If Halsey, Nimitz, Fletcher, or Spruance were the generals of Isoroku Yamamoto, they would see through Yamamoto's decoy operation, or see through the decoy operation with their favorite cryptanalysis, and they wouldn't go to Midway. They should have gone directly to the Philippine rescue, because Japanese aircraft carrier units were centrally deployed on the Midway and the Philippine Sea was empty. Of course, the decryption could not have been successful. If they were successful, they would have invaded the Philippine Sea without hesitation. It is a propaganda that the United States made up after the war to say that they had succeeded in decrypting the code.
After the war, the United States treats Halsey, Nimitz, Fletcher, and Spruance as gods by "Winning Pretend-Heroization Propaganda" as usual, but one of the only three operating aircraft carriers left after being caught in Yamamoto's decoy operation. The US Admirals, who lost their ships in the Battle of Midway and were wiped out in the Battle of the Santa Cruz four months later, cannot be the gods. It's just a fool.
Thanks to this, on the same day of the Battle of Midway, the US military in the Philippines surrendered to the Japanese army with 40,000 killed in action and 80,000 prisoners of war. The United States now lost its only colony, the Philippines' 300,000 square kilometers of territory and its territorial waters, and 16 million Filipino slaves at that time. A year and a half later, the Second Philippine Republic declared independence to its suzerain, the United States, and was freed from 350 years of white rule.
Halsey, Nimitz, Fletcher, and Spruance, who lost the only major colony in the United States due to Isoroku Yamamoto's strategy, cannot be great generals and are foolish generals. Because the territorial waters of the Philippines are comparable to California, and the slave population is 2.3 times higher.
Halsey, Nimitz, Fletcher, and Spruance were caught in the Imperial Navy's "decoy operation" and lost the Great Colonial Philippines to the United States, and the British Empire, which was a white stronghold, and the French and Dutch colonies.
Starting today, Halsey, Nimitz, Fletcher, and Spruance will be named "US Navy's Four Great Stupid Admirals."