Hideki Tojyo is Obama's fathers
President Obama is child of the Great Asian War =Pacific War)

Great Japanese Empire aimed at the liberation of South and East Asia from tyranny by White Men, and then Japanese Imperial Army expelled White Men's Force from Asia. As the result many nations were born in Asia and Africa.

Japanese Army brought up the independent force of Indonesian people(PETA) during the War. The Force achieved the independence from Holland in 1949. Newly born government of Indonesia sent a student to Hawaii University to be a government officer. This student became the stepfather of Mr Obama.

After The Great Asian War, Independence of some Asian Countries affected Africa's nationalism. In 1958 Kenya's provisional government sent a student to Hawaii University to be a government officer. This student became the father of Mr Obama. Afro-American waked up to getting the equal opportunity in USA after the war because their mother countries of Africa and Asia had gotten the independence from white-men's countries in succession. Black men of Africa achieved the liberation from tyranny by White Men. It might be sure that this fact gave a great influence to the desegregation of Afro-American in USA because the liberation of them was later than the emancipation of Afro-African and it is clear that Nonviolence of Martin Luther King, Jr. was affected by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi of India.

In 1964, Civil Rights Act became effective. Emancipation of Afro-American from racism was carried out in USA. It had past twenty years since the end of Pacific War.

The Great Asian War liberated all colored people from tyranny by White Men.

If there was not The Great Asian War, Obama's father and stepfather had never visited USA. This fact shows that the Great Asian War gave the birth to Mr Obama. Civil Rights Act presented Mr.Obama high education in Harvard University .

The above is the reason why President Obama is a child of the Great Asian War (Pacific War). In addition、the real father of Mr.Obama might be Japanese Soldiers who have fought in the liberating war, they are worshipped in Yasukuni Shrine.

I can't understand why Mr.Obama is against the visit of Mr Abe to Yasukuni Shrine. Mr Obama should visit Yasukuni Shrine together with Prime Minister Mr Abe.

Hideki Tojyo worshipped in Yasukuni Shrine is one of Obama's fathers because he opened liberating war and conducted it, moreover he was the leader of liberating soldiors.

Yutaka Anno
One-Time US Army Scientist(CRREL)






安濃 豊        農学博士、元米国陸軍寒冷地研究所研究員