Release date: 22nd Sept 2017
Total card types: 160
(BR: 4/ RRR: 12/ RR: 28/ R: 40/
C: 60/ SP: 12/ ER: 4)
(6 Reprints, 3 with illustrations)
5 cards/pack, 30 packs/box,
16 boxes/ carton
A combination of Japanese UB01/02   
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Box topper PRs
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Photo 4-9-17, 22 41 12
Photo 4-9-17, 22 41 26
Photo 4-9-17, 22 41 41
Hero (Complete)
Dungeon (Complete)
Dual  (Complete)
X-BT03A-UB01/0001 Great demon lord of thunderstorm, Batzz RRR
X-BT03A-UB01/0002 Interstellar great demon lord, Jackknife RRR
X-BT03A-UB01/0003 Protector of fate, Tasuku RRR
X-BT03A-UB01/0004 The tempestuous brave, Gao RRR
X-BT03A-UB01/0005 Princess of the azure skies, Ku RRR
X-BT03A-UB01/0006 Bonus quest RRR
X-BT03A-UB01/0007 Quintessence crystal demon lord, Athora RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0008 Demon lord of the hundred demons, Yamigedo RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0009 Purgatory demon lord, Demios RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0010 Windmill knight, Noboru RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0011 Dark black knight, Gaito RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0012 Friends of the braves, Baku & Kaguru RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0013 Merchant of darkness, Jin RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0014 Fist fighter of blistering kicks, Kanata RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0015 Dispatcher from assasin circle, Sakate RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0016 Apprentice sister, Hanako RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0017 Masked swordsman, Kiri RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0018 Mission card "Adventure guild, Aibo academy" RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0019 Demon lord castle in the sky, Satsuki palace RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0020 Magic sword, Etherstorm RR
X-BT03A-UB01/0021 Ice dragon demon lord, Miserea R
X-BT03A-UB01/0022 Ghoul deity demon lord, Ibuki R
X-BT03A-UB01/0023 Demon lord of the sun, Bal dragon R
X-BT03A-UB01/0024 Demon lord chief, Duel jaeger R
X-BT03A-UB01/0025 Vortex demon lord, Drum R
X-BT03A-UB01/0026 Bird demon lord, Bladewing phoenix R
X-BT03A-UB01/0027 Demon lord of apocalypse, Gratos R
X-BT03A-UB01/0028 Black winged demon lord, Abygale R
X-BT03A-UB01/0029 Tutor of the four deities, Suzaku R
X-BT03A-UB01/0030 Immortal sword sage, Shosetsu R
X-BT03A-UB01/0031 Three knights of konoe, Nano-guardians R
X-BT03A-UB01/0032 Revenger, Ikazuchi R
X-BT03A-UB01/0033 Purgatory demonic swordsman R
X-BT03A-UB01/0034 Chivalrous thief of justice, Mukuro R
X-BT03A-UB01/0035 Armored knights leader, Genesis R
X-BT03A-UB01/0036 Brave of the sun, Yota R
X-BT03A-UB01/0037 Drunkard mentor, El quixote R
X-BT03A-UB01/0038 Demon lords' invasion R
X-BT03A-UB01/0039 Abominable ritual R
X-BT03A-UB01/0040 Growles wand R
X-BT03A-UB01/0041 Demon lord, Gagnar "Second form: Iron hand" C
X-BT03A-UB01/0042 Traveling mage duo, Tetsuya & Asmodai C
X-BT03A-UB01/0043 King gummy slime C
X-BT03A-UB01/0044 Martial arts demon lord, Duel sieger C
X-BT03A-UB01/0045 Archbishop, Genma C
X-BT03A-UB01/0046 Hellhound lord, Bolzoye cobalt lord C
X-BT03A-UB01/0047 Shadow wieder, Wataru C
X-BT03A-UB01/0048 Armored demon lord, Cerberus C
X-BT03A-UB01/0049 Master monk, Suzumi C
X-BT03A-UB01/0050 Demon lord of rebellion, Rebellious C
X-BT03A-UB01/0051 Vagabond, Munechika C
X-BT03A-UB01/0052 Master clown, Dark fox C
X-BT03A-UB01/0053 Guild guider, Tsurugi & Stella C
X-BT03A-UB01/0054 Princes from the east, Zanya & Akatsuki C
X-BT03A-UB01/0055 Death dragon demon lord, Deathgaze C
X-BT03A-UB01/0056 Death summoner, Kageura C
X-BT03A-UB01/0057 Gossip burglar, Paruko C
X-BT03A-UB01/0058 Battle master, Ban C
X-BT03A-UB01/0059 Former province baron, Shido C
X-BT03A-UB01/0060 Demon lord's pet cat, Cait sith C
X-BT03A-UB01/0061 Vampire, Shura C
X-BT03A-UB01/0062 Empress, Queen Ageha C
X-BT03A-UB01/0063 Archaic weapon pilot, Dash C
X-BT03A-UB01/0064 Suspicious craftsman, Gara C
X-BT03A-UB01/0065 Summon trap C
