* How to make school bag cover *

Free paper is here.

I cut the dough.
I use the plastic coating fabric that is laminated to the school bag cover.

Body part because it is unnecessary seam allowance, please cut the paper street.
※ Because I wrote the paper in part seam allowance is required,
Please take 2cm.

Sew in the three-fold of the seam allowance of 1cm parts.

When you sew the fabric laminate, it is easy to sew and sew it in place of the Teflon holding the presser.
If you have difficulty sewing is hard to go home sewing machine, it is easy to sew and to use the sewing silicon agent.

When you sew the fabric you do not want to open the needle hole and laminate fabric, it is useful to sew Bear dressmaker for tacking clip.


And parts body, I want to decorate your favorite tag and race.


I sew a bias to the curve portion of the parts of the mouth open.
(You can bias it neatly and put a little notch at the curve)

The tri-fold in the seam allowance of the upper part of the main body of the school bag cover and sewn across the rubber of 10cm in the center.

I leave temporarily fastened to the body parts.

I sew the bias tape (not including the top) around the body.

I am finished neatly put a little cut at the curve.

That's all there is to it.
I am glad if you become a reference even a little.

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