【A Dutch guy in Japan for an internship.】 This is my personal story about the experiences I had in Japan.(1/2)~the first part~


ゾイド大学 日本語学科専攻 4年

     Why did I decide to do a long-term (6-month) internship in Japan?


Actually, as part of the undergraduate course in my University in Holland, it was required to do a 6-month internship. So instead, I would like to talk a little bit about why I chose to go to Japan for my internship.


The reason for this is actually quite simple!


 First off, I was studying the Japanese language and culture as my major. For my internship I could have gone to America, Africa, Europe, pretty much anywhere. But because I was studying the Japanese language I thought it would be most beneficial for me to choose Japan as my destination.

 Also, I thought that if I can work pretty much like a regular employee at a company I would be able to see and experience a different (business) cultural side of Japan that I hadn’t seen before. Of course, I also wanted to put my Japanese language skills to the test.


     How was it decided where I would do my internship?


What is the greatest advantage to a foreigner in Japan that can also speak Japanese? English! With that thought in my mind I went out to look for a place where I could showcase my English (and Japanese) language abilities. And that’s when I found Maruhachi-Tent. This is a company that up until that point had mainly focused on sales within Japan, but they had plans to expand abroad, which is why I thought this company would be perfect for me. And shortly later it was decided that I would do my internship there.







【A Dutch guy in Japan for an internship.】 This is my personal story about the experiences I had in Japan.(1/2)~the first part~(日本語訳あり) 




場所:国際センター4階 展示室1-3(名古屋駅から徒歩8分)