The child is more sensitive 20 times from 10 more than an adult to the carcinogenesis effect of the radioactivity, and the fetus is also sensitive thousands of times. When an X ray is applied to pregnant woman's abdomen once, a possibility of the baby's leukaemia becomes double. The lady is all age and is more sensitive than a man. Radioactivity is every time it's accumulated and there is nothing as the safe radiation dose, and a person receives the dose, and cancer increases the risk which occurs.

18 cases of infant thyroid cancer of less than 18-year-old child is checked already in Fukushima, and more one worried about very much is the fact that 25 cases are doubted. This is short senbyoufukuki so that they're surprised as cancer, and such children receive iodine 131 of the very high dose certainly mostly moreover and also inhale the other carcinogenicity radioelements now in the past, and I show that I'm taking.

Thyroid cancer didn't appear for 4 years by Chernobyl victim. It's rare for thyroid cancer to be found for young children. The radioactivity life expectancy of the iodine 131 is 100 days and is a strong carcinogenicity substance. On the other hand, radioactivity of iodine 129 continues for millions of years. More than 350,000 children still live in an area of high activity and go to school, and number of cases of leukaemia will also begin to be increased two years later now approximately like increasing in infant thyroid cancer, and solid body cancer of various organs will be checked approximately 11 years later. These will increase in the frequency for 70-or 80 years from now on.

Bioaccumulation keeps making the radioelement a food from polluted area from ground, so it's certain that Japanese is also seized with increase of the cancer occurrence rate for the next, the future and no generations while also including radioactivity for hundreds.

It's being reported that Japanese doctors are ordering a patient not to say that patients' sickness relates to radioactivity from a boss.

[★ Masamichi Nishio and national Hokkaido cancer center director]
◎ ( (Influence of the inner radiation exposure will come out certainly from now on, it happens certainly.))
( (A deformed child will be born from now on, and cancer increases, and such thing happens certainly.))
◎ ( (All sickness)) but rapid increase!
◎ ( (By the (specified diseases) which are everything mostly (incurable disease) ( (I increase sharply suddenly!!))))
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  ... this is wonderful data! You can't finish hiding it!

[Prof. Hiroaki Shimokawa of★ Tohoku University cardiovascular medicine science]
With an eastern Japan great earthquake
"It increases in everything of a heart failure, ACS, apoplexy, a cardiopulmonary stop and pneumonia" significantly." it's