* How to make of bag-in-bag  *

Paper is here.
Please, try to make in a way that easy to make your own.
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First, I cut the dough.
The bag-in-bag of this time, I'm using a laminate cloth lining all except.

Pocket dress material, the table, zipper pocket, the photo below is the bottom part.

Takes 2cm seam allowance of the pocket mouth.
Seam allowance portion of the other 1 ~ 1.5cm. I'm taking 1.5cm.

Let's decorate such as race or tags to your liking.

In a three fold the seam allowance of the pocket mouth and B table pocket A, and place a stitch.

When you sew the fabric laminate, it is easy to sew and sew it in place of the Teflon holdingthe presser.
If you have difficulty sewing is hard to go home sewing machine, it is easy to sew and to use the sewing silicon agent.

When you sew the fabric you do not want to open the needle hole and laminate fabric, it is useful to sew Bear dressmaker for tacking clip.

Teflon presser (for home use)Teflon presser (industrial)
Tacking Clips (10 pieces)
Sewing for silicon agent

(To match the sewing line) and stacked neatly pocket A and B pocket

I place a stitch in the center of the pocket A. (A pocket will be two pockets small)

Multiply the stitches to three fold the seam allowance of the pocket mouth of Table zipper pocket.

I puta flat knit zipper 30cmin Table zipper pocket.

At the 12cm from the sewing line of the bottom of (the side to attach a zipper pocket) dress material
The combined table zipper pocket of that inside out, and sew the zipper part.

Be careful when you sew together so that there is no shift here.

You will like this if you tipped the table zipper pocket.

Since the bottom seam and dress material In the next step,

A dress with pockets so as not to shift at that time, to fit neatly here
I leave it temporarily each pocket and dress material.

(We are temporarily in a dress material zipper pocket in the photo below. You have temporarily Outer pockets of the other)

How to make is over.

How to make is here.

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