* How to make mittens, pot holders *

This is how to make the mitten, pot holders.
Free pattern is here.
(Seam allowance is not included in the pattern, please cut by taking the 1 ~ 1.5cm seam allowance.)

①I prepare cloth combination of your favorite table cloth.
Gives you the opportunity to race, or tagged, please decorate to your liking.
I put a core bondin the table cloth.

Adhesive core (thin, thick-metacarpal)
I am using the thick type.


I stitch in Nakaomote the table cloth.
Cut neatly extra seam allowance, and put a cut on the curve part.


I'm using a quilt to an inner cloth.
So that it can be used also as a hot pot pot holders, we are sewn Domitto core further.

Domitto core
I am also often used in making of accessory Domitto core that firmly closely degree because it is convenient.


I hope even if the quilt off, but because I use the quilt in the case of cloth ... I
It is sufficient to be only stitching easily.
If you use the quilt in the table cloth and sew the (quilt core) Domitto core
We recommend you to take is down quilt look great to be so beautiful table cloth.

As with ②, I stitch in Nakaomote an inner cloth.

In the fabric and table cloth is completed in this manner.miton16

I fit an inner cloth and table cloth.

I make a loop in the bias tape.
(10 ~ 12cm)

I leave the loop sewn on the side of the pot holders.

You Baipingu.

Site customers list of who is an introduction to tips how to make bias tape, sewing is here.

I'm glad if used in reference even a little.


I tried looking for some sites like that who have posted how to make a mitten, pot holders elsewhere.
Links are here.

I think you are, mitten potholder of various forms elsewhere.
Please, try to make a potholder suit your taste!

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