British poet Byron's words

"Fact is stranger than fiction." is correct.

 "Emotion due to a chance encounter" "Tears in unexpected development" "I fall in a deep love that can not be expressed with words"

Yes, there are many different real experiences by people than the fiction assumption.

 Well, villains that are indispensable in so-called dramas are filled with more depression, deeper mood, more malicious in reality. He relentlessly discheers his mind and shows a hopeless, shadowless world.

 That's right. In fact the real man insulted my deceased father. When I was only a week after my father's death, he has desecrated my father's honor. He made use of my father 's invention to develop his company greatly. And he defiled our clan. He steals our skills, invites betrayal, and drives us into a dilemma. His sin is very heavy. I will not forgive him. I will of course impose sanction on him.

 However, I will defeat him with law and technology as the will of my father.

  I do not have anything like a hobby. I have no choice but to fight for life.