* How to make 1 of the apron for a meal *

Free pattern is here.
(This is a paper pattern of handwriting, but please acknowledge)

I cut the dough.
I use the plastic coating fabric that is laminated with the meal apron.

Body part because it is unnecessary seam allowance, please cut the paper street.

The pocket part to catch food spills, please cut in 2cm seam allowance only mouth part.

I make the bias tape.
Bias tape is required apron body one round. Please prepare about 125cm or more in length.

Bias tape part so directly exposed to the skin of the baby,
I have chosen the fabric is kind to skin, such as 100% cotton fabric you want to use.


I cut the dough into a 45-degree angle diagonal of the fabric.
It is easier to cut with a rotary cutter.

And I make a bias tape using the tape manufacturer.
In the case of eating apron, I'm using a 18mm width tape manufacturer.

If it is difficult through the tape maker dough, and sends the dough using the Ripper and perforation.

Links to sites like that who have introduced how to make bias tape is here.
It is published in an easy-to-understand with photos.
But is not necessary so long bias tape in the diet for apron,
Useful How to make really long bias tape are also introduced.

Sew in the three-fold 1cm of the pocket mouth.
And, I will decorate and race your favorite pocket mouth.

Vinyl coated fabric that has been laminated so dress pin is NG,
Please sew and fastened with a paper clip as shown in the photograph.

Because it is hard to sewing is hard to slip plastic coating cloth and sewing by using a Teflon presser.



I fit the pocket part in the back of the apron body part.
Please refer to the photograph below.
Please bear in such clips here.

How to make ① is up here.

How to make is here.

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