Binding Force of the Black Rings
Release date: 06/07/2013
Total types of card: 101 + 1 reprints 
(8xRRR, 12xRR, 22xR, 60xC)
+ 12xSP(10 SP + 2 reprint SP)
First release comes with
1 Fighters counter (total of 6 designs)

The booster will introduce a new
skill <Lock>, many more dynamic 
break rides and also new Cross rides.


Shadow Paladin 
Link Joker (updated) 
Pale Moon  (updated) 
Dark Irregulars (updated) 
Narukami (updated) 
Gold Paladin (updated) 

BT12/S01 Revenger raging form dragon SP
BT12/S02 Wolf fang Liberator Garmall SP
BT12/S03 Eraser vowing saber dragon  Я” SP
BT12/S04 Heaven conqueror Dungaree "Unlimited" SP
BT12/S05 Star Vader Nebula lord dragon SP
BT12/S06 Schwarzschild dragon SP
BT12/S07 Djinn marquis Amon   Я” SP
BT12/S08 Silver thorn dragon queen Luquier  Я SP
BT12/S09 King of the mask Dantalian SP
BT12/S10 Miracle Pop Eva SP
BT12/S11 Demon world marquis Amon SP
BT12/S12 Blaster dark Revenger SP

Card list
BT12/001 Revenger raging form dragon RRR
BT12/002 Wolf fang Liberator Garmall RRR
BT12/003 Eraser vowing saber dragon  Я” RRR
BT12/004 Heaven conqueror Dungaree "Unlimited" RRR
BT12/005 Star Vader Nebula lord dragon  RRR
BT12/006 Schwarzschild dragonRRR
BT12/007 Djinn marquis Amon  Я” RRR
BT12/007 Silver thorn dragon queen Luquier  Я” RRR
BT12/009 Witch of curse Edain RR 
BT12/010 Black clothes Revenger Tartu RR 
BT12/011 Dark Revenver Mac lir RR 
BT12/012 Barcgal Liberator RR 
BT12/013 Eraser of iron fan Rasentsu nyo RR 
BT12/014 Barrier Star Vader Promethium RR 
BT12/015 King of the mask Dantalian RR 
BT12/016 Master of five element RR 
BT12/017 Amon's kins Vlad specular RR 
BT12/018 Miracle Pop Eva RR 
BT12/019 Nightmare doll Chelsea RR 
BT12/020 Silver thorn hypnotiser Lidian RR  
BT12/021 Individual war Revenger Drin R 
BT12/022 Revenger Darkhorn trumpeter R 
BT12/023 Harbinger revenger Claudus R 
BT12/024 Liberator Bagpipe angel R 
BT12/025 Seal knight of Whirlwind demonic axe  R 
BT12/026 Homing Eraser Rochishin R 
BT12/027 Rising phoenix R 
BT12/028 Seal knight of Rumbling demonic hammer R 
BT12/029 Seal master Dandan R 
BT12/030 Schrodinger's lion  R  
BT12/031 Gravity collapse dragon R 
BT12/032 The one who opens the black gate R 
BT12/033 Star Vader Dust tail unicorn R 
BT12/034 Micro-hole Dracokid R 
BT12/035 Were bear Zertona R 
BT12/036 Amon's kins psycho grieve R 
BT12/037 Amon's kins Ron shinrin R 
BT12/038 Amon's kins fool's palm R 
BT12/039 Fire ring Gryphon R 
BT12/040 Silver thorn Marionette Lilian R 
BT12/041 Silver thorn beast master Maricica R  
BT12/042 Silver thorn Rising dragon R  
BT12/043 Demon world castle Zerschlagen C 
BT12/044 Demon world castle Zweispeer C 
BT12/045 Sharkbau Revenger C 
BT12/046 Malicious Revenger Dylan C 
BT12/047 Sonbau C 
BT12/048 Spinbau Revenger C 
BT12/049 Revenger Air raid Dragon C
BT12/050 Revenger Waking angel C
BT12/051 Gigantic pillar fighter C
BT12/052 Liberator of cloudy weather Geraint C  
BT12/053 Peekgal C 
BT12/054 Early summer rain Liberator Bruno C 
BT12/055 Sunrise unicorn C 
BT12/056 Liberator Cheer up Trumpeter C 
BT12/057 Liberator of dusk Muron C 
BT12/058 Surpression Eraser Dokkasei C 
BT12/059 Eraser blade hang Dracokid C
BT12/060 Eraser Blue gem Carbuncle C 
BT12/061 Catastrophe stinger C
BT12/062 Mindless blade Heart thread C  
BT12/063 Evil claw Star Vader Niobium C 
BT12/064 Gamma burst Fenrir C 
BT12/065 Shooter of the unique point C 
BT12/066 La mol C 
BT12/067 Gravity ball dragon C 
BT12/068 Demon claw Star Vader Lanthanum C 
BT12/069 Stafed Star Vader Ruthenium C
BT12/070 Paradox nail Fenrir C 
BT12/071 White night Fenrir C
BT12/072 Star Vader Vice Soldiert C  
BT12/073 Star Vader Scouting Ferris C 
BT12/074 Star Vader moon commander C 
BT12/075 Number of terror C 
BT12/076 Were leopard Soldart C 
BT12/077 Amon's kins Hell's draw C 
BT12/078 Flog knight C 
BT12/079 Were hase bandit C
BT12/080 Amon's kins Hell's deal C 
BT12/081 Dimension creeper C
BT12/082 Dimension creeper C  
BT12/083 Were fox Hexer C 
BT12/084 Amon's kins Fate collector C 
BT12/085 Amon's kins Cruel hand C 
BT12/086 Amon's kins psychic waitress C 
BT12/087 Amon's kins Meteor cracker C 
BT12/088 Amon's kins Hell's trick C 
BT12/089 Master of giant knife throw C
BT12/090 Tightrope holder C 
BT12/091 Flying Hippogriff C
BT12/092 Silver thorn helper Irina C  
BT12/093 SIlver thorn beast master Ana C 
BT12/094 Silver thorn breathing dragon C 
BT12/095 Tightrope tumbler C 
BT12/096 Elegant elephant C 
BT12/097 Silver thorn helper Ionera C 
BT12/098 Journeying tone Willy C 
BT12/099 SIlver thorn Barking dragon C
BT12/100 Silver thorn Marionette  Natasha C 
BT12/101 Silver thorn beast master Cellsh C
BT12/102 Silver thorn juggler Nadia C