BT07 deck review

Gold Paladin
Oracle think tank
Angel feathers
Pale Moon
Dark Irregulars
Great Nature

Due to some error the previous notes went
missing... Will be reposting all the deck list
and review slowly so please check back
again around night time for more updates.

Zero soul Oracle Think Tank

I believe most of the Oracle Think Tank 
players out there that plays Tsukuyomi
base deck are pretty upset about the new
release in BT07 but for players like me 
that build Scarlet witch during BT02 and
slowly upgraded it with all the PRs etc it
was a great news.

I shall start with the new starter Vanguard
LuLu's skill allows the player to SoulBlast
a total of 3 cards including herself to draw 1.
This unit makes zero soul now a simple task.
Unlike in the previous sets where I can only
SoulBlast using luck bird (SB2), truth watcher(SB1)
or Blue scale deer (SB2). Now with this new addition
I can cut down on the low power units which took
up almost 1/4 of my deck and replace them with
more offensive cards. Not only does she make my
worries for Zero soul lessen she helps to draw a
card "For free". as expected from Scarlet witch's
student =w=

This is one unit that received very low ratings from
many other players as her skill only activates
when she's called and you have zero soul. Not
only is the requirement for mid games but the
player will have to discard one to draw one, for
a RRR with this skill it's kind of expected why she
received so many bad remarks. Personally I find
this unit pretty attractive as not only is the art beautiful
but she's a 7000 base G1! Oracle Think Tank is a
clan with many low power unit compared to many
other "main" clans and have a 7000 G1 is always a
Plus. As for her skill discarding one to draw one may
sound stupid but after playing the old scarlet witch
deck players will noticed that the hand size for this deck
is really big and exchanging a card is definately a
plus. Other than her requirement of 0 soul this is
a pretty decent unit . (I will buy her sleeves for sure)

A new addition to the Battle sisters family ^.^
and this time a 11000 attacker when you have
zero soul. Once again a unit for mid game
purpose. She may not be able to do much at
the start of the game but having a 11000 in
mid - late game will be a life saviour against
the current decks with lots of 11000, 13000
base powered units. Her 8000 base is a big
disadvantage during defence but this is to
balance off her rarity as a common card.
A very decent addition for KoKo

A 13000 attacker when use as VG and
11000  attacker when used as RG, a
power addition to the family =D
This is one of my favourite type of unit
as it has both VG and RG skills that
allows user to change their strategies
when they are not able to use their original
plans. Just like Glace she's a unit with base
power (when attacking) that can go head on
with the units in the current game play.

This 4 new addition to the Zero soul build alone
have made the deck from very high level play
style to a deck where even beginners can play.
Many players may be upset about not having
boost for Tsukuyomi but from my point of view
Tsukuyomi build is like RoyalPaladin, Shadow
Paladina nd Kagero. These builds have already
reached a "peak" and in order for a healthy game
enviroment it's good to have them "rest" for awhile
and power up many other clans to balance off the
game play, it was really boring when all the decks
you see in tournaments are the same and this
will allow us players to play with or against many
other different play styles. I will be posting a
decklist for the Zero soul deck some where
around next week after I have actual test play
against the "Meta decks" in the monthly

Review for clans

Royal Paladin
Shadow Paladin
Nova Grappler
Oracle Think Tank
Dark Irregular
Pale Moon
Dimensional Police
Mega Colony
Neo Nectar
Spike Brothers
Grand Blue
Angel Feathers
Gold Paladin

New clan VS Old clan

With the new GoldPaladin and Narukami
that's taking over RoyalPaladin and Kagero
while they take a break I feel that I should
write a small review to compare them.

Firstly before I start comparing RoyalPaladin
with GoldPaladin I think we should first look
at their specialty. Royal Paladin was seen as
the most balanced clan with the ability to
spawn field and power up their team mates
with their various skills. Be it Alfred build,
SoulSaviour build or even Majesty lord build
the basic of the clan hav not changed for the
past 1 year.
Gold Paladin that just appeared to 'replace'
RoyalPaladin have the following specialty:

1. Ability to swarm field -  With units like
Vivian or even Blonde Ezel that uses low
cost to replenish the field they can be
considered as one of the fastest clan 

2. Superior ride - One important skill in
this game is the ability to ride to the next
Grade faster than your opponent to get
the advantage. Blonde Ezel's superior
ride is one of the "Scariest" skill I have
ever seen, just by having a specific G2
as your Vanguard and the G0 and G1 on
the field you are able to superior with NO
COST, even Blazing flare dragon needs
to counterblast 1 to superior ride!!

I don't think it's fair to judge a clan after
just 1 booster release but still I see Gold
Paladin as one of the top notch deck in
the current game. After building and playing
with one I have experienced the power of
Limit break and the disadvantage of using
older builds against them. Majesty lord Blaster
build is still strong for now but with many more
booster coming. I wonder how long can they
remain as the top?

Now lets look at our dear friends from the Dragon
empire, Kagero was welknown for their ability
to destruct the field and superior rides but in
the other hand our Narukami that just took over
have only 2 units to 'sabotage' the opponent's
field Thunder break who can only do it
when it's the VG  and Deathscythe which is
a Narukami ver of Berserk.  This may be due
to the them still in the stage of first booster but
one thing that we must take note in, this clan
have much more fire power as compared to
Kagero due to them having many units that can
hit up to 12000 easily!! One thing that I've always
felt sad about when using Kagero was the low
power as compared to many other clans and
now if we can add in more units that can destroy
field this clan will become a new nightmare to
many fighters.

Review for clans (Narukami)

As of 030612 the currently known amount
Total G3 units : 7
Total G2 units : 10
Total G1 units : 12 
Total G0 units : 9
Total critical triggers : 2
Total stand triggers : 2
Total heal triggers : 1
Total draw triggers : 1 
Grand total: 38

A new clan that joined in from TD06,
this clan introduced a new attack that
targets all the front row at the same time,
even though Dragonic kaiser Vermillion
has 'low' power comparing to other limit
break units but to be hitting all 3 units in
the front ow gives the opponent a great
amount of stress. Overall this clan does
not appeal to me as much as Kagerou
for their mechanic to do mass field
destruction or superior rides. The lack of
upgrades for this clan from EB03 and BT07
also made many players tired of this clan
even though they are still new.
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