How to make toilet paper cover

As you can see, it is simple to make

I prepare the dough from the I A.
1cm set aside the seam allowance.

② Lining of 12cm in height 38cm in width also available.
This place set aside the seam allowance 1cm.

③ Patchwork first. I sew and C B.

Please take a zigzag sewing machine or sewing machine seam allowance part

④ I sew up the G and H

⑤ I stitching and ④ F

⑥ I stitching and ⑤ I.

⑦ I stitching and E ③.

⑧ It should be done here if you want to decorate, such as tags, and if race.

⑨ I keep sewing and D and A.

⑩ In Nakaomote lining and ⑨, I sew.
Please leave at sewn one side in may be either vertical part.

⑪ Turn over, please take a stitch around.

⑫ I put a hook.

That's all there is more than.

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