Victorian Nightgown - Romantic Womens Sleepwear

Victorian nightgown is a wonderful addition to any womens sleepwear collection. The mere mention of the words Victorian and nightgown call to mind yards of soft, billowy white cotton, satin ribbons, lace, and wafts of delicate perfume. Many such nightgowns are readily available today; however, there are other, more modern interpretations of the Victorian nightgown that may be wonderful choices for women with different tastes in fashion. The most creative among them may elect to sew their own nightclothes, using for inspiration the multitude of Victorian patterns available at craft stores and through the Internet. Skilled sewers may modify these venerable Victorian styles through the use of new, funky fabrics and trims, or by adding new, fresh ornamentation.

The Vermont Country Store is a fantastic purveyor of many such cotton nightgowns. This retailer offers the favorite Lanz nightgowns; many of these garments combine traditional Victorian styling (high yokes, puffy sleeves, pintucks, lace) with more modern, colorful prints that may be especially attractive to younger women. One such style is the Cherry Flannel Nightgown, which is an offering of a traditional Victorian silhouette in a fabric festooned with tiny, vibrant cherries. Another beautiful nightgown by Lanz is the Send Hearts Aflutter style. This is a sleeveless, Victorian-inspired style with lace straps and a delicate, yellow butterfly print that falls to the ankle and ends in a flouncy, thick ruffle. The Vermont Country Store also offers a Nylon Tricot Granny Gown, which is a multilayered, light pink gown clearly inspired by Victorian gowns, but interpreted in slinky, synthetic pajamas online shoppingfabric.

Many women enjoy the look of a Victorian nightgown with some more modern elements, such as the aforementioned prints. Other women may enjoy a step in the other direction: Victorian nightgowns that are artisanal, historic reproductions produced entirely by hand to exacting historical specifications. These garments may be astronomically expensive; however, there is no comparison between these garments and anything mass-produced. They are truly works of art! One such company pajamas online shoppingoffering these garments is Recollections, whose large inventory includes several white cotton nightgowns. The Flannel Nightgown style has a high, buttoned neck, puffy sleeves with elastic, lace cuffs, and a thick ruffle at the hem. The front buttons are faux-pearl. These nightgowns are custom-made when each order is placed, and are available in sizes XS up to XXXXL. Unlike many historical reproductions, this garment may be machine washed and tumbled dry. Most reproduction-quality garments should be hand-cleaned or dry-cleaned to prevent damage to the fabrics.

Ladies who elect pajamas online shoppingto purchase a sleeveless Victorian nightgown may also elect to purchase a matching womens robe. Womens robes can be worn during cold weather, or thrown on if there is suddenly a need to answer the door or attend to a family member. Robe sets are a fantastic way to get more mileage out of your Victorian nightgown, since a long-sleeved, heavy gown might easily be relegated to the attic during the spring and summer months. A long, ankle-length robe is also a great way to add versatility and modesty to a shorter robe that ends at or above the knees.