* How to make free paper pattern of book cover *

This is how to make a paper pattern of the book cover of the paperback size.
Please try to refer to it if you like because it is a simple recipe.


And cut back the cloth and table cloth.
Please take the 1cm seam allowance.


Please be produced with a cloth combination of your choice.
If you want to finish the book cover you well, I will paste the adhesive core.

When you superimpose the two pieces of the back cloth and table cloth, to fit the table on the inside, sew red dotted line.

Back cloth and table cloth Masu Nuiawasari as shown in the pictures below.
I temporarily fixed to "bookmark put position" (20cm) bookmark. book5

I temporarily fixed to "belt wearing position" (18cm) belt.
(I have to belt the race this time.)

I fold inward on the return line.
(It is a photograph that. Right photos left as viewed from the back side as seen from the table.) book7

Leaving the return opening, sew three sides. (Red dotted line in the figure below)book8

It is ready to return to the table from the opening returns, and dedicated to opening returns.

That's all there is more.
Please, try to make the book cover of your favorite fabric combination of your choice. book10

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