X-BT03A-UB01/0066 Pillar of fire C
X-BT03A-UB01/0067 Divine protection of Shalsana C
X-BT03A-UB01/0068 Mission card "Looking for group!" C
X-BT03A-UB01/0069 Mission card "Party formed!" C
X-BT03A-UB01/0070 Demon lord's dungeon C 
X-BT03A-UB01/BR01 Great demon lord of thunderstorm, Batzz
X-BT03A-UB01/BR02 The tempestuous brave, Gao
X-BT03A-UB02/0001 Koyomi-class fifth fleet, Satsuki RRR
X-BT03A-UB02/0002 Super sword deity, King Kaizerion RRR
X-BT03A-UB02/0003 Black-White shadow lord, Mukuro RRR
X-BT03A-UB02/0004 Wrath of a maiden! Blazer Frill RRR
X-BT03A-UB02/0005 Martian handsome superhero, Takosuke RRR
X-BT03A-UB02/0006 Battle demon of revenge, Zetta RRR
X-BT03A-UB02/0007 Piercing specialist chasis, Stregia RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0008 Heavy cannon specialist chasis, Veronica RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0009 Winning maximum, "Powered form" RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0010 Mukuro's shadow, Schwarz RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0011 Computer warrior, Netman RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0012 Quinq lada, Swift mobile frame RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0013 2nd generation!? Captain Answer RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0014 Gaigrander 04 RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0015 Uniform warrior, Doctor Frill RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0016 Computer warrior, Protocolulu RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0017 All crew pattern One battlestations! RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0018 Brave machine hangar RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0019 Gemclone "SD" RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0020 Jackknife, "Kaizerion" RR
X-BT03A-UB02/0021 Aerial battleship, Satsuki R
X-BT03A-UB02/0022 Mobile specialist chasis, Westeria R
X-BT03A-UB02/0023 Netman, "Red reboot" R
X-BT03A-UB02/0024 Beast deity, Elphasean R
X-BT03A-UB02/0025 Computer warrior, Archive R
X-BT03A-UB02/0026 Fifth warrior, Funf R
X-BT03A-UB02/0027 Shadow sniper, Scope R
X-BT03A-UB02/0028 Quinq lada, Probe frame R
X-BT03A-UB02/0029 Uniform warrior of darkness, Garter Frill R
X-BT03A-UB02/0030 Uniform professional, Assasin Frill R
X-BT03A-UB02/0031 Uniform hero, Valkyrie Frill R
X-BT03A-UB02/0032 Be careful of your surroundings! R
X-BT03A-UB02/0033 Call, super machine! R
X-BT03A-UB02/0034 Hyper energy R
X-BT03A-UB02/0035 Control C R
X-BT03A-UB02/0036 Armor talisman: GAIN ADVANTAGE R
X-BT03A-UB02/0037 Armor talisman: ELEMENT CONTROL R
X-BT03A-UB02/0038 100,00 years too early! R
X-BT03A-UB02/0039 Main cannon, May blaster! R
X-BT03A-UB02/0040 Water-flame demon, Hydropyro R
X-BT03A-UB02/0041 Battle poet, Shouting C
X-BT03A-UB02/0042 Quinq lada, Sniping frame C
X-BT03A-UB02/0043 Computer warrior, Assemble C
X-BT03A-UB02/0044 Netman, "Yellow module" C
X-BT03A-UB02/0045 Cyber police, Stun bat C
X-BT03A-UB02/0046 Quinq lada, Cloaking frame C
X-BT03A-UB02/0047 Computer warrior, Hackman C
X-BT03A-UB02/0048 Quinq lada, Energy frame C
X-BT03A-UB02/0049 Gray wind, Vint C
X-BT03A-UB02/0050 Computer warrior, Anivirus C
X-BT03A-UB02/0051 Quinq lada operated work pod C
X-BT03A-UB02/0052 Megadroid, Larger C
X-BT03A-UB02/0053 Quinq lada recall frame C
X-BT03A-UB02/0054 Shiny mobile uniform warrior, Jewelry Frill C
X-BT03A-UB02/0055 Sorry to keep you waiting! C 
X-BT03A-UB02/0056 The ace arrives! C
X-BT03A-UB02/0057 I've seen through your moves! C
X-BT03A-UB02/0058 Suppressive barrage! C
X-BT03A-UB02/0059 F5 attack C
X-BT03A-UB02/0060 Control XV C
X-BT03A-UB02/0061 Backspace C
X-BT03A-UB02/0062 Logout C
X-BT03A-UB02/0063 I've waited for this moment! C 
X-BT03A-UB02/0064 Powered body C
X-BT03A-UB02/0065 Gaigrander communicator C
X-BT03A-UB02/0066 Artificial talisman: SACRIFICE SHIELD C
X-BT03A-UB02/0067 Maintenance machine, Caar dock C
X-BT03A-UB02/0068 Physical format! C
X-BT03A-UB02/0069 Water demon, Darkquarion C
X-BT03A-UB02/0070 Mud-wind demon, Geanemos C 
X-BT03A-UB02/BR01 Koyomi-class fifth fleet, Satsuki 
X-BT03A-UB02/BR02 Black-White shadow lord, Mukuro