Release date (Vanguard festival ver): 27/28 April 2013 
Release date (normal) : 25th May 2013

Total of 35 types (7new cards+19 Reprints+9SPs)
The SPs will have special printed lines on
the popular cards.

Each box will consist of 10 packs
Each pack consist of 3 random cards (all RRR)
(1 new card+2 reprints)

*Normal packs will only be sold in official shops*

Do note that the limited edition pack that are
released during the Big Vanguard festival
will have a special marking printed on the
cards. The foils and texts will still be the
same. Players will recieve a copy of
PR/066 Cursed lancer for every purchase
of the fighters collection 2013 during the

Box distribution
Each box will have 1 random SP
2 of the break ride (yes only 2/3)
2 copies every other new cards
1 copy of each reprinted RRR

Vermillion: This is the power that will
                    break through all the limits!

BlasterBlade: Stand up my Vanguard!

Alfred: Advent, the master of the knights!

CEO Amaterasu: Shine! Beautiful goddess!

Asura kaizer: Asura Kaizer Finishing hold!

Ezel: The exploding flame will bring hope
  to the people!

Phantom blaster dragon : Tremble under the evil
     power of the cursed dragon!

Blaster dark: Advent from darkness, the
dark phantom.

Dragonic overlord: Reduce all to ashes, flame of the
      apocalypse! Eternal Flame!

Below is a preview of the cards for
the big vanguard festival 2013 by
Dr O

Card list
FC01/001 Sturdy lance Liberator Bleoberis
FC01/002 Keeper of wisdom Metis
FC01/003 Eraser Electric shaper dragon 
FC01/004 Story teller
FC01/005 Pretty Celebrity Charlotte
FC01/006 Musketeer of dandelion Mirkka
FC01/007 Unrivaled brush wielder Ponga
FC01/008 Silent knight Gallatin
FC01/009 Fellowship Jewel knight Tracie
FC01/010 Little sage Maron
FC01/011 Stinging Jewel knight Sherry
FC01/012 Black sage Karon
FC01/013 Silent liberator Gallatin
FC01/014 Knight of elegant skills Gareth
FC01/015 Little liberator Maron
FC01/016 Battle priestess Isunahime
FC01/017 Battle priestess Sahohime
FC01/018 Battle priestess Mihikarihime
FC01/019 Berserk dragon
FC01/020 Bellicosity dragon
FC01/021 Eraser thunder boom dragon
FC01/022 Red river dragoon
FC01/023 Eraser Demolition dragon
FC01/024 Velvet voice raindear
FC01/025 Water general of spiral wave Benedict
FC01/026 Tear knight Teo
FC01/S01 King of knight Alfred SP
FC01/S02 Blaster Blade SP
FC01/S03 CEO Amaterasu SP
FC01/S04 Phantom Blaster dragon SP
FC01/S05 Blaster Dark SP
FC01/S06 Icandescent lion Blond Ezel SP
FC01/S07 Dragonic Over Lord SP
FC01/S08 Dragonic kaizer Vermilion SP
FC01/S09 Asura Kaizer SP

New cards
Sturdy lance Liberator Bleoberis
G3 / POWER: 11000 / GUARD: 0
[Auto](V)<LB4>:{CB1} When you 
ride a GoldPaladin over this unit, 
you may pay the cost. Look at up 
to 2 cards from the top of your deck,
call up to 2 units onto different RG 
circle, place the rest to the bottom 
of your deck in any sequence, select 
1 of your VG and it gets POWER+10000 
during this turn. 
[Auto](V): When this unit attacks a VG 
it gets POWER+2000
[Continuous](V/R): Lord

Keeper of wisdom Metis
G3 / POWER: 11000 / GUARD: 0
[Auto]<LB4>:{CB1} When you ride a
Genesis over this unit, you may pay 
the cost. Draw 1, SC3, select 1 of your
VG, it gets POWER+10000 during this 
[Auto](V):When this unit attacks a VG, SC1,
this unit gets POWER+1000 during this turn.
[Continuous](V/R): Lord

Eraser Electric shaper dragon 
G3 / POWER: 11000 / GUARD: 0
[Auto]<LB4>:When you ride a Narukami 
over this unit select 1 of your VG, during
this turn it gets POWER+10000, 「[Auto](V)
When you send an opponent's RG into drop
zone using an unit's skill retire a back row RG 
that's from the same column as the retired 
unit」till the end of turn 
[Auto](V): When this unit attacks and your 
opponent have 3 or more damages, this 
unit gets POWER+2000 during this battle 
[Continuous](V/R): Lord

Story teller
G2 / POWER: 9000 / GUARD: 5000
[Auto](V/R):{CB2} When this unit's attack
hits and you have a DarkIrregulas VG,
you may pay the cost. Draw 1.

Pretty Celebrity Charlotte
G2 / POWER: 9000 / GUARD: 5000
[Auto](R):{CB1} WHen this unit's attack
hits a VG and you have a Bermuda △
VG, you may pay the cost. Return this
unit back to your hand, call a Bermuda △
unit other than Pretty Celebrity Charlotte
from your hand and call it onto an empty 
RG circle

Musketeer of dandelion Mirkka
G1 / POWER: 6000 / GUARD: 5000
[Auto](R): When this unit boost a 
NeoNectar unit and you have a NeoNectar 
VG, if you shuffles your deck using a
card's skill during this turn, the boosted unit
gets POWER +3000 during this battle

Unrivaled brush wielder Ponga
G3 / POWER: 10000 / GUARD: 0
[Auto](V): When this unit attacks a VG and
your opponent's POWER is 12000 and
above, this unit gets POWER+10000
[Auto](R): When this unit's attacks a VG and
you have a GreatNature VG, this unit gets 
POWER+2000 during this battle