Triumphant return of the king of knight
Release date: 160213
Total types of card: 102 (101 new cards + 1 reprint)
(RRR x8, RR x12, R x22, C x60) + SP x12
First print box will include a special campaign item
Frist print carton will not have any special items

Royal paladin
Gold paladin 
Spike Brothers 
Nova Grappler 
Genesis (Updated) 

The booster will be able to boost the 2 
upcoming TD 08 & 09
The first release will come with a 2year
annivasary pack which contain 1 of the 5
PRs in RRR print!

BT 10 will have a special Platinum trigger
Players will be able to exchange this trigger
for a Blaster Blade Liberator portrait
Do take note that there're only 1000 pieces
and over sea exchange is not confirmed

BT10/S12 Blaster Blade Liberator SP

BT10/001 Pureheart Jewel knight Ashlei RRR/SP
BT10/002 Leading Jewel knight Salome RRR/SP 
BT10/003 Liberator of round table Alfred RRR/SP 
BT10/004 Oracle queen Himiko RRR/SP
BT10/005 Goddess of eternity Iwanagahime RRR/SP
BT10/006 Eraser Dragonic descedant RRR/SP 
BT10/007 Eraser gauntlet buster dragon RRR/SP 
BT10/008 Beast deity Ethics buster RRR/SP
BT10/009 Dogmatize Jewel knight Sybill RR
BT10/010 Flash Jewel knight Iseult RR  
BT10/011 Liberator of halo shield Mark RR  
BT10/012 Liberator of flute Eskrade RR  
BT10/013 Battle god of moonlit night Artemis RR/SP
BT10/014 Broom witch Callaway  RR  
BT10/015 Volunteery goddess Kushinada RR  
BT10/016 Eraser of military supremacy Zuidan RR  
BT10/017 Eraser Wyvern guard Guarudo RR  
BT10/018 Grateful catapult RR  
BT10/019 Bad end dragger RR  
BT10/020 Cheer girl Maririn RR   
BT10/021 Dignified silver dragon R 
BT10/022 Fellowship Jewel knight Tracie R  
BT10/023 Jewel knight Prizme R  
BT10/024 Dreaming Jewel Knight Tiffany R  
BT10/025 Fast riding liberator Josephus R  
BT10/026 Wingal Liberator  R/SP  
BT10/027 Wolf witch Saffron R  
BT10/028 Battle priestess Isunahime R  
BT10/029 Battle priestess Sahohime R  
BT10/030 Hunter of Twilight Artemis R    
BT10/031 Battle priestess Tatsutahime R 
BT10/032 Battle priestess Tamayorihime R  
BT10/033 Star shooting bow Artemis R  
BT10/034 War god general Dime R  
BT10/035 Eraser of twin gun Hakusho R  
BT10/036 Eraser Saucer canon wyvern R  
BT10/037 Eraser of ceremonial bonfire Castres R  
BT10/038 Ambush dragon Eraser Linchu R  
BT10/039 Armored heavy gunner R  
BT10/040 Beast deity head red Chaos R
BT10/041 Rabbit house R 
BT10/042 Dudley mason R    
BT10/043 Knight of burst axe Gournament C  
BT10/044 Knight of firmness Idel C  
BT10/045 Delicate Knight Claudin C  
BT10/046 Stinging Jewel knight Sherry C  
BT10/047 Rushgal C  
BT10/048 Jewel knight Guritomi C  
BT10/049 Blazing Jewel knight Rachelle C  
BT10/050 Primgal C 
BT10/051 Deboting Jewel knight Tabitha C
BT10/052 Ardent Jewel knight Polly C    
BT10/053 Moongal C  
BT10/054 Long distance arrow knight Saphir C  
BT10/055 Rock crashing knight Segwarides C  
BT10/056 Guiding Falcony C  
BT10/057 Liberator Flare mane stallion C  
BT10/058 Holy squier Enid C  
BT10/059 Liberator of hope Epona C  
BT10/060 Flogal Liberator C  
BT10/061 Scheduler Angel C
BT10/062 Mice guard Antares C    
BT10/063 Clever Jack C  
BT10/064 Bird witch Paprika C  
BT10/065 Mice guard Orion C  
BT10/066 Battle priestess Mihikarihime C  
BT10/067 Bowstring of Heaven and Earth Artemis C  
BT10/068 Cat witch Cumin C
BT10/069 Snipe snake C  
BT10/070 Mice guard Sirius C  
BT10/071 Cluster hamster C
BT10/072 Cyber tiger C    
BT10/073 Battle priestess Kukurihime C  
BT10/074 Bandit Danny  C  
BT10/075 Fancy monkey C  
BT10/076 Spark Cock C  
BT10/077 Patrol guardian C  
BT10/078 Big pot witch Laurier C  
BT10/079 Demonic dragon berserker Shandira C  
BT10/080 Blood axe Dragoon C  
BT10/081 Demonic dragon mage Majira C
BT10/082 Eraser of sword dance Hisen C    
BT10/083 Dragon dancer Agnus C  
BT10/084 Eraser strike dagger dragon C  
BT10/085 Eraser of lightning fist Doui C  
BT10/086 Djinn of Thunder C  
BT10/087 Eraser of god spear Pollux C  
BT10/088 Eraser Spy eye wyvern  C  
BT10/089 Bloody rain C  
BT10/090 Beast deity Hell arty destroyer C  
BT10/091 Machinery angel C
BT10/092 Beast deity riot horn C    
BT10/093 Battle arm Leprechaun C  
BT10/094 Anti battleroid gunner C  
BT10/095 Blow kiss Olivia C  
BT10/096 Go for break C  
BT10/097 Charging bill collector C  
BT10/098 UFO C  
BT10/099 Tyrant receiver C  
BT10/100 Dudley phantom C  
BT10/101 Reign of terror Thermidor C
BT10/102 Baby face Isaac C