvern Zeika C  
MBT01/036 Purgatory dragon knight Tuvar C  
MBT01/037 Purgatory dragon Glutton dracokid C  
MBT01/038 Purgatory spirit Kurdalegon C  
MBT01/039 Star Vader Rail star dragon C  
MBT01/040 Dipursing Deletor Nuok C
MBT01/041 Howling Deletor Frue C 
MBT01/042 Massing Deletor Gaon C 
MBT01/043 Greedy Deletor Jewil C 
MBT01/044 Peeling Deletor PrologC 
MBT01/045 Short mark Star Vader Rhenium C 
MBT01/046 Star Vader Gran baboon C 
MBT01/047 Star Vader Ark fox C 
MBT01/048 Nataoreal Deletor Nie C 
MBT01/049 Marching Deletor MaizeC 
MBT01/050 Squeesing Deletor Id C   
MBT/S07 Harmonics Messiah 
Hamonics Messiah
G4 / POWER: 16000 / GUARD: 0
(This card cannot be placed into the
main deck)
<Stride>(You may Stride till the end 
of your turn if you fullfill the condition)
[Continuous]:This card is treated as 
all nation and clan. 

Movie booster release special

Announcement part 1
Players who buy any 6 booster packs
from official retailers starting from the
Launch of Movie booster will receive
1 Legion pack.
(While stocks last) 

Announcement part 2
For every box purchased from 
official retailers, player will receive
1 Prerelease PR card!!!
(Only available for region outside 

Brawler Thunder arrow Dragokid
G1/ POWER: 7000 / GUARD: 5000
[Auto](R):{SB1}Durign your turn when
an opponent's RG gets send into the
drop zone, you may pay the cost. If
you do so, this unit gets POWER+2000
during this turn.

Announcement part 3 
Movie Booster will be released on
the 22nd of September 2014(monday)
For Singapore, Malaysia and indonesia!!!!!

Do take note that the Movie TD release
date will be delayed till 10th of October
2014 due to some pakaging issue. 

P.S. Stand a chance to receive special
gifts from purchasing of the Movie booster!

Card of the day (190914)

Hamonics Messiah
G4 / POWER: 16000 / GUARD: 0
(This card cannot be placed into the
main deck)
<Stride>(You may Stride till the end
of your turn if you fullfill the condition)
[Continuous]:This card is treated as
all nation and clan.


Purgatory knights, Malice force dragon
Size: 3
POWER: 8000 / Critical: 3 / Defense: 5000
(Armordragon/white dragon)
(Darkness dragon world)
[Call cost]Pay 2 gauge
When this card enters the field, destory an 
enemy's monster!

Gigant shooter EB



Koihime Eiyuutan booster 

WGP/World championship 2014 schedule

Singapore Expo
Expo hall 2B
1 Expo drive
Date: 4th of October 2014
WGP 2014
Cardfight!! Vanguard (Japanese)
Format: Clan fight
Registration Time: 10am

World Championship 2014
Cardfight!! Vanguard (English)
Registration Time: 12pm
Side events
Buddyfight draft
Registraion time: TBA

Chaos TCG
Format: Neo standard
Registration time: TBA

Victory Spark
Registration time: TBA
Date: 5th of October 2014
WGP 2014
WS (Japanese)
Format: Neo standard
Registration timeTime: 10am

World Championship 2014
Future card Buddyfight (English)
Registration Time: 11am
Side events
Buddyfight Junior category
Registration time: TBA

Cardfight Vanguard!!(Japanese)
Special rule tournament
Registration time: TBA

WS Shirokuro ?????
Registration time: TBA
M H Hotel
Menara Pgrm, 8 Jalan Pudu Hulu,
Taman Pertama
Date: 11th of October 2014
World Championship 2014
Future card Buddyfight (English) 
Registration Time: TBA
Cardfight!! Vanguard (English)
Registration Time: TBA

Date: 12th of October 2014
WGP 2014
Cardfight!! Vanguard (Japanese)
Registration Time: TBA

Lotte Mall Atrium
Jln. Prof Dr.Satrio Kav. 3-5,
Karet kuningan, Jarkata 12940
Date: 18th of October 2014
WGP 2014
Cardfight!! Vanguard (Japanese)
Registration Time: TBA
World Championship 2014
Future card Buddyfight (English) 
Registration Time: TBA

Date: 19th of October 2014
World Championship 2014
Cardfight!! Vanguard (English)
Registration Time: TBA 
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