March 21, 2012



新義経記 Shin Gikei-Ki May/2008
The hystorical war of the two forces, Genji and Heike. (Hystorical play)

酒呑童子 Shutendoji Aug/2008
Japanese famous old story of a Oni (demon) called Shutendoji. (Hystorical play)

白雪姫と七色の冒険者たち Snow White and the Seven iridescent Heroes. Oct/2009
A great adventure of Snow White...and the seven adventurers who gather to her. (Fairy tale/Fantasy)

銀河鉄道の夜 Night on the Galactic Railroad Sep/2010
An arranged story of the famous novel, "Night on the Galactic Railroad"
*original story by Kenji Miyazawa. (Fantasy)

ソウシン Soushin Nov/2010
A guy who tries to get a quick profit starts a seminar "Fasting for Health".
Somehow, he is trapped in the basement with the people who wish to commit suicide...
. (Black Comedy)

夏でメロス Nastu de Melos Apr/2011 -Postponed


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April 10, 2011

red & white


this is amazing.

thank you world.

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March 29, 2011

Black Cat5


pix from last December


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March 24, 2011

I miss veggies

People worry that spinach and broccoli (from Fukushima & Ibaraki)
might have contained radioactive material.
Many stores stop sell the vegetables these days.

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March 23, 2011


2011030601280000Konnichiwa from an internet cafe.

Electricity supply is still in flux around Tokyo. About three hours in the day, we have to have the planned blackout for the nuclear power plant's accident.

So the trains' operation is confusing all the time.

When I can't get home, I just stay at an iternet cafe.
This isn't really an inconvinience for me, because I do this every time I travel.
And Japanese internet cafe is so gorgeous! The most of them have various free drinks, magazines and commics, and icecream!
Even better than my home. haha.

(can't really c in the pic, but i am sitting on the big reclining sofa!)

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March 19, 2011



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March 18, 2011


Everybody all over the world!
first of all, I'm alive!
Don't worry!

The earthquake was really a disaster.
I was at home=nearby Tokyo when it happened, and soon I decided to evecuate to somewher safer.
So I just grabed my ferret and script of a play, and waited for the shaking got weaker...
and escaped from the old house.
My area wasn't collapsing a lot, but some buildings got big dameges.
And our lifelines(electricity,gas,water,telephone,transportation)were totally messed.
I don't live with my family. My family and relatives mostly live in the East to Northeast, so I tried to call but so many people were calling so phone was busy all the time.
(I finally knew that they were ok on the next morning.)

Thank u for my friends who e-mailed me !
That made me so happy and melted my heart.
And I started this blog to keep in touch with u guys so we can report our days eachother.

and if u feel like to leave some comments, please please do! do! do so!

in cas u don't understand japanese words...

 名前:[____________] name
メール:[____________] e-mail add
  URL:[____________] URL(ur blog etc.)

don't care about the little squares & circles.
and type ur comment in a big square!!

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