* How to make the porch and put wipes *

Please see the pattern here.

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☆ Shall be prepared ☆

Cover A (dress material, lining)
(Dress, lining) cover B
C is only one.
Tape to sandwich the lid A (least 6cm)
Shall be decorated with your favorite tag etc. race
Bias tape 25cm or more
(Minutes to put on the lid and B A) adhesion core

First, cut the fabric cover A, cover B, and C.

Never use thin cloth to C.
If you use a thicker cloth to cover B and A,
Without affixed adhesive core, may be either.

Part to put the bias tape of C only, not required for the seam allowance seam allowance.
Other parts that you take the 1cm at least all.

I will decorate the outer material of the cover A to your liking.
I have sewn motif race in the sample.


I put an adhesive core outer material of the lid A.

The (tape of where you turn the lid A) tape folded in half,
Is sandwiched between the outer fabric and lining of the lid A, and sew in the Nakaomote.

Part to sew the places where to stop the dress pin.

The lock sewing machine Matoiru in the seam allowance of the lid A.
If you do not have a sewing machine, with zigzag sewing machine

Back to the table the cover A, and stitch the part of yellow line.omutu15

How to make So far.
Please see how to make continues.

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